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Stepping outside of Elegancy, the dark blue sky greets Yue Ling and Lu Tian into the night. However, unlike the other nights, tonight's sky was clear with a small wind. It was perfect and comfortable.

Lu Tian held his wife's hand and walk towards the car. After he put the necklace on her, she did not say anything in response. Although she didn't, he knew the answer from the look in her eyes. It was enough for him.

Feeling like he had achieved the first step into his plan, he smiles happily inside. Taking the keys to his car from the valet worker, he helps Yue Ling into the car then himself.

Their dinner at Elegancy was just a small part of the plan. Even he isn't sure how tonight's big plan will go.....

Now sitting in the pa.s.senger seat again, Yue Ling stare out the window. However, it wasn't the outside view that she was looking at. In fact, she was lost in her own thoughts about what happened.

Her head tilt and she rest against the seat. Subconsciously, she raised her right hand and touch the tiny pendant on the necklace. Never did she think this necklace would return to her. When she helped Lu Tian pick it out, she had thought it was really for his cousin. At the time, she did felt reluctant to let it fall into someone else's hand, but she held herself back.

As she drift into thoughts, Lu Tian stretch his to her and pat her on the head. He quickly glance at her and smile a small smile.

"Sleep. I know you're tired, I'll wake you up when we are there."

Yue Ling did not answer but turn her head to look at the handsome man sitting next to her and she sigh a smile. She was indeed tired from the day. Not only that, there was so much to do in the morning.

Without realizing, she stares at Lu Tian's figure from the side and slowly lost to slumber. A faint smile rouse on her lip, she thought Lu Tian looked very charming despite his cold appearance.

While the couple drove through the streets of Imperial, a certain someone was still on his a.s.signed mission. A figure clothed in raggedy clothes sat outside the gate of Imperial Military Hospital. No one can see if it was a man or woman because of the hood covering this person's face.

"What are you doing there? Get away."

A voice shouts out as a Guard soldier approach the homeless person. He looks at the homeless man and point his rifle to the person with no intentions of shooting at all.

"This is no place for someone like you to sleep." He frown at the homeless person, then gesture with his head to a direction, "There is a shelter a few meters down, go there to find warmth for the night."

The soldier looks at the homeless person again, however, there was no reply. He shook his head and turn to go back inside the gate.

"When I come back out, don't let me see you still here. You will only scare the patients and workers."

Finishing his words, the soldier walks back towards the hospital. It wasn't that he is a mean person, if he was, he would have been more aggressive to the homeless person. However, training under General Ji, he was trained to be a better person. That is why he told the homeless person about the shelter a few meters down from the hospital.

Silence return to the homeless person. Until the solder was no longer in sight and footsteps could not be heard, the homeless person finally move.

The head of the homeless person tilt upwards. The hood did not fall back as night shadow this person's face to reveal a smooth and clean lower face of a man.

The homeless man turn his head in the direction the soldier had went then he stretch his legs and stood up. In silence of the night, he walks in the direction the soldier had pointed. However, when he walked 13 meters from the hospital, he turned to the corner and walk up a hill.

Stopping in front of a motorcycle, the homeless man sighed and pulls his hood back, revealing the face of a young and handsome man. He scratch his head messing up his hair and sighed.

"My boss should really give me a pay raise for my job."

He glance down at the raggedy clothes he is wearing and couldn't help but sigh again.

"Why wasn't Liu Shan a.s.signed this job...."

Lin Hui turn to look at the hospital and he frown remembering what the soldier said. Lifting both hands, he touch his smooth face and pout his lip, "I'm this handsome and that soldier dare to call me scary." He snort in ignorance, "Just wait and see."

He humf and covers his head with the hood again and sat down in front of his motorcycle. Doing so, he takes out his phone and stares at the screen. If it wasn't for his a.s.signment to monitor Imperial Military Hospital, he would never have disguised himself as a homeless man.

Of course, he had forgotten about his past when he went in disguise as many characters.

Just then, something caught his attention on his phone. The corners of his mouth arc upwards and he grin evilly. Out of nowhere, he takes out a tablet and press a b.u.t.ton on the screen.

"Heh Heh, this will give the old fart a fright."

Inside Imperial Military Hospital, the late night shift nurses monitor each floor as they keep a close eye on their patients. Although there wasn't many patients, they knew that these people were not ordinary. One mistake and it can cause them their career.

The nurse attending to grandmother Nuo finish changing the IV and sigh at the old lady. Her heart really ached for the grandmother. Bending over, she fixes the blanket to keep grandmother Nuo warm. She then leaves the room and proceed to check on her next patient as she closes the door.

In minutes of the nurses departure, the door that was just closed suddenly push open. It was slow and not loud to cause distraction. A figure peeks inside and quietly enters. No lights were turned on or sound could be heard.

Doctor Xie quietly makes his way to the hospital bed and stops at the bedside. He looks at the newly placed IV bag and he smirk. Reaching into the pocket of his white doctor coat, he takes out a needle.

Before proceeding with his evil intentions, he glance at the old lady and seeing that she is still unconscious, he injects the sharp point of the needle into the IV drip.



In that moment, Doctor Xie's body froze and all the hair on his body stood straight. The ghostly sound stopped him from injecting the needle into the IV. He looks around the room and due to no light, he could barely make out what everything is. His eyes squint to adjust his vision and he scans the room again.

However, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He laughed inside for thinking foolishly. Everything was just his imagination. If not then the wind from outside only.

Quickly shaking the thought away, he continues with what he was doing. He needed to do it fast or else a nurse might enter the room in any moment. He takes a deep breath and place the tip on the Iv.


This time, the ghostly sound was loud and more clearer. Doctor Xie's entire body froze more and he could not move. The darkness of the hospital room made everything look even more horrifying. Never in his years working as a doctor has he been this terrified. Let alone hear something like his. He knows that all hospitals are haunted with the deceased, but....

As he though of this, the lights in the room start to flicker uncontrollably. His body stiffen and he could feel all the hair on his body run away like crazy.

He jumps and takes a step back not realizing that he had dropped the needle in his hand. His eyes widen in red as he trembling looks around the room.

"W-wh...who is it?"

His words tremble in stutter in fear. He looks in every direction of the room, until.....


In one corner of the room, a dark figure appears from within the wall. His head slowly turn to the figure and his soul left his body.

It had pale skin as white as a blank sheet of paper. So pale it was almost transparent. It was dressed in an old hospital gown and it's head tilt to one side as it's long dark hair that touch the floor cover it's face.

Doctor Xie gulped with great difficulty and he points at it with fear written all over his face.

"W-Who are you? W-w-w-why are y-y-you h-h-here?"

The figure did not move, but stood in silence making Doctor Xie even more terrified. He quickly steady himself and lift his chin.

"I asked you, w-who—-"


Before he could finish his words, the figure suddenly flies towards him and it's hair pulls back revealing a horrific disoriented face. Fingers with sharp yellow nails cover in blood stretch out to grab him.


Doctor Xie screamed at the top of his lungs and runs out of the room. His foot hit the chairs and his figure slammed into the wall but all he cares about right now was getting the h.e.l.l out of the room.


The door was shut and silence return to the room of grandmother Nuo. The ghostly figure also no longer moved as it flickers and slowly disappears.

Outside of the room, Doctor Xie ran as if his life depended on it. He wasn't thinking straight and crash into a person. Due to the impact, Doctor Xie fell to the ground while the other person used the wall to steady.

"Doctor Xie, what in the world is wrong with you?"

Doctor Dong frown and steady himself. He looks at Doctor Xie and he was loss for all words. The man looked like a mess, it was as if he had seen a ghost!

Doctor Xie jumped due to his fear, but he quickly gather himself together. He stood up and shook his head as he tries to hide the expression on his face.

"N-n-nothing. It's nothing..."

Not waiting for the head doctor to say anything, he continues in the direction of his office. He needed to go somewhere he know is safe and calm his head.

Doctor Dong glance at Doctor Xie's retorting figure. He did not say anything and continues in the opposite direction.


While Doctor Xie was shivering in fear, outside of the hospital, a faint, yet loud laughter could be heard echoing in the night sky.

Lin Hui held onto his phone and tablet. He laughed so hard, he was on the verge of crying. Setting his phone down, he held his stomach and wipe a tear from the corner of his eye.

"Hmmf! Serves you right, you old evildoer!"

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