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They couldn't just let the person outside continue shouting like that, could they?

Not only was it disturbing them, it was also disturbing the other guests.

Ye Sijue let go of Mo Xiaomeng, pulled her up, and the two walked to the door together.

They opened the door.

Caught off guard, the person outside fell forward. But Ye Sijue, who was standing in front, didn't catch her, and simply allowed her to fall flat on her face in front of them both.

Yang Zixuan groaned, only realizing then that the door was opened. She instinctively tried to get up, but when she looked up and saw Ye Sijue's legs, she remained flat on the ground.

"Boohoo, Brother Sijue…" she cried, sounding very pitiful.

Mo Xiaomeng looked at the girl before her in astonishment. She didn't expect it to be her. Mo Xiaomeng remembered seeing her at the Ye residence.

No wonder Ye Sijue didn't panic upon hearing her.

Apparently, he had recognized Yang Zixuan's voice and knew that she was bluffing.


Mo Xiaomeng asked inexplicably. "Why did you lie about the fire? Don't you know that this is not very nice? What if someone hears you and really believed that there was a fire?"

She thought that this girl was too willful. How could she mislead people like that?

If other guests had heard her it would definitely scare them.

Yang Zixuan said unhappily, "It's none of your business! You're not my mother!"

Mo Xiaomeng frowned. "Must I be your mother to correct you when you're wrong? You're disturbing other guests and you disturbed us too."

Yang Zixuan snorted at her obstinately. But when she turned to face Ye Sijue, she gave him a pitiful look.

"Brother Sijue… it hurts…"

She had already hinted so clearly. Why wasn't he helping her up?

Yang Zixuan didn't get the response she wanted and she grew resentful.

And she blamed all of her resentment on Mo Xiaomeng. If it wasn't for this woman seducing her Brother Sijue he wouldn't be so unfeeling toward her!

"Boohoo, Brother Sijue, I can't get up. Can you help me up?"

Finally, she asked straightforwardly.

He couldn't ignore her now, would he?

Sure enough, a hand reached out to Yang Zixuan. In a moment's excitement, she didn't realize that it was a thin hand that didn't look like a man's hand at all.

She grabbed that hand gleefully, and as she got up, she threw herself onto Ye Sijue.

However, she was looking at Mo Xiaomeng instead.

Ye Sijue didn't even budge. It was Mo Xiaomeng who couldn't stand watching her and reached out her hand to help her as she thought she was quite pitiful.

Mo Xiaomeng was still asking her worriedly, "Are you okay?"

Yang Zixuan angrily flung her hand away and scoffed, "Who said you could touch me! Get lost!"

Pet.i.te and unguarded, Mo Xiaomeng stumbled backward from the force and almost fell.

Fortunately, Ye Sijue's long arm safely caught her by her waist.

Watching as Ye Sijue held her, Yang Zixuan fumed with rage.

"s.l.u.t!" she cussed inwardly.

Ye Sijue pulled Mo Xiaomeng away from Yang Zixuan, and he looked at Yang Zixuan and said, "Why are you here?"

There were other guests unhappy with Yang Zixuan's screaming and cursing outside.

The inn's manager came and was updated on the situation. But seeing as Yang Zixuan and Ye Sijue seemed to know each other, it didn't seem appropriate to rebuke her.

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