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Chapter 230

Chapter 230 – Demons and G.o.ds at work

Although aware of Prince Yu’s t.i.tle of waste, that handsome face was still more than capable to waver a few hearts.

There were still many people unresigned and still lamented.

Speaking to this point, Qi Tang’er suddenly thought of something.

“That’s right, within the experts of the Royal Palace, there is also the Seventh Princess. She is even better than the Third Prince!”

“Ah, I’ve heard of her! It is said that the Seventh Princess is also a fourth grade talent, very rare among women. She contends with Bai Ruoqi for the country’s number one female pract.i.tioner!”

“Yes, they are also very good friends in private, intimate friends.” Qi Tang’er nodded her head, “And few people know that the Seventh Princess is dual attributed in fire and metal!”

“What? Fire and metal dual attributes?”

“Fourth grade talent and fire and metal attributes?”

Many people exclaimed, seeming to be scared by this intelligence.

“Yes ah, fourth grade talent and also dual in fire and metal. the Seventh Princess is already a senior Armament Apprentice! So, some people say that the Seventh Princess is the number one genius of the Royal Family! Unfortunately, the Seventh Princess seems to be out of the Palace for practise. She cannot come to the banquet today.”

“Comparing people can really infuriate a person to death! The Seventh Princess’ talent is too good!”

“Seven princess can actually become an Armament Master, really envious ah!”


“The Emperor arrives……..”

“The Empress Dowager arrives…….”

The Emperor and Empress Dowager walked in the front with several concubines following at the back as the entered the Palace of Peace and Tranquility.

The buzzing sounds immediately stopped as everyone hurried to get up and salute.

The Emperor walked to the main stage and sat down. Then he said with a smile: “Excuse the salutes, excuse the salutes. Today we should not restrain ourselves. Relax and enjoy the peach blossoms.”

The official start of the banquet.

The Emperor and the Empress Dowager sat in the first place. In descending order down from the Emperor’s side, sat the Crown Prince, the Imperial Tutor and the various Princes. While Empress Dowager’s side sat the Imperial Empress, followed by the palace concubines.

Due to the simultaneous appearance of the Emperor, the Empress Dowager and the Imperial Empress, the three harem giants, all the young ladies were very nervous.

No one dared to talk privately. One by one, they sat on their knees and elegantly drank tea. They stuttered in fear of showing the littlest bit of inappropriate actions that would affect their evaluation.

Huang Yueli did not have as much scruples. With a table of food, she very happily ate!

“This Imperial Palace’s Royal kitchen level is quite high ah. Much better than the cooks of my back courtyard! Especially these pastries. Not only are they exquisite, they are also very ingenious. They actually used peach stuffing, not only does it look good, it also tastes good! I didn’t come in vain!”

In her past life, she was the prime example of a foodie, she loved to taste all kinds of food.

In order to please her, Mu Chengying accompanied her to many countries in order to taste their local specialty dishes.

Eating delicious foods, Huang Yueli rose to a good mood. While the smile on her face became more and more obvious.

She did not notice, a gaze had been secretly focused on her face for a long time already without break.

Li Moying’s was feeling complicated as he watched the young girl eat and drink merrily.

It had been five days since he was mercilessly rejected by that little fox. And his mood was still very low;as if nothing could lift it up.

Originally he did not want to attend this Peach Blossom Banquet, but when he heard this little thing was going to partic.i.p.ate, for some inexplicable reason, he promised to partic.i.p.ate.

What was the reason for his attendance?

Hadn’t he decided to give up on her?

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