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It was impossible for either Fang Xing or Ye Gu’yin to know where they were within the pitch darkness—all they could tell was that there was a frenzied force tugging upon them. Fang Xing had long ago let go of Ye Gu’yin after the force began to a.s.sault them, and the only thing he could feel was dizziness without any ability to tell which direction was which. It felt as though his body had been floating the entire time, yet it was falling downwards, and he found that skills such as Levitation couldn’t be activated even if he tried to put all of his energy into it.


It was impossible for Fang Xing to tell just how long he’d fallen, but he eventually reached solid ground. He barely wound up injured at all despite how fast he’d been falling, and it seemed as though he’d landed on a soft body judging from the frail groan he heard afterwards. Despite being dizzy and confused, Fang Xing knew this wasn’t a kind place; he bit his tongue to force his mind to clear before quickly studying his surroundings.

It looked as though he was inside a giant stone room that was dimly lit, while the area above was composed of a pitch blackness that prevented the sky from being seen. Beneath him was a hard black stone floor, and to his front was a few stone pillars as thick as a millstone that extended up from the floor into the unknown darkness. When he looked behind him… he saw a confused, perfectly beautiful face whose gaze crossed his own.

"Sh*t, stupid bi*ch!" Fang Xing jumped up in an instant and sent a punch right over. At the same time, the expression of the beautiful face turned cold. The owner clenched her teeth and extended her long leg in a kick towards Fang Xing.



The two crisp sounds were followed by two low groans. The beautiful woman had received a black eye, whereas Fang Xing ended up kicked in the chest. The pair immediately jumped around three feet back and stared at each other with murderous intent.

The woman was none other than Ye Gu’yin. She’d fallen into this strange place with Fang Xing, and had unexpectedly fallen in the same location. Not only that, she’d even become Fang Xing’s cushion and had buffered the impact of his fall. It was only natural that she wanted to kick Fang Xing the moment she saw him, but she hadn’t expected him to be so straightforward as to send a punch at her as well.

"Little brat, I’m going to kill you!" The self-loving Ye Gu’yin had never been disadvantaged before in her life, so seeing Fang Xing filled her with hatred and caused her to grit her teeth. She reached towards her back to take out her Phoenix-Fear Zither, only to grasp nothing. She was surprised at first, but then she remembered the zither had been in her hands before she’d fallen into this d.a.m.ned place, so the zither must have been lost during the fall.

The zither couldn’t have fallen too far away, though, and she hurriedly scanned around herself to find it. She was able to sense the Phoenix-Fear Zither’s location because of the connection between them, and she soon noticed it had fallen some seven or eight feet in front of her. She clenched her teeth and made a bid to rush over to grab it, but she felt a tightening on her thigh just as she began to move—the little brat had actually sent himself forward to grab ahold of her leg. "You lost your zither?" he viciously laughed, "Let’s see how you’ll act all mighty and powerful now!"

Angered, Ye Gu’yin kicked her right leg straight towards Fang Xing’s spiteful smiling face.

"How dare you kick your grandpa’s face?" Fang Xing yelled out, enraged as well by now. He flipped around and directly pulled Ye Gu’yin upwards before pouncing towards her, sending out punches like the wind. He’d realized this was his one in a million chance now that the woman didn’t have the zither in her hands. It was like a tiger that had lost its teeth; this woman was now finally defeatable, and there was no way he would give her the chance to reclaim her strength.

"d.a.m.n it!" Ye Gu’yin ground her teeth. Her zither was so close, yet she was once again bound by the little demon and unable to escape. Furthermore, the little demon’s attacks were vicious and always aimed at her weakest points; she didn’t dare to take the full impact of his punches and could only use melee physical attacks in response. She was like a martial artist from the mortal realm trying to counter each of Fang Xing’s moves while planning on how to get back her instrument.

What she didn’t know, however, was that Fang Xing had been brought up in a bandit’s nest—his martial arts skills weren’t anything to sneeze at. Ye Gu’yin herself had been the chosen one since birth, and the majority of her cultivation and training had been focused on spells and seals. Ye Gu’yin was certainly no expert at physical attacks, and she’d already taken a few of the boy’s punches after only a few rounds. If her purple dress wasn’t a supreme-quality spirit tool, she would have already been heavily wounded.

"Little brat, I will kill you!" After being pushed to the point she was no longer able to defend herself, she could only let out a low growl and activate her spirit tools. Along the surface of her dress were a few purple ribbons, and although they didn’t look to be more than decoration, they began to mysteriously float. The ribbons slithered towards Fang Xing like snakes and coiled up from his legs to his body, taking some of the pressure from Ye Gu’yin and allowing her to free herself with a cold laugh. Now that Fang Xing was occupied, she fully intended to take back her zither.

Startled, Fang Xing began to struggle to the best of his ability, but it was to no avail. In the heat of the moment, he used the only place he could still move—his mouth—and bit right onto Ye Gu’yin’s shoulder.

"Stupid little brat, how dare you bite me!" Ye Gu’yin yelled out in pain before slapping Fang Xing on his back. Fang Xing took the slap head-on, but took the opportunity to activate his Qi and his Immortal’s Snare.

It was difficult for someone to notice such small and sly actions like these. It was why Fang Xing had ended up bound by Ye Gu’yin’s purple ribbons in the first place, and—using the same principle—it also meant Ye Gu’yin wouldn’t be able to avoid the Immortal’s Snare. Indeed, by the time Ye Gu’yin realized her legs were being bound, the Immortal’s Snare had already coiled up from her legs to her torso.

"Hahahaha, you’ve got your purple ribbon and I’ve got my Immortal’s Snare. Let’s see who’s stronger!" Fang Xing let go of his bite and loudly laughed before throwing himself at Ye Gu’yin like a rolling gourd.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if I don’t manage to kill you, I’m nothing more than trash!" The hatred was so extreme it defied description. Now that Ye Gu’yin couldn’t move her limbs, she actually began to bite at Fang Xing as well.

"Hey! How dare you bite me? Do you have no shame?" Fang Xing loudly cried out as he felt pain in his shoulder and realized this crazy woman had actually copied him. "You bite me, I bite you!" So saying, he didn’t hold back either and returned the bite, as though competing to see who had the better set of teeth.

One was the most talented youth of the Chufung Kingdom below Foundation Stage, the other had been one of the three core disciples of the Qing-Yun Sect. After being bound by each other’s spirit tools, neither wanted to let go of the other and they’d actually started to bite each other without care for appearance. After some time of this crazed biting, the pair looked just like two vicious stray dogs.

Amidst the chaos, Ye Gu’yin’s voice rose up in panic. "Stupid brat, you… how dare you bite me there… hurry and let go!" It seemed as though she’d ended up disadvantaged in the confrontation.

"Tch… do you think you taste good or something? I’m only biting you because you bit me…" Fang Xing shouted while keeping hold of a soft piece of meat.

After biting Fang Xing several times, Ye Gu’yin had managed to vent her anger quite a bit and had calmed down. Considering it was easy for a female to be disadvantaged in a raw compet.i.tion of physical strength with a male and how ruthless this boy was with his mouth, she lost all desire to compete with him and just desperately moved her body from side to side. Fang Xing, on the other hand, had bitten into her so firmly that he was even being dragged along with her movements.

"You… you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m gonna fight you with all I have…." Ye Gu’yin was so angry and embarra.s.sed she even wanted to die for a moment. Suddenly, she bit her lips and activated a spell she normally wouldn’t use. Mysterious scripts began to light up and coil around her like snakes as she formed the seal, until the purple dress suddenly exploded with a loud bang. The sc.r.a.ps of purple flew up like b.u.t.terflies, returning freedom to them both.

As it so happened, Ye Gu’yin’s purple dress was a spirit tool as well. After being bound tight by the Immortal’s Snare and left without many options, she had hardened her heart and shattered her purple dress. Since the Immortal’s Snare had been coiled over the dress, the Immortal’s Snare was destroyed as well, giving Ye Gu’yin the opportunity to escape. The purple ribbons had also been a part of the purple dress, however, and so its destruction had caused the ribbons to untie themselves.

Fang Xing had actually been left rather startled. It was fortunate he’d managed to draw his mouth away fast enough, or else he may have lost all of his teeth in one go. After taking a quick moment to recompose himself, he suddenly saw Ye Gu’yin in front of him and let out a loud laugh.

Ye Gu’yin looked down, and her face flushed with embarra.s.sment. With her purple dress destroyed, only her thin undergarments remained on her body and most of her sparkling and pure skin was exposed right in front of this little brat’s eyes. Her skin was pale like jade, and there even seemed to be a thin layer of soft light around it. On top of this creamy skin, however, were a number of obvious teeth marks, all recently made….

"Little brat, I’m going to kill you!" Ye Gu’yin shouted with hatred. In all the nineteen years of her life, this was the first time her body was seen by someone else. The little brat’s laughter further filled her with anger and embarra.s.sment, pushing her hatred and murderous intent higher and higher. She didn’t even bother to cover up and immediately flew towards the Phoenix-Fear Zither; she was going to kill this d.a.m.ned brat as soon as she could!

Fang Xing immediately sensed something wasn’t right and stood up to run, but he suddenly felt something against his palm. He looked down and noticed a white storage sack, only belatedly realizing it belonged to Ye Gu’yin. It had originally been tied around her waist, but it had been sent flying out when her purple dress had exploded. He hadn’t expected such a thing to land in his hands.

Fang Xing laughed hysterically. "Haha, if you want to be naked, you can be naked forever!" He grabbed the storage sack and dashed far away.

Just as Ye Gu’yin reached her Phoenix-Fear Zither, she looked back towards the fleeing Fang Xing. "Stupid little brat, where are you running…." She stretched her long legs and gave chase as well.

Despite her efforts, a golden shadow flashed behind Fang Xing and a pair of golden wings spread open, causing him to fly into the air at a lightning-like speed. "Haha, are you surprised? Your grandpa can fly!" Fang Xing soon disappeared into the darkness, leaving behind only the echoes of his insolent laughter.

"Come back, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Ye Gu’yin had lost her silver spindle during the fall into the chasm. She didn’t have the time to look for it right now, but she was unable to catch up to Fang Xing with her cultivation alone and the distance between them grew larger and larger. It didn’t take long before Fang Xing had fled without a trace, leaving her alone in the darkness and without any other choice but to return for a change of clothes.

After making her way back and searching through the fragments of her broken dress, however, she was still unable to find her storage sack. The chilling winds blew in her direction, and the near-naked Ye Gu’yin could only stare blankly into the darkness while a shiver ran down her body.

The frigid temperature and wind couldn’t hurt her at her current cultivation level, but being naked like this for a young woman was more than enough for her heart to freeze over. It wasn’t the cold that had caused her to shiver, but the fact she’d lost what was in the sack….

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