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Chapter 1771: Sky Ascension Stairs (1)

This time round, she had really fallen down!

Li Moying’s expression grew uglier still.

Huang Yueli however kept grinning as she said, “Hey, why are you so petty! I didn’t tell you because I’m worried that you would be jealous and in the end, you’re really jealous!”

“I’m NOT jealous!” The Sovereign declared as a matter of fact, “Only those weaklings who are not confident of themselves would get jealous, why should I get jealous?”

“Yes oh, the sour smell is a.s.sailing my nostrils to death, still saying you’re not jealous!” Huang Yueli mumbled softly.

Her voice was indeed very soft but Li Moying’s hearing was very good so he was still able to hear her clearly.

His face grew darker still, “What did you say?”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes innocently, “Then since you’re not jealous, why do you hate Ye Xing Hua so much? Isn’t it a good thing that he had unwavering loyalty towards me? With his aid, I will be able to enter the Armament Guild Headquarters freely and need not worry about exposing my ident.i.ty, so why won’t you allow me to meet him?”

“I… this….” Li Moying was stuffed and couldn’t think of any words to rebuke her so he might as well put on a straight face, “Anyway I just don’t like him! In future you’re not allowed to go to the Armament Guild!”

Huang Yueli didn’t know to laugh or cry as she spoke out, “Hey, you’re really enough! Armament Guild’s environment is most suitable for refining armaments and there’s fire attributed spiritual artery to add on the effect and also various arrays to supplement which are extremely difficult to replicate in other places. Moreover, that place has many rare materials for sale which could not even be purchased in the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s auction, how could I possibly not head over?”

“So after saying so much, you just want to go meet Ye Xing Hua!”

Li Moying put on a tsundere look on his face and towards that “little disciple” who took up his fiancée’s major portion of her attention, he hated him from the depths of his heart.

“No, I really don’t…. how about this, next time you go along with me? But you must promise me that when you meet Ye Xing Hua, you’re not allowed to bully him!”

“I bully him? Since when have I bullied him? It’s that soft legged prawn whose cultivation is just too weak, getting jelly legs when he meets top exponents and since he fell and needed support, how could you blame me for that?” Li Moying spoke righteously when he said these, without even blushing at all.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but rolled her eyes at him.

That’s right, how many people would be able to resist kneeling onto the ground when the Number One top exponent under this heaven’s Profound Energy leaked out a little bit of his suppressive aura? Moreover Ye Xing Hua was merely at seventh stage realm cultivation that year, and he was that kind of scholarly weak Armament Master without any actual combat ability.

But Huang Yueli didn’t dare to expose him at this moment in time.

She coaxed him for half a day before she finally managed to placate this man who had drowned a huge urn of vinegar down, barely making Li Moying agree to accompany her to the Armament Guild and also took action in a low key manner, not alarming or disturbing any Armament Master in the guild.

But Li Moying was still insistent in not admitting that he was jealous.

“I’m doing this for your safety and also, I don’t wish for you to be tangled with men with dubious intentions.”

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re totally right!”

A stubborn man was really hard to coax!

She had finally managed to placate her fiancée and Huang Yueli also decided not to go out in the near future as she stayed in Levitation Sword Palace with a peace of time, cultivating and refining armaments.

In the early morning three days later, Huang Yueli and Li Moying had just finished their breakfast.

Li Moying kissed her face in front of the female attendants and instructed her to stay in Blue Profound Sect obediently before returning back to the rear palace hall to cultivate.

Huang Yueli walked to the front courtyard and happened to see Luo Jiyun walking hurriedly to the outside of the palace doors.

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