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Xu Xiyan went home in agony.

The next morning, she went to the p.a.w.n shop in Peijing again and pleaded with the front manager.

"I didn't lose my receipt, it was destroyed in the washing machine! Can you please cut me some slack? I've already brought 100,000 Yuan and five years of interest to repay the loan. I beg you, please return my violin to me!"

No matter how much she begged, the front manager wouldn't budge.

"I'm sorry, madam. You didn't show up with the receipt in time, and the item has been processed for the overdue loan. It has entered the auctioning circulation. I really can't do more to help you. I am truly sorry."

The front manager had said all he could say. Xu Xiyan had to give up.

She inquired about the auction and learned that her mother's violin would be auctioned at the Peijing Hongye Auction House at noon that day.

Xu Xiyan panicked. Oh no! If the violin was sold off, she might not have the chance to find it again.

Xu Xiyan rushed off to the bank and spent the whole morning at the counter withdrawing all the money from her fixed-deposits that she had made when she was abroad. She also withdrew all the money she had earned from doing livestreams with Ying Bao and put them all onto one card.

With 100,000 Yuan in her bag, plus the amount on her card, she had more than 600,000 Yuan.

Xu Xiyan had a bit of hope. Five years ago, the violin was p.a.w.ned for 100,000 Yuan. Now, she had six times as much. It should certainly be possible for her to get the violin back.

Finally, it was noon. There was no time for lunch, and Xu Xiyan rushed off with her bag to Hongye Auction House, Peijing's largest.

As she hurried through the doors of the building, she accidentally b.u.mped into a proud and elegant looking woman with long hair fanning over her shoulders.

When Xu Xiyan had returned from abroad, she didn't know about the young violin diva, Xue Yating, who had just gotten famous locally.

Xue Yating wore heels ten centimeters high, and beige Chanel-style dress. She had kept an elegant posture, but was knocked a little off balance by Xu Xiyan.

Just as the accident was happening, a janitor pa.s.sed by with a garbage trolley. Xue Yating staggered and fell onto the garbage trolley, staining her dress.

"Hey, watch where you're going!" Xue Yating shrieked.

She picked herself up and stared at her skirt, frowning. "Look how dirty my clothes are! Don't you know how expensive this dress is?"

Xu Xiyan quickly apologized, "I'm so, so sorry! I was moving too quickly and I didn't see you. I'm really sorry! If your clothes are dirty, let me send it for dry cleaning for you."

Xu Xiyan had already apologized and was willing to help dry clean her clothes, but Xue Yating was arrogant, and seemed committed to being unreasonable.

"Do you even have time to go to the laundry shop now? What am I supposed to wear? Are you blind? Where's your brain?"

Seeing that the woman was being difficult, Xu Xiyan began to lose her patience.

"Miss, it was unintentional. I've already apologized and I'm willing to help you dry clean your clothes. What else do you want?"

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