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The sweet aroma of delicious food fill the entire restaurant, making Elegancy smell like food heaven. The young waiter returned with two more waiters and each person fill the table with dishes.

Yue Ling sat quietly in her chair and eye the food as she could feel her own saliva wanting to drool down from the corner of her mouth. Sitting across from her, Lu Tian held in the urge to laugh, let alone even smile. His wife looked so adorable at this moment.

He patiently waited until the waiters finish setting the table and leave. When they did, he smiles to her, "Eat as much as you want."

Hearing this, Yue Ling did not hesitate at all and picks up her chopsticks. She started eating away without caring about her image. To her, eating is eating, who needs to looks nice. If a man really loves a woman, he should not hold her back from eating.

As she dig into the food, Lu Tian slightly shook his head and pick his chopsticks up. Doing so, before he place the food on his plate, he made sure to put some on her plate. Until the food stack up into a mountain did he finally stop.

While the couple enjoyed their delicious dinner, they did not see that towards the back of the restaurant where the kitchen is, the heads of three people continue to poke out and look at the scene.

One was the young waiter, and the other two was a middle aged man and his wife. They were the managers of the restaurant.

The young waiter sighed and he leaned against the wall, "Who would have thought that the beauty is swooped away by the devil...."

The middle aged woman frown at his words and hit his head, "What are you talking about? What devil? They are a pair match made in heaven."


The young waiter was struck dumbfounded. He rub the side of his head where the woman hit and pout his lip.

"Everyone knows that Lu Tian is the devil. How can our beauty withstand his wrath? She is delicate like a flower, what if he breaks her heart..."

The middle age woman snort and place one hand on her hip, while her other hand point to the boy, "Yay, stop sprouting nonsense. They are perfect for each other—" suddenly, her eyes lit up and she smiles widely, "I must inform Madam Lu! This is the greatest news of all time!"

Ignoring her husband and the young waiter, she quickly runs away towards the kitchen to get her phone. The middle age man looks at his disappearing wife and he sighed as he shook his head.

His wife was always a gossiper, especially when it's for Madam Lu. He glance at the only customers in the restaurant then to the young waiter.

"Make sure you serve them properly."


Entering the office, the wife quickly grabs her phone. She then goes back out and head towards Lu Tian and Yue Ling. Crouching behind a tall plant, she sneakily snaps a photo and giggles as she tip toes back to her husband.

"Old woman, do you have to do that?"

Hearing her husband's words, the woman's smile froze and she frowns at her husband. She looks at the photo in her phone, then she thought for a minute. In the picture she took, others may see it as a normal dinner between a couple, but she has seen Lu Tian grow from a young boy to a young man. Never in her entire life has she seen this side of the boy before.

Thinking thoroughly, the woman looks up at her husband, "Madam Lu will be very thankful for this picture."

Walking away, she types a message under the photo and giggle with mumbling words.

"This is the greatest news of all time!!"

However, staring at the picture, she sighed.

"How nice would it be if my daughter-in-law was one of Asia's most prettiest woman..."

The middle aged man stare at his wife with heavy eyes. He also wish to have a daughter-in-law like Yue Ling, but... unfortunately, they only have one daughter. Shaking his head, he goes back to the kitchen to help the chef prepare.

Oblivious to the scene in the back, Yue Ling and Lu Tian continue to eat their food. Until she was very full, Yue Ling gently place her chopstick down and wipe her mouth with the napkin. She smiles at Lu Tian with satisfaction.

"Thank you, the meal was very delicious." She looks at the all the decoration full of roses and candles, then lowers her voice, "Next time, lets come when there isn't a special occasion."


Lu Tian set his chopsticks down and when he heard her words, he swore he almost fell out his chair. However, he greatly maintained his posture.

Sighing inside, he looks silently at his wife.

Not noticing the gaze, Yue Ling glance at the decoration again and sighed.

"Such a man to go through all of this, I wonder where is the couple?"

"It's us."

Yue Ling's eyes widen and she quickly looks at Lu Tian with a hand covering her mouth, "Us? You mean because we're here the couple did not show up?"


Staring at his wife like she was idiot, Lu Tian sighed inside. Sometimes, his wife is smart, but why is it that the her at this moment is so slow.... He sighed again and gesture with his hand to signal the waiters to come clean the table.

"I prepared all of this for you. The roses and candles, I planned it all."


Yue Ling's eyes widen in shock and surprise mixed together. Even she was struck speechless and couldn't make a sound hearing Lu Tian's words. Unlike her, Lu Tian calmly reach for the napkin and clean his hand with it. He didn't have to look at his wife because he already knew what kind of expression she had on and it made him feel satisfy.

The waiters came back to their table and started cleaning. The young waiter steals a glance at Lu Tian and waited for a signal and just at the same time, Lu Tian nod his head. Seeing this, he quickly removes the dishes and heads toward the kitchen again with the other two waiters.

Seeing the small glance, Yue Ling narrow her eyes in suspicion and leans in towards Lu Tian, "Why did you plan all this?"

She looks around again and frown, "It's not even my birthday or a special occa.s.sion..."

Lu Tian shrug his shoulder at her words, "I don't need any kind of occasion to prepare dinners like this for you."

Looking at him, Yue Ling scoff a chuckle. She rest her chin on her palm and smiles to him, "I never knew you were such a romantic man."

"For you, I can be anything."


Lu Tian spoke his words with a stern expression making Yue Ling loss for words again. She stare at the straight face man and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. How can this man say something so sweet with such a cold expression...

Staring at him, she thought about the decoration. The red roses and candles inside the restaurant to the fact that it was only the two of them. She turn her head away from him and looks to each bundle of roses.

"Tian, this.... I mean—"

"Mr. Lu."

Before she could finish her words, the young waiter interrupted her as he walks up to their table. He stops by Lu Tian's side and set a nicely wrapped nod on the table. He slightly bow and walks away.

Now looking back at the cold man, Yue Ling furrow her brows slightly. She examined the box and tilt her head curiously.

"What is that?"

Seeing the expression on her face, Lu Tian faintly smile. He scoot the chair back and stood up. Walking over to her, he knelt down beside her and place the gift in front of her.

"This is a gift for you. I want to congratulate you before anyone else."


Not know what to say or do, Yue Ling looks at Lu Tian then to the gift in front of her. She knows that the man would not leave unless she opens it, so doing as he wish, she touch the gift.

"Congratulate? What is inside?"

Lu Tian chuckle and shook his head, "You won't know if you don't open it."


Yue Ling pout her lip and understanding that he won't tell her, she decides to open it. She undid the ribbon, then unwraps the gift.

Until the wrapper was fully unwrapped, she sees a black suede box in the shape of a square. The s.p.a.ce between her brow crease into three lines and she slowly opens the box.

Seeing the inside, her eyes waiver and she froze in place. She quickly looks at Lu Tian and then to the gift inside.

"D-Didn't.... This... how?"

Everything inside her head was in a chaotic mess. She continuously looks at Lu Tian then to the gift. Her expression held confusion and shock mix with surprise.

Lu Tian smiles at her and he finally stood up. He takes the gift from her and set it down on the table. Doing so, he removes the item inside the gift revealing a thin chain with a small diamond pendant. He walks behind his wife and his arms move over her and back behind her. As he puts the item on her, he spoke his words.

"I know you might get mad when you hear what I have to say, but I did a little research. I know who you are and I want you to know that I will stand on your side." His fingers work their magic behind her neck, "Balance, is my congratulation gift to you in your success."

He finishes putting the necklace on his wife and he takes a step back to her side. He knelt down beside her again and takes her hand into his. His dark pupils met her greenish blue eyes and he faintly smile.

"You are the balance of my life and heart."

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