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Chapter 1447: Huang Yueli’s array skills (4)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

However, Fang Shaoning had no mood to continue listening to her.

All he knew was trusting Murong Ni was the gravest mistake that he had made! Just because of Murong Ni’s boasting, it caused so many Green Cloud Sect’s disciples to sustain such heavy injury and losses!

One must know that Green Cloud Sect’s top rated battle power had all entered the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region this time round and after the explosion in the mystic region, many of them had sustained a very serious injury which needed at least ten days to half a month in order for them to recuperate!

But this was the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region! Danger lurked all around the ancient mystic region and they had to face various dangers everyday so where would they find the luxury of the time to rest and recuperate?

Even if they were able to find a safe spot to make slight adjustments, but they were only in the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region for a month. Now that there’s only ten over days left, surely it could not be that they were going to spend the last ten over days to recuperate?

This was a total waste of their opportunity in entering the ancient mystic region for experience training!

Needless to say, there were many Celestial Light Sect’s disciples who were keeping a watchful eye on them, just waiting for them to run into bad luck!

This time round, Green Cloud Sect’s top experts were all injured whereas Celestial Light Sect’s people were all perfectly fine…..

Thinking of this, Fang Shaoning suddenly jolted as he turned around.

He saw Huang Yueli and Li Moying standing side by side not too far away and Li Moying’s hand was placed on his fiancée’s waist as the both of them had a unruffled expression, occasionally casting glances at them as though they were watching a huge joke!

Fang Shaoning was so infuriated that he almost fainted!

Leng Yi Feng was also extremely upset because he was the one who led Green Cloud Sect’s disciples in. Now that so many of Green Cloud Sect’s disciples were seriously injured, he had to bear the responsibility for it!

Leng Yi Feng’s gaze fell upon Murong Ni as anger arose from all directions!

“Murong Ni, you’re indeed the spy sent over from Celestial Light Sect! You’ve caused us so much harm to Green Cloud Sect so I will absolutely not let you off! All the disciples from Green Cloud Sect will not let you off!”

Murong Ni suddenly had a change of colours, “I… I really didn’t do it intentionally, I really didn’t…..”

But no one believed her.

Or perhaps it could be said that it wasn’t important if she was a spy or not. Green Cloud Sect had suffered such a huge loss so all the disciples were bearing fire inside, as they needed to vent out on someone.

Murong Ni originally wasn’t part of their Sect and now that she was the main culprit in creating this mess, she naturally became the object of everyone’s fury!

Sensing the vengeful gazes radiating from all around her, Murong Ni’s body turned icy cold.

Right now, she finally felt extremely remorseful!

Why did she go rely on Green Cloud Sect? Green Cloud Sect’s people were obviously using her and the minute she was of no more use, they immediately turned their backs on her!

Murong Ni had no other way but to look towards Li Moying as she begged mercifully, “Eldest Senior Brother I beg you, please save me! I know I’m in the wrong and I promise I will never betray the Sect in future. Please, on account of my father, please save me! Otherwise Green Cloud Sect’s people will definitely torture me to death! Eldest Senior Brother!”

Li Moying’s eyes flashed a cold glint.

He had not spoken out when the ordinary disciples from Celestial Light Sect already started to cry out in fury.

“Young Sect Master, please don’t be soft hearted and forgive her!”

“That’s right, Murong Ni is simply too shameless! Earlier she claimed loudly that she will stand on Green Cloud Sect’s side and now? Now that she can’t continue staying there, she wants to return to Celestial Light Sect?”

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