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"Are you going to stay inside forever? Come on out and let me see what's up."

Yang Zixuan stood to the side, looking resentful.

Having known Ye Sijue for so many years, this was the first time she had seen him being so patient and kind with… a woman.

Yang Zixuan glared hatefully at the door, as if trying to pierce the door with her gaze.

Just how exactly was Mo Xiaomeng deserving of special treatment from Brother Sijue?

She snorted and said to Ye Sijue, "Brother Sijue, don't let her trick you! She's perfectly fine. She's only trying to get your attention. That's just too cunning of her! I've never seen such a calculating woman before! Brother Sijue, why do you fancy her?"

Ye Sijue could forgive her for doing those ridiculous things, but he couldn't pardon her for saying those things about Mo Xiaomeng.

"Yang Zixuan," he said her name coldly.

Yang Zixuan was stunned as she felt a chill run down her spine. He didn't even say anything except for her name but Yang Zixuan was strangely feeling uneasy.

"Brother Sijue…" She could only feign innocence.

Ye Sijue glared at her and said, "You can either leave now or shut up. I don't like to hear anything that is hurtful to her. Do you hear me?"

Yang Zixuan felt hurt by how cold he was treating her.

However, the more he protected Mo Xiaomeng, the more jealous Yang Zixuan became.

Just what exactly must she do to receive the same protective and indulging manner?

Yang Zixuan knew that he was serious, so she didn't dare to protest. She had no choice but to make a temporary compromise.

"Alright, I won't talk about her. Don't drive me away, okay?"

Ye Sijue pointed outside and said, "Go to the living room and sit down. Stop being a nuisance."

Yang Zixuan puffed up her cheeks and walked out of the room reluctantly.

Just then, the doorbell rang. It was probably the breakfast that was being delivered.

Ye Sijue went out to open the door.

Just after he turned to walk away, there was a sound of the washroom's door opening behind him.

Ye Sijue asked the service staff to bring in the breakfast. After giving the staff a tip, and telling Yang Zixuan to dig in first. Then he went back into the room.

Yang Zixuan sat on the sofa, staring at the breakfast on the table. She ate some of every dish.

If it wasn't for Ye Sijue, she would have finished all the food so Mo Xiaomeng would have nothing to eat!

When Ye Sijue returned to the room, he saw that Mo Xiaomeng was hiding at one corner of the sofa and it was unclear what she was doing.

"What's the matter?" He noticed that her hair was wet.

He clearly remembered her washing her hair last night.

Apparently, Mo Xiaomeng didn't expect him to come back so quickly, as she was startled upon hearing his voice. And she seemed to have felt pain as she grimaced and gasped.

Ye Sijue frowned as he walked over to her.

Mo Xiaomeng then hid her hands behind her, and it was plainly obvious that she had something to hide from him.

Ye Sijue was angry but thought it was funny at the same time. He walked over to her and grabbed her little hand.

Her wound from the previous night was open again and blood flowed from her finger.

"How did the wound open?" he asked.

Mo Xiaomeng felt awkward. She looked down and said, "It was an accident…"

In her hand was the plaster from last night and there were a few used tissues under the arm rest, all stained with blood, which she had apparently used to wipe it off.

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