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Chapter 1066: Li'er, you're mine! (5)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“It's over, it's over! Bai Ruoli's going to be finished this time! Senior Brother Li only need to use one finger to crush her, why does she need to invite her own death by being so reckless??”

Everyone broke out into a cold sweat on her behalf.

Li Moying looked down at her from the top, and his vision swept past this delicate but obstinate face.

Although his mind was in a state of confusion, so painful to the extent of exploding, but the instance he saw her, he subconsciously felt his heart jolt.

His mind had not yet reacted in time when his body already made its own decision and following Huang Yueli's strength, he slowly descended, falling right in front of her.

Li Moying's lips broke out into an icy smile, “Woman, you have a lot of guts! Dare to talk in this manner to me, are you trying to look for death?”

His voice became chillier, making those who heard him shivered.

“That's it, Bai Ruoli is definitely dead this time round!”

Everyone were surprisingly united towards this outcome and some of them couldn't bear to continue watching as they covered their eyes.

But the next moment, Li Moying made a move which surprised everyone.

He grabbed hold of Huang Yueli's sleeve and pulled her to his side, following that, with lightning fast speed, he lowered his head and locked her lips!

“Mmph!!!” Huang Yueli's eyes turned super wide!

Although in the past she had always relied on kissing to make Li Moying calm down, but considering that she had just drawn the line with him yesterday, she originally planned to use other methods, for example to coax Li Moying in taking the pills or something like that, and if it didn't work, then using her mouth.

In the end, Li Moying didn't even bother to waste time on talking and the minute they didn't agree on something, he locked her lips immediately!

She pushed his chest but unfortunately, she usually wasn't even able to push this man away, what more about now when his ability had rose so sharply?

Huang Yueli could only allow this man to lock her right in front of him, using a kind of overbearing stance which was going to swallow her up, as he kissed her pa.s.sionately.

Not knowing how long had pa.s.sed, Huang Yueli's lips swelled. When Li Moying kissed her he was unusually rough and even kept biting her, flesh blood started to drip from the corners of her mouth.

Huang Yueli was in so much pain that she couldn't wait to hack at him but all she did was to struggle slightly and the strength which Li Moying used to lock her waist increased. The more she struggled, the tighter she was restraint and in the end, it became so tight that she found it hard to breathe!

At this moment, the only thought she had left in her mind was who would come and knock this hungry wolf like pervert unconscious! Did he really treated her like food, trying to eat her down in one mouth??

Huang Yueli couldn't not be concerned about anything else now but those people who were standing afar were all stupefied as they watched the duo.

The thunder and lightning in the sky had gradually subsided. First was that pair of wings behind Li Moying, which became lighter and lighter, smaller and smaller until it completely vanished. Immediately following that, his raging Profound Energy around him was also under control. Thunder attributed energy became the centre of his position as it slowly withdrew and after one hour later, it was completely taken in by his body.

The square slowly regained its peacefulness as the shining moonlight shone and restored the tranquillity.

If it wasn't for the fact that the surrounding trees and buildings were in ruins because of the lightning strikes, no one would believe that one hour ago, such a shocking scenario had just happened!

Jiang Tuxin bore an expression as though he saw a living ghost as his fingers trembled while pointing at these two people.

“This…. this….. how did it turn out to be like this?”

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