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Chapter 198: Pushing Down a Beauty With a Borrowed Foundation

One rode the extremely agile golden crow, the other utilized a supreme-quality flying spirit tool. Although the two of them were still in Spirit Stage, their speed was even faster than an ordinary Foundation Stage cultivator. Amidst the clear sky, a golden ray would streak across within the blink of an eye, followed by a silver ray a scant three breaths later. The two scattered any clouds along their path and left behind only a few traces of the remaining rays, making for a rather beautiful scene.

Of course, the curses and scoldings that could be heard from time to time marred some of that beauty.

"Big long legs, I’m not your man. Why the h.e.l.l are you chasing after your grandpa like this?"

"Little brat, I dare you to turn around and fight me without using such shameless tactics…."

"I dare you to throw your guqin away, then your grandpa shall have a fight with you!"

"This was given to me by my esteemed shifu when I was young. Most of my skills are based around the zither, so why would I not use this?"

"Bullying others just because you’ve got a good treasure. How is that skill?"

"Haven’t you been using lots of treasures all this time? If you have more, go ahead and use them!"

"Sh*t, you still dare to chase after me? Do you want me to p.i.s.s all over your face?"

"Shameless little demon! I’ll kill you!"

After scaring Ye Gu’yin a bit with his "urine technique", Fang Xing turned and sat down with growing anxiety. He’d used every method he could think of—even to the point of taking off his pants—yet that Ye Gu’yin was like a vicious stray dog that wouldn’t scare off no matter what he did. He could neither defeat her nor escape, and it was giving him a headache.

Fang Xing also knew that if this were to continue, the one to end up at a disadvantage would be him. The golden crow was a living creature that would eventually grow tired, after all, and even though the crow had mastered the secret technique of the Peng Clan, he wouldn’t be as enduring as a flying spirit tool. The only choice now was to test his luck and go to the place the golden crow had spoken of.

"d.a.m.n crow, still not there yet?" Fang Xing kept his gaze forward and looked on into the distance.

"Almo— almost there…. d.a.m.n it… I’m almost done for…" the golden crow panted towards Fang Xing. He’d been flying so much that his lungs were on the verge of exploding.

Fang Xing maintained a cold expression. "Good. Once we’re there, you can go run for your life while I fight her with all I’ve got!" As he spoke, he clutched the Saber of Azure Dragon tight in his hand, filled with determination to fight. His temper also wasn’t good, and being chased by this woman for a full day and night had long ago left him with a belly full of fire.

After flying for another hour or so, the golden crow suddenly let out a low, exhausted growl. "Finally…. Finally made it…."

Filled with a sense of joy, Fang Xing hurriedly looked down and saw ruins scattered everywhere within the forest below. It seemed as though this had once been the location of a giant city that had fallen into disrepair in the distant past, becoming a bunch of broken walls in a deserted forest. Vines entangled the walls while wild bushes popped up here and there, providing the location with a somewhat chilling sensation. There even seemed to be all sorts of ghosts and souls loitering about.

"This is the place you said would give us the chance to turn defeat into victory?"

The golden crow replied with great effort, "That is correct. This is the old beast site within the Bohai Kingdom. The Bohai Kingdom was once filled with countless numbers of grand beasts who created a city here. They later moved to Northern Kuru, and the city was destroyed in the war. This place has been ruins for over three thousand years since, but there are some formations that are still intact. Whether they can be of use de

pends on you!"

Fang Xing coldly laughed. "If I can’t take advantage of this, then I deserve to die!"

With a cracking noise, the golden crow crushed the Nine-Turn Qi Replenishment Pellet in his mouth to instantly replenish a large amount of Qi all at once. "Whether you’ll succeed or not depends on this. Go and lure that harlot over…" he whispered to Fang Xing before increasing his speed towards the center of the ruined city.

Fang Xing stood up on the crow’s back, his hands moving to his waist in an indignant manner as he looked towards Ye Gu’yin atop her silver spindle. "d.a.m.n harlot, did I—your grandpa—bed you or peek on you in the bath? Why the f*ck are you still chasing me? Or is it because no one wants to share your bed?"

This infuriated Ye Gu’yin to the point she was seething with anger. She increased the speed of her silver spindle to give chase, determined to catch this little demon and skin him alive to vent her anger. Just as she was about to catch up to the stalling golden crow, however, the crow suddenly flew downwards into the site of the deserted ruins, leaving her a little surprised.

Ye Gu’yin wasn’t an idiot. After seeing this boy and crow skulking around in the ruins below, she naturally became suspicious.

"This harlot has a brain, huh…." Fang Xing’s mind began to turn again once he saw she had actually come to a stop. The schemes he and the golden crow had come up wouldn’t work if she had time to prepare, so—thinking quickly—he took an unorthodox approach and began to sing. "Big long legs~ Beautiful body with the anger of a ghost~ Catch and sell her to the brothel~ She’d earn money like running water~"

"Brat, I promise I will break every single one of your bones in order to vent my hatred of your disgraceful insults…." Ye Gu’yin had never been insulted by anyone like this before, and her face had turned blue with rage. She held up three golden talismans for protection before increasing the speed of her silver spindle and urging it to chase down into the ruins after the golden crow’s shadow.

Fang Xing might have held on to a belly full of fire throughout the journey, but how could that not be the same for her? In terms of anger alone, hers was perhaps even greater than Fang Xing’s. She’d wanted to skin the little demon for a long time now, and it was also because of this anger that she rushed headfirst into the ruin to catch him despite the potential risks.

After Ye Gu’yin entered the ruin, the golden crow seemed to have finally reached his limit and began to slow down, causing her to fill even more with pride as she ordered her silver spindle to catch up. When she saw Fang Xing fearfully turning to point to things as though trying to direct the golden crow towards escape, a cold smile appeared on the edges of her lips with clear murderous intent. "Today is the day you die, brat…."

Once the distance between the two had grown small enough for Fang Xing to be within reach of her attack, Ye Gu’yin brought out her guqin and placed it horizontally in front of her once more. She gave an elegant wave of her hand in preparation to play it, but the golden crow suddenly sped up and took a sharp turn past a broken wall. Ye Gu’yin was initially surprised and went to follow, but her face suddenly paled. She’d been too hasty in her chase to immediately notice the deep chasm below, which had been concealed amidst the broken walls and difficult to find.

Fang Xing was about thirty feet ahead of her when he and the crow made that sharp turn, and he immediately threw out a small flag after he did so. A large amount of force suddenly began to move, and the seemingly desolate and broken wall began to move to block Ye Gu’yin’s path forward.

Ye Gu’yin immediately commanded her silver spindle to stop and fly up towards the sky. Although she didn’t know what the little brat had done, she was incredibly unsettled and wasn’t willing to test it herself. It was also at this time that Fang Xing’s crude laughter could be heard a short distance behind the broken wall as he held out seven small purple flags in his hands.

"Quick, force her into the Yin Prison Abyss...." the golden crow’s weak voice rose up to remind Fang Xing.

"Don’t worry, she can’t escape," Fang Xing replied with a cold laugh while throwing out all seven of the purple flags one after another, each one serving as a pivot for seven different formations. In mere moments, strands of formation energy began to come together from all directions, forming into an all-encompa.s.sing net that fell downward to cover Ye Gu’yin and try to force her towards the chasm below.

Ye Gu’yin was incredibly surprised. "This little brat actually activated the city’s leftover formations?" She was very much aware of the chasm beneath her by now, a crack thirty feet wide that released soul-shudderingly cold air. This must have been the so-called "Yin Prison Abyss" the strange bird had spoken about, and it was clear from the name alone that it wasn’t a pleasant place. This little brat was clearly borrowing the remaining power of the formation to try to force her into it.

"You want to trap me, little brat? In your dreams!" Ye Gu’yin released a loud yell as the three golden talismans she’d taken out earlier began to fly up to fend off the giant formation’s power. However, despite the power contained in these three talismans, it still wasn’t enough to match the power of the formation within this beast city ruin. After a mere few breaths of protection, breaking noises began to ring out from the talismans as spider-web like cracks started to form.

"Fragmented Song of the Demonic Phoenix…."

Utilizing the precious moments the talismans were able to buy for her, Ye Gu’yin hastily brought her guqin in front of her and used all ten of her slender fingers to urgently play the strings. As the mournful melody rose up with hallowed solemnity, a countless number of strange forces were released from the instrument like a hurricane.

Pah pah pah….

The three talismans shattered and the formation’s power—no longer held back—fell over Ye Gu’yin. It was also at this moment that Ye Gu’yin’s song was completed, and the power from the guqin transformed into the shape of a fiery red phoenix that released a long, mournful cry.

The phoenix flew straight up towards the sky with more power than could be imagined. The formation had enough power to cover the heavens and earth, but it seemed incapable of preventing the phoenix’s ascent—there were even signs of the formation beginning to break.

Pu pu pu pu

A string of dull sounds rang out. Confronted with the guqin’s power, the formation Fang Xing had controlled with his purple flags seemed incapable of withstanding it any longer and began to break down. Each flag was equivalent to one strand of the net; if they were all destroyed—or if even all but two were destroyed—Ye Gu’yin would be able to break free from the formation without anything to stop her. It seemed the borrowed formation had been activated too hastily and wouldn’t be able to restrain her after all.

Fang Xing’s gaze immediately grew cold and serious. The golden crow had already reached his absolute limit and wasn’t able to carry him any longer; if Ye Gu’yin broke free, Fang Xing would be left with no other outcome but death.

"Motherf*cker, stupid bi*ch, you really think your little grandpa’s easy to bully?" Fang Xing grew fierce and threw a Blood Lotus seed into his mouth, viciousness filling his gaze as he dashed towards Ye Gu’yin. "Stupid bi*ch, let your little grandpa guide you around down there…." Amidst his yells, Fang Xing flew right into the formation in a single bound and grabbed Ye Gu’yin—who’d been focusing completely on trying to fend off the formation with her guqin—against his chest.

Ye Gu’yin had been hard at work trying to break free from the formation, and she hadn’t expected Fang Xing to actively throw himself inside to confront her directly. That moment of carelessness allowed Fang Xing to coil around her like a monkey, ruining her concentration and causing errors in the song.


Once the music became disordered, the phoenix shattered as a result and the formation once again began to drop. Fang Xing and Ye Gu’yin both let out a loud cry as they fell right down into the Yin Prison Abyss below.

The golden crow was dumbstruck at this and yelled out in panic, "This kid… what the h.e.l.l are you doing! The Yin Prison Abyss is easy to enter, difficult to leave…."

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