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"20 minutes? What do you mean you only want to perform for 20 minutes? If you choose the 45-minute schedule I'm sure the audience will love it." He said a little worried.

"No, for now I don't think it's necessary. How much will you pay me for those 20 minutes?" She asked.

When Jeff heard that, he started to think. If he were a normal singer, he would pay only $ 10 to $ 20, but he knew that if he paid her only that, the girl might feel dissatisfied. Not to mention that if she plays this song again, people will get excited and the amount of beer they will drink will increase a lot.

"Since you don't have a name yet, and you only want to sing 20 minutes, I can pay you $ 50. That's fair value for both of us, depending on public reaction today, we may be able to renegotiate this for the next few times." Jeff said as he stared at her to see the reaction she would show.

Probe hearing this felt satisfied. She knew that even though she had skill, the best she could do for this first performance was to cheer up the audience who would already be at the bar, with no name to back her up, no one would come just to see her. It reminded her of the shows she played while still the G.o.ddess of Music. If she announced that she would be giving a presentation even on an uninhabited planet, in a matter of hours the planet would be full of people wanting to have a chance to hear her play.

As Jeff stared at her worried about her refusal, Sona answered. "Alright, I'll let you pick the time you'll feel most appropriate. I'll come at night."

Hearing the good news, Jeff grinned and quickly nodded as he considered the best time to put it on.

If she were the first to sing, viewers would find the next bands very boring. He would have to choose a good time to put it.

Sona after receiving Jeff's contact on the phone left. Anyone pa.s.sing on the street would be delighted to see the beautiful blue-haired girl carrying a strange box on her back with a small smile on her face.

Sona was feeling like she hadn't felt for thousands of years. Having to play Etwahl for people who didn't know her, wait to see their surprise reaction, see if everyone would like her music. This kind of thing made her heart race in excitement.

When she got home, Madison was talking to someone on the phone. Sona didn't want to disturb, so she came in with as little noise as possible. As she approached, the conversation Madison was having confused her.

"You can't do this to us, I'm your son's wife!" She said almost screaming with red and teary eyes.

5 minutes earlier, Madison was excited to see her daughter's video comments. 'Can Angela be happy again with this?' She thought happily as she remembered the difference in her countenance her daughter was showing. Just today she felt that Angela was healthier, her face that had always been pale this morning was a little pinker, it had been a long time since she had seen Angela in this state.

Suddenly, to Madison's surprise, her cell phone started ringing. But the number calling her hadn't contacted her in a long time.

[Janet Tudor is calling you.]

When Madison saw who it was, her heart stopped for a split second and a bad feeling came to her.

"h.e.l.lo." Madison said in a slightly nervous voice.

"Hi Madison, how are you?" The woman on the other end said in a neutral voice.

"I'm going, I had to take another job to pay the bills." Madison said in a slightly sad voice.

"Too bad, but Oliver and I are also in financial trouble and we need that money you borrowed from us." Janet said in a cold tone.

Madison knew she didn't need that money. Ever since Madison married her husband, Janet, his mother, thought Madison had stolen her son.

"Janet, you know I can't afford it now. Give me one more time, I'm still pregnant." Madison said.

"I don't care, find a way to pay me, I don't care which method you're going to use." Janet said with a cold tone.

"You can't do this to us, I'm your son's wife! If I make a loan to pay you back, I won't be able to pay the bills and I'll be evicted from home with Angela and my upcoming son. " Madison said, almost shouting with red, teary eyes.

Sona entered the room and when she saw her mother in that state, she felt the anger grow internally. Anyone who dared to do that to her mother would pay dearly.

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