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Chapter 1546: One Lie After Another (17)

“You can’t say that,” An Furen looked serious as he said. “Our Zhixin has always been clean-living and honest. She had never dated a boy until Young Master Jie. She is only dating other boys because she cannot forget about Young Master Jie.”

“On what basis are you claiming that her child is Yin Shaojie’s? Couldn’t it have resulted from the other boys?” Mu Xiaoxiao retorted furiously.

An Furen said confidently, “Do you even need to ask that? Young Master Jie is the only one in her heart, and with that personality of hers, she would never let anyone she doesn’t like touch her. Like I’ve said before, our Zhixin is clean-living and honest. She’s not a loose woman.”

Mu Xiaoxiao sneered coldly, “Clean-licing and honest? I think her child is by her boyfriend.”

Motherf*cker, how could he claim that the child was Yin Shaojie’s!

Upon thinking about it, Mu Xiaoxiao became crazily angry.

An Furen felt that he could not get through to her and decided to ignore her. He turned towards Yin Shaojie, his expression obsequious as he said, “Yin Shaojie, you won’t want a descendant of the Yins to wander about dest.i.tute, right? How about this… You can create an opportunity and find Zhixin to discuss the kid. How does that sound?”

Kid, your a**!

Mu Xiaoxiao was so furious that her eyes were spitting fire, and could not help but swear internally.

“Let me tell you once more! Even if An Zhixin is pregnant, the child cannot be my man’s, you hear?!”

An Furen’s expression was infuriating. She was finally unable to take it and wanted to rush forward to beat him up.

However, Yin Shaojie held her back by her shoulders and prevented her from doing so.

“Let go of me!” Mu Xiaoxiao twisted her shoulders forcefully, trying to shake his hands off.

Yin Shaojie caressed her head to calm her down. “Don’t be so rash.”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s eyes were plaintive and furious. Why are you holding me back? Do you… really want to rekindle your feelings for An Zhixin that badly?”

Yin Shaojie frowned. Rekindle his feelings for her? Could that phrase be used in such a nonsensical manner?

However, An Furen was delighted after hearing that. His mind immediately jumped to images off his daughter’s status being elevated because of her kid and of her becoming the wife of young master. When that happened, he would be rich!

It gave him joy no matter how he thought about it!

“Young Master Jie, if you want to do it, there’s no better day than today…”

His words inflamed Mu Xiaoxiao’s rage once again.

She howled at him, “Shut up!”

She was struggling madly in Yin Shaojie’s embrace. Afraid that he would hurt her, Yin Shaojie pulled her behind him and said to the chauffeur, “Call the police.”

The chauffeur was a little stunned and did not react in time.

“Uh, oh! Yes, Young Master, I will make the call immediately.”

An Furen looked uneasy. Puzzled, he asked, “Y-Young Master Jie, why are you calling the police?”

The corner of Yin Shaojie’s lips twitched coldly. Instead of answering him, he asked, “What do you think?”

Cold sweat broke out on An Furen’s forehead and he glanced at his companions.

Young Master Jie was not calling to police to arrest them,right?

Also, he was impersonating a policeman. It was a major offence!

He felt increasingly uneasy as he thought about it. He shouted at the chauffeur, “Brother, don’t call the police, just don’t call the police. We know we’re in the wrong and we’ll go now; we’ll go right now. Let’s go! Hurry up!”

He yelled at his accomplices.

The man who had been lying about his injury did not look too willing to part. He had thought that he could have at least gotten tens of thousands of dollars given how rich this Young Master looked. He could not just leave like this!

“He has to pay up even if you’re acquainted with him!”

The man made eye contact with the auntie as he said this.

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