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Amongst the crowded streets of Imperial, Lu Tian's car parked at a red light. From the time he picked up Yue Ling from De L'amour, he had not look her way once. His eyes remained glued to the road ahead.

Sitting in the pa.s.senger seat, Yue Ling was not shy at all and continue to stare seriously at the man. She also sighed loudly every so often to make sure he heard her too. However, no matter how many times she sighed, he did not show any change of expression.

Seeing this, she sighed for the last time and looks away. When she first got inside the car, she was going to explain who Lin Hui was, but seeing how Lu Tian wanted to be childish, she decided to play along until he asks.

Turning to look out the window, she looks to the buildings and stores.

In the driver seat, Lu Tian pout his lower lip. His stern expression changed into a sad little puppy when he notice that his wife stopped looking at him. He likes it when she pays a lot of attention to him, why did she look away?

However.... the red light soon turned green. He press on the accelerator and drives away. Yet, his mind still thinking whether he should give in.

Never in his entire life has he give way to someone, but she is his wife.

He quietly sighed to steady himself. His father once said that a man should act first, even if he is in the wrong.

Steering the wheel with one hand, Lu Tian reach his other hand towards his wife and held her hand.

"I'm sorry I overreacted."


Yue Ling was dumbfounded. She slowly turn her head to look at him and her expression was as if saying, 'you think!'

However, she sighed and adjust her body to turn to him. Her expression turn serious as she spoke her words.

"Tian, let me be clear with you, AGAIN. Stop drinking vinegar. You are the only person, I, Han Yue Ling loves. There are no other romantic feelings inside of me left for another man. Okay?"

Feeling his ears burn red listening to her, Lu Tian couldn't help but gulp at her words. He swore, her words are always comforting and like an antidote to cure him. Not only that, he enjoys hearing her say she loves him and no one else.

Seeing how the dark clouds around him turn into the bright sun, Yue Ling scoff a sarcastic laugh. She really did not know whether to laugh or cry at this full grown adult man.

Shaking her head at him, she place her other hand on top of his.

"Lin Hui is like a younger brother to me. If I have to say Liu Shan is my a.s.sistant inside of work, then Lin Hui is like my a.s.sistant outside of work."

Hearing her words, Lu Tian felt like an idiot for eating vinegar over some a.s.sistant-like kid. He should really ask before thinking outside of the box. However, what can he do, all the men around his wife are good looking men. Not only does she attract bees, she even attracts b.u.t.terflies.

Oblivious to what Lu Tian is thinking, Yue Ling looks out to the surrounding area, she tilt her head.

"Tian, where are we going? Jade Condos is back that way."

Her sudden question brought Lu Tian back from his thoughts. He glance to the buildings around them, then he brought her hand close to him. Leaning to towards her a little, he kiss the back of her ring finger.


Yue Ling looks at him and her eyes narrows. Dinner? But she wants to go home and sleep... it's not that she didn't want to have dinner with him, she needed to rest for tomorrow...

She glance at him and seeing the glint of happiness in his eyes, she decides to not say anything. Maybe dinner won't be so bad.

As they arrive at the restaurant, Lu Tian parks the car in the valet parking. He steps out and then open the pa.s.senger door to help his wife. After handing the keys to the valet worker, both individuals walk towards the restaurant.


Yue Ling furrow her brows at the restaurant building. It was very nice structure with many clear windows. She has seen this restaurant in the media when she was a model at CNJ Entertainment. The models there often spoke of this restaurant saying that it was one of few places in Imperial that was hard to get reservations.

Lost in her thoughts, when they enter the gla.s.s double door, she was even more stunned.

Roses.... Red roses were placed everywhere. On top of all the tables and even the floor was filled with rose petals. And lit candles....

She looks at Lu Tian and then back to the scene in front of her. Her eyes blinked to make sure she wasn't seeing things. However, no matter how many time she squeezed her eyes shut and open them, everything was still the same.

"Tian, I think we—"

"Good evening, Mr. Lu."

Before she could finish her words, a young waiter interrupts her and greeted Lu Tian. He looks at Yue Ling and politely nod his head.

"Good evening, Miss."

Loss for all the words that she wanted to say, Yue Ling could only nod her head like a robot.

Lu Tian was not bother by her reaction at all. Instead, he was more satisfy with it. Taking her hand, he led her to an empty table that was in the center of the restaurant. He helps her with the chair, then looks to the young waiter.

"Please bring the dishes."

"Right away."

The young waiter held good manners, but when he glance at Yue Ling, his cheeks flushed even more red. He quickly turns around and walks towards the kitchen to prepare the food.

Seeing this, Lu Tian frown with pouting lips. He could not believe that even young men half his age would have a crush on her too.

Glancing at his wife who is oblivious to everything, he quietly sigh and takes his seat across from her. He needs to be patient, just a little bit more.

Exactly as Lu Tian said, Yue Ling was oblivious to what happened and did not notice the blushing waiter. Her attention was fully on her curiosity about the red roses and lit candles. She leans in and whispers to Lu Tian.

"Tian, I think we chose the wrong time to be here. What if the person who prepared all of this appears? Wouldn't that make us bad people, who ruined someone's romantic candle lit dinner?"


Lu Tian's eyelids turned heavy and he stare at his wife dumbfounded. Person? What person? That person is none other than him! He prepared all this!

He sighed again and decides to look around. However, when he actually fully looked at the decorations, his eye lids turned even more heavy.

Maybe he did over do it with the red roses and candles....

He leans back on his chair and pinch the s.p.a.ce between his brows. How he regrets ever asking Zi Yifan and Ye Zhongwei on ideas. He should have known better since neither men has a woman of interest.

Seeing Lu Tian's posture, Yue Ling's expression turned worry. She mistook it as him ma.s.saging his head. It was like he was having a migraine at this moment.

"Tian, are you not feeling well?"

Lu Tian did not answer but shook his head. He couldn't help but continue to curse his two friends in his head.

Seeing his head shaking, Yue Ling was even more worried. She scoot her seat back and stood up. Walking over to him, she move his hand and touch his forehead with her hand.

"Hmm.... your temperature feels normal."


She pout her lip then looks down at Lu Tian. Their eyes met and she froze in place. Did she over think that he was having a migraine?

Lu Tian's lip curl upwards and he chuckle. He gently grab her hand and scoot his chair back.

"I'm alright. I was just thinking of something."

He stood from his chair and walks her back to her chair. Helping her sit down, he returns to his chair.

"The dishes will be here."

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