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Chapter 1078: As long as she’s happy (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Doctor Yang responded, “Young Sect Master Li, don’t be overly worried. This young lady’s pulse is stable and has not suffered any injuries. Only she had expended too much Profound Energy so she is now in deep sleep. As long as you let her continue sleeping, she will wake up naturally and there wouldn’t be any problem at all.”

Seeing Li Moying still frowning with a face of worry, Doctor Yang added, “If Young Sect Master is still worried, then I have some fourth tier pills which could aid in supplementing her Qi, so Young Sect Master can feed her with it.”

Li Moying received the pills and nodded, “Thank you for your trouble!”

When Mo San sent Doctor Yang out of the door, Doctor Yang kept turning back to take a look.

Li Moying leaned over and when he faced the young lady on the bed, his stern expression melted instantly and became extremely gentle.

He held Huang Yueli into his embrace and while trying to coax her, he used his mouth to feed her the pill…

This scenario was too mushy and that made Doctor Yang’s goose b.u.mps stood up. Such an aloof and overbearing man, had such a gentle side? This simply made one astonished!

“Doctor Yang, this way please?” Mo San urged.

Doctor Yang then recollected his senses, not daring to look further.

In the bedroom, Li Moying lowered his head and gently pinched Huang Yueli’s lower jaw as his s.e.xy thin lips plastered onto her, feeding her water mouthful by mouthful.

The Huang Yueli who was in lethargic sleep seemed extremely obedient, totally without her usual stubbornness and alienation, lying quietly in his embrace and when he leaned in closer, she obediently parted her lips, allowing him to kiss her wilfully.

Usually that little fox who bared her fangs and brandished her claws had suddenly became so obedient and this made Li Moying’s heart stirred, simply unable to control his own actions.

In actual fact, Huang Yueli had been so cooperative so there was no need to use his mouth to feed her at all.

But Li Moying instinctively ignored this pointer and not only using his mouth to feed her, the minute he got into contact with that soft and pliable lips, he couldn’t stop himself as he fed her the entire cup of water mouth by mouth.

Actually, he was very clear that after today…. he would never be able to kiss his beloved little thing anymore.

So he selfishly grabbed this chance and even though he was taking advantage of her in a perilous situation, he could only made this despicable choice of stealing her kiss.

Li Moying had just finished feeding her the medication when the bedroom door came another round of knocking.

“Master, your subordinate had already brought Elder Chen over. The Sect’s flying ship is overly large and cannot stop anywhere nearby so Elder Chen had stopped the flying ship at the nearby hill slope.”

After Mo Yi finished reporting, he looked apprehensively at his own Master.

Li Moying had obviously heard what he said, but he didn’t turn his head as his gaze stopped on Huang Yueli’s face.

For that one moment, Mo Yi thought that Li Moying was starting to regret and not planning to return to Celestial Light Sect.

Seeing his unwillingness to separate with Third Miss, since he was so unwilling, then why must he still sulk with the girl? Probably Young Sect Master had also regretted being so rash?

However, Li Moying looked at Huang Yueli for a while and placed her back on the bed, not forgetting to cover her with the blanket and adjusting the position of her pillow.

Lastly, he wrote a note and placed it by the Huang Yueli’s bedside as he slowly stood up.

“Let’s go!”

“Ah?” Mo Yi was stunned for a moment before lowering his head and responding, “Yes!”

Li Moying took a last look at Huang Yueli and subsequently, as though he was afraid that he would regret his decision, he took big strides and left the courtyard, not turning his head back even once.

It wasn’t easy for him to finally decide that he shouldn’t drag on anymore!

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