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Chapter 28   Miss ran away from home

Tang Anran turned her head around blankly, then she saw Gu Wuyang standing there.

There was a faint scent of body wash from Gu Wuyang permeating the air after he took a shower just now. And with such a close distance between Tang Anran and him, the light scent spread immediately to her nose, making the air sweet-smelling.

"Duoduo Foundation?" Gu Wuyang read the name of the foundation in a low voice. Then he was surprised when he saw the name of sponsor and lowerd his head asking, " you are the investor?"

Gu Wuyang was really not that kind of person who liked to mind other people's business, but recently, he paid more and more attention to Tang Anran's.

Tang Anran didn't know how to explain it to him, so she just nodded her head as a response, then she kept silence and didn't say anything else.

Seeing that she was not willing to speak more, Gu Wuyang stopped asking and gave the doc.u.ment back. Then he sat opposite her and began to have breakfast.

Gu Wuyang drove to the troops after breakfast. In fact, soldiers under him wouldn't slack at all and begin to exercise at early morning even he was not in the troops.

As a senior official, it was not necessary for Gu Wuyang to train the team personally. However, this special team was completely trained by him.

There was 13 person in total in the team including him. And each person had his own special ability. Besides, this team was the most excellent team in all respects in the whole military area, so that it was called the Trumps Team of Yang City. Normally, only the most dangerous and difficult duty would be executed by them.

As soon as Gu Wuyang arrived at the training field, he saw that Bu Ao was running with the other 11 person with sandbags on their ankle. The vest on them was already wet by sweat. Beads of sweat rained down their cheeks, but no one slowed down.

"How many laps have you run?" Gu Wuyang walked to Bu Ao and asked.

Bu Ao stopped and saluted to Gu Wuyang, then he answered, " This is the 50th lap."

"Good. Take five minutes' break. I have something to tell you." After he said this, Gu Wuyang walked to the open s.p.a.ce nearby.

Bu Ao was the first soldier enrolled by Gu Wuyang who was a colder person than him.

Except for the people of this team, Bu Ao never talked with anyone else on his own initiative. And he always kept an iced face like he didn't know how to make other expressions on his face.

Hearing what Gu Wuyang said, Bu Ao made a gesture of having a break to the bros behind him and then walked to Gu Wuyang.

"What happened?" Noticing Gu Wuyang's wrinkled brows, Bu Ao asked with doubts although he didn't like to mind other's business.

After a short silence, Gu Wuyang said, " I think that there's something wrong with Xu Anran."

"Xu Anran?" Bu Ao repeated the name and then remembered who she was.

Being a good brother of Gu Wuyang for many years, he just met Xu Anran once. So he wasn't familiar to her.

It was rare to see Gu Wuyang having such a confused expression, so Bu Ao continued to ask, "what's wrong with her?"

"Her character changed a lot, and her behavior was different as well,(neither,either用于否定句) like she has been changed into a new person." Gu Wuyang frowned and told Bu Ao all the recent things about Tang Anran. The more he said, the more confused he got.

It was impossible that one's personality would radically change. If all of this was her mask, then she was really a good actor.

But Gu Wuyang didn't believe that she would have such a good 'acting skill'. He could smell a rat according to her behavior.

Bu Ao also got confused after he heard Gu Wuyang's words. What happened?

"In my opinion, this is not very complicated."

When they lapsed into silence, the voice of a man came from their back, and then a familiar figure showed up.

With a cynical smile on his face and dressed in a white suit . Yuwen Jin played a set of keys by his one hand while another hand was in his pocket.

Yuwen Family and Gu Family had a friendship spanning several generations, so Yuwen Jin was a good friend of Gu Wuyang whom he grew up with together. Although they had different characters, they still had a deep friendship.

"Trust me, no one knows more about the woman than me." Yuwen Jin gave them a smile, and then he put his hand on the shoulder of Gu Wuyang and said, " It seems that Xu Anran is really good at playing with a man."

"What's your meaning?" Gu Wuyang looked at him in confusion after he heard what Yuwen Jin said.

Yuwen Jin shook his head and signed deliberately, "Senior Official Gu, you've been smart all the time, and why don't you understand what's the meaning now?"

"For a woman, the only reason that her character and behavior changed a lot is the man. And Xu Anran loves you all the time, so you are the reason why she changed a lot."

"She knew that you didn't like her former image, so she made a change from inside to outside. Probably she thought that would help her to change your att.i.tudes to her."Yuwen Jin paused for a moment, and then he looked at Gu Wuyang and bantered with him, "For her beloved man, a woman can do everything."

"It is impossible." Gu Wuyang resolutely rejected his idea.

Of course, he knew what Yuwen Jin meant, but he didn't think so.

He had an unerring instinct which told him that there was a huge 'secret' hiding in Xu Anran.

When Yuwen Jin was about to continue, Gu Wuyang's phone rang.

He took out the phone. It was a call from Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu had been working in the villa for ten years, and he did things in a proper way. There must be something important happening in the villa, or he wouldn't have called him at this time.

So without any hesitation, Gu Wuyang swiped across the screen and connected Uncle Fu .

"Mr, Miss ran away from home with her luggage, leaving a note only." As soon as he picked the phone, Uncle Fu's hurried voice came from the other end of the phone.

Immediately, Gu Wuyang recalled the conversation he had with Tang Anran yesterday.

So she didn't plan to explain to grandpa but ran away directly?

Right now, Gu Wuyang felt both angry and funny. He never thought that she would choose to run away.

"Okay, I knew it. I will solve it." Gu Wuyang hanged up the phone and then turned to look at Bu Ao, "I need to leave now. Take care of the training and keep going on."

"Yes." Bu Ao saluted to him and answered.

Then Gu Wuyang took back the phone and left the training field quickly.

Yuwen Jin stayed still and touched his jaw, smiled to Bu Ao and said, "It seems that the Xu Anran is kind of interesting."

At least, she was more interesting than he thought.

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