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Chapter 1703: Reconciled (1)

Li Moying had been rejecting Huang Yueli from getting near to him wasn’t by chance, but was because he used his last bit of rationality to control his own actions.

The main motive was to let Huang Yueli misunderstand that he really didn’t recall what happened in his past life. Besides that, he had to risk his life to work hard to recollect his memories, to the extent of hurting his own body!

When his illness acted up, under the prerequisite that his condition was deteriorating steadily, Huang Yueli would feel extreme heart pain and had no time to think much about it. Adding on to the heartache and moving feelings she had towards him, she would definitely not continue to pursue after the things which had happened that year.

Li Moying’s trick of injuring himself to gain her sympathy, was just too scheming… and was just too hard on himself!

Cang Po Jun found it hard to imagine that under that kind of disoriented state of mind earlier, just how much determination did Li Moying had to resist the instinct of going near to Huang Yueli to heal himself, insistent on pushing her aside once and again?

And just how vicious was he that he had to torture himself in such a way, sparing no effort to even burn his own life source so that he could exchange for Huang Yueli to not pursue after her suspicions and interrogation?

Cang Po Jun and the others looked at each other in dismay, as they were so appalled that they couldn’t say a single word.

Sixteen years had pa.s.sed and Sovereign was indeed still the same as then, ruthless towards other people, towards himself…. even more ruthless!

Especially when the matter had something to do with Huang Yueli, he would really be able to do anything!

After understanding this point, every one of them were secretly reminding themselves that in future if they were to face Huang Yueli, they had to be even more cautious than before.

Li Moying had spared no effort in hurting his own life source just so as to preserve the secret so if they were to leak out this secret, it was imaginable just what kind of ending they would have!

The result of the check up by the doctor was indeed within everyone’s prediction, Li Moying’s condition was extremely perilous.

“Grandmaster Huang, to tell the truth, Sovereign had repeatedly exhausted his Profound Energy in high intensity and not only had he sustained a severe internal injury, his meridians are also heavily damaged. What’s worse of all, his physique and primordial spirit are also affected… this kind of situation is really far from good, extremely bad…..”

The doctor muttered that and his brows furrowed deeply as he spoke slowly.

Huang Yueli’s heart was burning with anxiety as she pursued relentlessly, “Then what should we do? Moying, he will get better right? Quick tell me, he will get better!”

Perhaps it was because she had been together with Li Moying for a long time so when she was anxious, there was a natural kind of aura which intimidated the others without her flaring up. The doctors shivered and thought that they were facing their Sovereign who was in a rage and took quite a bit of time before they recollected their senses.

The doctor hastily said, “Grandmaster Huang, you…. you need not be too anxious! Luckily you managed to save him in time hence Sovereign is not in critical danger right now. Only thing is his body is heavily injured and it will be difficult for him to recover in a short period of time. He must lay in bed quietly for at least three months and in the later stage, try to recuperate slowly. But even so, it’s possible…. ughh, that it might affect his future cultivation, or even…. possibly shorten his lifespan…..”

The doctor suffered immense pressure as he braced himself to say out the truth.

Huang Yueli shivered from the shock and heartache, “You… what did you say? His cultivation will be affected and it might even affect his lifespan? How did it turn out like this? Is there really no way to revert back? In the past Moying also had times when his illness acted up violently but in the end he managed to nurse himself back. This time round… how is it possible that there’s no way?? You’re also an established Divine Doctor in Sky Emperor City so can’t you even cure these small symptoms?”

The doctor was being scolded until he didn’t dare to lift up his head, crying out bitterly in his heart.

Every single time Li Moying’s Soul Detachment Illness acted up, it would cause detrimental damages to his body.

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