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Chapter 988: Cannot help but be convinced (6)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations


Previously when Huang Yueli was at the Profound Weapon Chambers to choose her Profound Armaments, Tang Jinhua had saw the outstanding innate talent in refining armaments in her and had suggested to take her in as his disciple! Huang Yueli was not willing and he repeatedly advised her, wanting to be her Master.

Recalling that now simply made Tang Jinhua ashamed and unable to show his face!

Just based on Huang Yueli's current expert skills that she had showed, did she even need him to teach her? What could he teach her? No wonder Huang Yueli had refused to accept him as her Master previously!

She already had an incomparably strong Master whereas he was just a fourth tier Armament Master, totally not on the same level…..

Just thinking about that was enough to make Tang Jinhua felt that he had totally lost face! He was also terrified that Huang Yueli would be laughing at him behind his back, that he had over-estimated himself!

But his worries were unnecessary.

Huang Yueli didn't think too much and just laughed instead, “Master Tang, you're too modest! I have yet to even obtain a first tier Armament Master's badge so how could I be called a Master? Since the misunderstanding had been cleared up, just make up for my points will do.”

Saying that, Huang Yueli adjusted the flame a little higher and said, “Following this, let's move on to the next question…..”

“Wait a minute, Master Bai, can you please re-demonstrate once more!”

“Right, I haven't been able to copy everything down earlier and was just focused on watching your demonstration! Your hand gestures are simply too accurate, just how much time did you spend on mastering it?”

“I didn't managed to see the third last hand gesture clearly!”

The minute they heard that she was going to jump to the next question, the Armament Masters below the stage started bellowing, as though not resigned to fate that this demonstration had just ended like that!

Seeing Huang Yueli refine armaments was simply a kind of enjoyment. When others refined Profound Armaments, they sweated profusely and looked battered and exhausted. But she seemed to be painting, sketching in light shades unhurriedly causing those present to go into a daze which also made them lose focus on those important parts.

When President Hu saw the current situation, he coughed lightly, “Alright, she had already demonstrated twice! How many more times are you all expecting? Surely you cannot expect her to demonstrate eight or ten times right? It's obviously your own fault for not paying attention! Alright, we shall stop this here right now!”

Noticing that some of them were still un-resigned, Huang Yueli laughed as she said, “The next demonstration is something that you have never seen before. That is the eleven types of hand gestures for fusion of metals! Following this, I will also add in the White Moon Iron into the armament furnace and simultaneously complete both drawing out the impurities and fusion process so everyone please look carefully! If you didn't see it clearly the first time, I will not re-demonstrate a second time…. So I hope when everyone is watching, please remain completely silent!”

This was something which was of interest to the Armament Masters too.

Hearing that, the Armament Masters stopped protesting and flew around Huang Yueli's side as they crowded around her, every single one of them showing their nimbleness.

What kind of joke was that. Earlier they already didn't see clearly so if they were not able to see clearly once again, then they would have made a huge loss!

Huang Yueli's right hand wove and threw a large piece of White Moon Iron into the armament furnace.

Following that, the furnace chamber kept sprouting white smoke and her gestures changed, starting to demonstrate.

Armament Masters were all concentrated as complete silence filled the entire place.

President Hu saw this and couldn't help but sigh with emotion within his heart.

All of these Armament Masters were usually proud and arrogant and sometimes even his words weren't all that useful. In the end, just one sentence from Huang Yueli made everyone shut their mouths right up, not even daring to breathe loudly!

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