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"How sure are you?" Lieutenant Callum asked from behind her. 

"I just saw her, but she disappeared. That must have been a decoy, time to head out. We pursue with everything we have got."

"Some of the men were injured, Princess."

"Share the troops, half stay, those injured inclusive. The other half, come with me. Chase after us, when they have recovered."

"Thank you, Princess!" They replied.

"I am coming to get you, hybrid. The line's been drawn!"


Far into the distance, up in the sky, on a flying beast, Jareth, Astrid and the White Tiger-Phoenix Beasts all saw the blinding sunlight directed down in the forest nd the noise from the beasts instantly stopped.

Jareth looked back and a half smile spread across his face as he mouthed the word, "Impressive."

"So it wasn't coming for us?" Astrid asked no one in particular.

"It would seem so."

"Don't let your guard down. Whoever sent those know you are here in this forest," White-Fire communicated back.

"I won't, not for a minute."

Astrid felt more determined, she really needed to end this journey and get the heck out of the Elven forest before something worse happened.

As she thought about something terrible happening, her body trembled a bit; Jareth and White-Fire felt it. 

Immediately both of them asked, "Astrid, what is wrong?"

Coming out from her daze, she turned her head to the side to look at Jareth, his eyes didn't have the same warmth it once had, they were cold.

"He really has gone back to being the unemotional Jareth," she said in her head and mentally comforted her mind."It's for the best."

Shaking her head, she said, "It's nothing, just the chill of the wind."

She lied and he knew it, but he didn't want to press further, lest his caring side came out. She could bring this part of him out without any effort.

From the corner of his eyes, he could see her worried expression, he felt it like he felt the wind, obviously, she was bothered about something, perhaps what was happening back down.

Using his left hand, he rubbed her arm lightly and leaned in close to her ear then whispered, "Don't worry, nothing bad would happen to you. I would protect you," he rea.s.sured her.

She could feel his warm breath on her skin and the closeness between them, she couldn't help but relax into his body, enjoying the comfort his warmth gave.

As he withdrew his head, he didn't pa.s.s the chance to tease her; he blew warm air into her ear and earned himself a soft sigh which could be taken as a light moan.

Good heavens, she was his downfall. His walls started shaking with just a soft sigh from her. He wanted to pull her close and suck on that white skin tantalizing him and causing him trouble at the nape of her neck.

He bit on his lower lip to keep himself in check. Well he went searching for trouble and he got it. Unconsciously she leaned her head to the side a little, giving a clearer view of her white skin.

Was she doing it intentionally and seducing him? Who knows, but the innocent, inexperienced Astrid didn't know she was causing trouble to his lower member. 

She felt good relaxing on him, turning her head, so her face was resting on his chest a little, which was why she did what she did.

His fingers trailed off her arm and around her waist, pulling her closer to himself as his hold tightened a little bit on her.

He released her after he was sure she was comfortable, his fingers going back to work. From her arm, he tailed them up to her shoulder and neck. The only thing blocking his view of his prize was her golden lock of hair that fell on her neck when she turned her head to the side.

With precise motion, he brushed them off to her back and lightly caressed her soft white skin.

As he played with her skin, she felt chills and fire on her skin at the same time, a mixture of both pleasures his fingers caused her. She didn't know when she let out a soft moan as he played on, but his sharps ears caught it.

He smiled cheekily and finally gave in to the part of him he locked away, the part that cared and cherished her. Jareth leaned his head close to her neck, to kiss her beautiful skin.


Their eyes both opened at the invasion they felt in their minds.

"You trembled, Astrid, what happened?" White-Fire asked.

It intentionally linked their minds together to interrupt them. What did they take it back for? As much as it wanted them to enjoy each other's company, it needed them to be focused, now wasn't the time for feelings, they could be attacked at any moment from then.

"Huh! It was nothing really."

Quickly they straightened themselves and Astrid lightly blushed out of ebara.s.sment from what just happened. They had completely ignored the presence of the beasts and let their feelings take over.

"How long till we get to the forest peak?" Astrid asked out loud.

"Give or take, half a day or a day at most and with no interruptions," Jareth replied.

"Let's hope so." 

She sighed and held on to Little White-Fire tighter as they journeyed on in silence.



King Bayard listened quietly as Cyrena explained what transpired within the last two days.

"So, that was how I came to find the real culprit. Though the person who stole the coins wasn't Mr Brandon directly, but he masterminded the whole thing. The a.s.sa.s.sin on the other hand, stole to return the money to its rightful owner."

"That was brilliant, Cyrena, truly brilliant."

The familiar voice called out, "Your Majesty, Prince Owen has arrived."

King Bayard nodded at the guards and they opened the doors for the Prince to enter.

He walked majestically to his father and bowed. "Greetings, father."

"Rise son, take a seat beside me."

Prince Owen obeyed and walked to his father's right hand and sat down.

"Your highness," Gerald greeted him with a bow of his head and he nodded in response. 

"Greetings brother, welcome. A pleasant morning to you."

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