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Power and Wealth Chapter 26 – Bullied!


Dong Xuebing had secretly downloaded a stock market software on his office computer to a.n.a.lyze the stock market.

Dong Xuebing also wanted to make some money. But he thought it through. He does not think it was a good idea to trade shares. He does not have the capital, and the current regulations restrict the sales of the shares on the same day. He would have to wait for the next day. Which was also known as T+1. Dong Xuebing's BACK could only return to 1 minute before. He might be able to know the shares will rise in the next minute, but he could not predict what would happen when the market close. The risk was too high.

Just like Hainan Rubber shares. Yes, in 1 minute, the share prices had climbed up from the lowest point and had made Chief Zhou happy. But as when the market was closing, the share prices fell back again. The next day, the prices continued to decline. There were not many profits, and Chief Zhou had almost made losses.

The only securities that could be traded on the same day of purchase at T+0 were warrants. But there was only one warrant left - Changhong CWB1. This warrant was like a dead fish. The prices fell by a few cents every day. There were almost no fluctuations. This was why Dong Xuebing gave up the idea of making money through trading. He only wants to a.n.a.lyze the stock market for Zhou Changchun. Although he might not be able to guarantee to make money for him, at least he could make him happy. This way, he would be closer to his direct supervisor.

Dong Xuebing, you must work hard!

All these are for your promotion.

“Hehe, Bing Zhi is so early today.”

“Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning.”

Everyone had slowly arrived at work.

Dong Xuebing greeted his colleagues and quickly close the stock market program.

Guo Shunjie was the last to arrive in the office. He saw there was some dust on the floor and said: “Why is the floor dirty again? There is an inspection today.” Because Zhou Changchun had been coming in late these few days because of his health, Guo Panwei could not be bothered with cleaning up the office. It had been Dong Xuebing who was cleaning up. Guo Shunjie walked to his desk and turn to Dong Xuebing: “Xiao Dong, go and sweep the floor.”

Why was it me again?

Dong Xuebing was not afraid of doing work. Compared to the poverty lifestyle he had been through all these years with his mother, this was nothing.

Dong Xuebing could not stand that arrogant look on Guo Shunjie's face.

Dong Xuebing had been bullied by Guo Shunjie again and again. He was almost on the point of breaking.

But when Dong Xuebing remembered that he had just joined the agency and Guo Shunjie had someone among the higher-ups backing him, he gritted his teeth and roll up his sleeves. He took the broom and dustpan from behind the door and start to sweep. Dong Xuebing could feel Guo Shunjie's hostility against him getting stronger these two days. He could also guess the reason. A newcomer had embarra.s.sed him by completing a task he could not complete. Guo Shunjie was jealous.

Changjuan and Guo Panwei pretended not to see anything.

Tan Limei and Zhuang Zhi could not stand it. They stood up and started to help Dong Xuebing sweep the office.

Guo Shunjie glanced at the 3 of them and continued to surf some online forums.

Dong Xuebing was very tired today. He could feel his back aching as he bends over to sweep a corner. These few days, he had to clean up the whole office and still must complete his daily work. On top of that, Guo Shunjie had also ordered Dong Xuebing to do his tasks for him. He did not have time to rest.

“Bing Zhi, go and take a break. I can do it.” Zhuang Zhi said.

Dong Xuebing stopped ma.s.saging his back and forced a smile: “It's fine. Thank you.”

Tan Limei pointed towards the direction of Guo Sunjie with her chin and whispered: “That guy cannot tolerate anyone better than him.” Although Tan Limei had a big mouth and likes to gossip, she knows her place well. Just now, when Guo Shunjie was picking on Dong Xuebing, she was p.i.s.sed, but she did not voice out against Guo Shunjie openly.

Guo Shunjie was the senior in the office and still have backings in the agency. It was not wise to offend him.

10 minutes later, Dong Xuebing finished sweeping the office and returned to his seat. He was still panting and was about to continue working on a task he could not complete yesterday.

But before Dong Xuebing could even stop panting, Guo Shunjie, who was at the water dispenser points to the empty container: “There is no more water. Xiao Dong, go and carry a bottle in.” Guo Shunjie was not happy with Dong Xuebing for staring at him earlier. His father was close to the District Political Commissar, and even Chief Li Qing and Zhou Changchun had to speak to him politely. Who was this Dong Xuebing to stare at him?

Dong Xuebing was furious. “Carry water?” I am ignoring you and yet you are still trying to find trouble with me?

Guo Shunjie looked at him coldly: “Yes. Bring in a bottle of water for the dispenser.”

Old Yan also felt Guo Shunjie was too much. He looked up from his newspaper: “Xiao Dong is also tired. You can just give the cleaner Old w.a.n.g a call. He is the one who has been topping up the water for the dispenser.” Old Yan was not afraid of offending the District Political Commissar. He had offended a leader who was two ranks about the District Political Commissar before, and he was not afraid of offending one more person.

Guo Shunjie replied without facing Old Yan: “Old w.a.n.g is cleaning the corridors now. He is not free to top up the water.”

Dong Xuebing asked: “You did not even call him. How do you know he is busy?”

“Why?” Guo Shunjie stared at Dong Xuebing. “I cannot ask you to bring in a bottle of water? Do you know the rules here? These jobs are done by newcomers. Are you expecting me and Panwei to go and carry in the water?”

Changjuan tried to calm the situation down: “I think Chief Zhou is coming in soon. Stop arguing.”

Tan Limei look at Guo Shunjie with disgust: “That right. Is the doc.u.ment which Director Li wants with you? I met him earlier when I was coming in. He says to bring the doc.u.ments to him as soon as possible.”

Guo Shunjie uttered a reply and took a brown envelope from his desk before turning to Dong Xuebing again: “I don't believe that I can't order you around. No one is allowed to help him. Let him carry the water in himself.” He walked out, and when he pa.s.sed by Dong Xuebing, he said: “If the water bottle for the dispenser is not changed when I return, you are dead.”

“Ok. I will wait for you.” Dong Xuebing could no longer tolerate him. He sneered: “I will not change the water. What can you do to me?”

Guo Shunjie replied with a smirk: “Fine. Go ahead and try.”

Bang! Guo Shunjie walked out of the office and slammed the door close.

The mood in the office was still tense and before Tan Limei and the rest could say anything, the door opens again.

“Huh? What's wrong with everyone?” Zhou Changchun walked in with his briefcase.

Changjuan immediately replies: “Nothing. Good morning Chief Zhou.”

Zhou Changchun nodded and was about to enter his room when he remembered something. “Oh, Xiao Dong. Come to my room.”

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