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Chapter 229

Chapter 229 – Trash and waste, a match made in heaven

“How could I possibly put a waste in my eyes?” Bai Ruoqi said as if it were natural.

Huang Yueli replied with: “That’s fine.”

She was really afraid that a such a fine man would be wasted by a scrooge like Bai Ruoqi!

Bai Ruoqi stared at her momentarily and laughed, “Yo, look at your expression. It seems you fancy Prince Yu? You are also trash and he is a waste, a match made in heaven. I presume……you have many common topics! “

Huang Yueli lightly hooked her lips, “I think His Royal Highness Prince Yu is is a fine partner of conversation.”

Although she loved Mu Cheng Ying, holding no feelings in that category for His Royal Highness Prince Yu, the two were quite in tune.

Because in South Yue, only the two of them are the true powers!

Scope, ideas, realms; all completely different from others.

It was the mutual attraction and mutual recognition between two powerful pract.i.tioners!

However, Bai Ruoqi misunderstood.

“That’s good. You are still smart. Knowing your ident.i.ty is not worthy of those superior princes, let alone His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. Quietly select His Highness Prince Yu so you can at least experience glory and splendor in the future!”

Saying that, she sneered again.

“Do not feel at loss, in terms of status and looks, to match with you this ugly duckling, is your good fortune! It’s just your poor health. I advise you to burn incense after your wedding and pray you can live a few more years and give him a child before your pa.s.sing. Otherwise, the latter half of your life will be quite tragic!”

The more Bai Ruoqi spoke, the more joy she felt and almost laughed out loudly!

Just like she said, how could a trash possibly be on the list of potential Imperial Concubine candidates?

Turns out she was here for His Royal Highness Prince Yu ah!

Obviously, her third sister – an untalented and high-status young lady who was here for Prince Yu. A match, a real good match!

Not only did this d.a.m.n girl suffer great misfortune, being a waste, she was going to be wedded to another waste. Let’s see how she plans to retaliate, to take revenge!

Just wait until His Royal Highness the Crown Prince inherits the throne, there will be more……..

Really too happy!

Bai Ruoqi words were extremely mean, but Huang Yueli did not mind. She wanted to laugh, but had to pick up the teacup to hide the smile.

With Bai Ruoqi’s high self-esteem, she had always vowed to marry the strongest man!

If she discovered the strongest one had been let go by her blinded eyes, who knows how depressed she will become? Possibly vomiting blood?

From behind, Qi Tang’er gossip continued.

“……where did we speak to? Oh yes, finishing with Prince Yu, the one on his right if the Third Prince Li Mohan. The position of the Third Prince’s mother is relatively low, she was merely his palace maid. But his was born with good innate talent, a fourth grade talent, second only to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. As a result, his mother is one of the four Imperial Empresses.”

“The Fourth Prince Li Mojue friends with my cousin. His talent is not so good……”

“The Fifth Prince…….”

One by one Qi Tang’er introduced each of the princes, causing a burst burst of admiration.

“Unexpectedly, apart from Prince Yu, there are several Princes who are very outstanding!”

“You don’t say, such a pity. It makes one wonder just why His Royal Highness Prince Yu cannot cultivate!”

“Yes ah. Prince Yu is really too handsome. Even if it were a second grade talent it would still be good, alas…….”

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