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Chapter 1089: Targeted by someone (1)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

After Huang Yueli left Celestial Light Academy, she first went to Sky Cloud City’s market area preparing to buy a horse for travelling.

But when she was walking on the streets, she suddenly felt that something was amiss, as though someone was looking at her with ill intentions.

Huang Yueli swiftly turned her head but could only see pa.s.sing pedestrians behind her and every one of them seemed very ordinary, so it wasn’t possible to find any suspicious characters.

She frowned as she silently turned on to high alert mode.

She walked into the stable and quickly picked a Dark Lighting stead and told the stable’s footboy, “I want this horse, how much does it cost?”

The footstep saw someone picking the most expensive horse in the stable and was initially overjoyed but when he saw clearly that the young lady who was standing in front of him only looked fourteen to fifteen years old, his face crashed.

He spoke out in a bad mood, “Miss, this horse isn’t suitable for you. It’s better that you take a look over that side.”

Huang Yueli frowned, “I’m asking how much does this horse cost?”

The footboy rolled his eyes at her and said, “Miss, do you know what horse is this? The Dark Lightning stead, it’s a third tier magical beast. It can travel five thousand miles a day and it’s price…. Is something unimaginable for you! Since you can’t afford it, then why are you asking so much for? Wasting our time! It’s better that you go over to that time and look at those ordinary horses!”

He waved his hand as though swatting houseflies, hoping to shoo Huang Yueli away.

Huang Yueli’s face sunk as an unpleasant feeling arose within her heart.

This was simply looking down on her! Looked like her age brought about this problem, furthermore in order to rush on the journey, she was dressed more casually than usual which resulted in the market’s footboy giving her such expressions?

Huang Yueli didn’t say much and took out a palm size badge from her realm ring as she slowly pinned it onto her chest.

Footboy originally wasn’t paying attention and added on some cynical remarks, “Miss, what are you bringing out? Your family’s treasure to buy this horse? Looks nothing especially…..”

Saying that, he suddenly saw the badge on Huang Yueli’s chest clearly as his eyes opened wide, as though he had seen a ghost, and he became tongue tied.

“You… you…. this….. Armament Master’s badge??”

“Why? You can’t recognise this?”

“But…. this…. how is this possible? You’re just fourteen or fifteen years old!”

Huang Yueli sneered, “Why not? I think no one dares to fabricate an Armament Master’s badge right? Do you think that a certified Armament Master is not able to afford a horse?”

Footboy was so scared that he almost knelt down in front of her.

The Armament Guild’s badge was absolutely not a fake!

Because this badge itself was a high levelled Profound Armament and other than the designated Master, other people would not be able to pin it on their chests.

An Armament Master’s position in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent was incomparably valuable and this Armament Master in front of him was so young, that meant that she must be some highly valued super genius in the Armament Guild!

This kind of people, was not someone who a small footboy like him, who was working in a stable, could afford to offend. They just needed to say one word and he would lose his job!

“No…. no… of course not…. This Master, it’s…. it’s me who has eyes but cannot see properly….. please will you….. will you be appeased…”

The stable had quite a number of other customers.

The minute Huang Yueli took out her Armament Master badge, it immediately attracted a bustle.

A valuable Armament Master personally visiting the stable to buy a horse, that was a rare sight.

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