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Chapter 1788: Last day (2)

However Huang Yueli totally didn’t sense his grudges as she a.s.sumed that she had already pacified her fiancé and immediately turned around to call for Luo Jiyun as she left with quick, light steps.

Luo Jiyun, on the other hand, noticed his Eldest Senior Brother’s secret grudgeful gaze but he made the wise decision of pretending to act silly as he slipped away without turning his head back.

On this day at the side of the rear mountain cliff, several times more people than yesterday appeared at this place and every corner was filled with people, almost to the point of having no s.p.a.ce to stand.

Because today was the last day of the Sky Ascension Stairs a.s.sessment and it was the most important day of all.

The ones who will be attending the a.s.sessment today are all Blue Profound Sect’s elite direct disciples and each one of them are Sky Emperor City’s younger generation’s top rated genius pract.i.tioner!

Usually these geniuses are mostly conceited and arrogant and seldom made a move but while they were revered by ordinary disciples, they didn’t know just how incredible of their standards had their abilities reached.

But today at this occasion, these geniuses would reveal their skills at the Sky Ascension Stairs to fight for a rank on the Cloud Mounting Chart. By then, everyone will be able to see the top expert’s genuine ability! Just thinking of it made one feel excited.

Luo Jiyun said his greetings to Huang Yueli and squeezed at the front of the line to register.

Huang Yueli also bore the ident.i.ty of a direct disciple so by right, she should also take part in the a.s.sessment today.

But she had no intention to flaunt her potential hence she didn’t have any intention to take part in the a.s.sessment. In order not to attract anyone’s attention, she intentionally stood in a corner position which was slightly further away.

But even so, that peerless complexion of hers was still very eye-catching and for those who wanted to look for her, they were still able to locate her easily.

“Junior Sister Bai, you really came alone! Where is Junior Brother Li? Hasn’t he received the invite which I’ve sent to Levitation Sword Palace?”

Feng Zhehao noticed her slim and graceful figure from far away and immediately squeezed past the crowd walking towards her.

The surrounding pract.i.tioners consciously separated out a path for him to pa.s.s through.

Which of those Blue Profound Sect disciples didn’t recognise the number one ranked Feng Zhehao of the Cloud Mounting Chart? Just based on his own fame, it was enough to attract other’s attention.

Moreover the person he was talking to was still Li Moying’s fiancée Bai Ruoli!

Yesterday Feng Zhehao had publicly asked Bai Ruoli to convey his message for Li Moying to have a duel with him in the Sky Ascension Stairs a.s.sessment and that matter had already spread throughout the entire Blue Profound Sect!

Many people were here mainly to catch this spectacular battle hence they specially hurried over.

Now on seeing the both of them speak, everyone p.r.i.c.ked up their ears, worried that they would miss out something which they said.

Huang Yueli looked at him and with a normal look, she lightly nodded her head at him, “Senior Brother Feng, we meet again. The a.s.sessment is about to begin, don’t you need to queue up to register first?”

Feng Zhehao replied, “Aren’t you not queuing up as well?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “I’m not preparing to do the Sky Ascension Stairs.”

The other pract.i.tioners present all found it very strange.

When Huang Yueli had just entered Blue Profound Sect, her cultivation was at fifth stage realm and even her biodata stated that she was in fifth stage realm. A fifth stage realm pract.i.tioner, out of safety considerations, was extremely normal for them to be unwilling to take part in the Sky Ascension Stairs a.s.sessment.

After all, the risk was just too high which didn’t match up with the rewards reaped.

Generally most people would have a try at mounting the mountain only after they advanced into the sixth stage realm.

Feng Zhehao nodded as he expressed his understanding, “I see, then how about Junior Brother Li? Is he really not taking part in this a.s.sessment?”

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