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Chapter 13 Provocation of a little boy

He was standing next to Haiye, and he heard the arrogant words of Chiba. He couldn’t help but look awkward on his face. He didn’t think that Chiba was so Dominating. On the first day of school, he uttered madness and did not put others in his eyes.

To know, in the sixth cla.s.s, Chiba is the youngest, the height is also the shortest, saying such words, can not help but be abrupt, so that other students are very accurate.

“Well, Chiba, you go down first.” Haiye Da said, he want to slightly relieved this atmosphere.

The self-introduction is still going on, but the students introduced later said that they want to beat Chiba. If there is a chance, they will teach Chiba.

As a result, Chiba became the enemy of most students.

For the reaction of these little children, Chiba is not concerned at all, he did not put them in the heart.

With his strength, it is very easy to crush these little children. If these little children are not good with him, he does not mind teaching them to be a good person.

After the introduction, it is the beginning of cla.s.s, and I will tell you some basic knowledge about ninja.

For this boring course, Chiba really didn’t have any interest, and he was so sleepy that he couldn’t stand it and simply slept on the table.

Anyway, these basic knowledge can be understood even with half of the ears, and can be easily grasped with the power of Chiba.

On the first day of cla.s.s, Chiba was very tormented and finally got out of school. He almost wanted to escape from Ninja School.

However, he had just left the cla.s.sroom and walked to the square outside, and was stopped by students in several cla.s.ses.

Obviously, they are looking at Chiba’s unhappy, want to give him a little beating.

Seeing these little boy dare to stop myself, Chiba could not help but sneer.

“Why, you are itchy, so you can’t hold it, you want me to teach you to be a man?” Chiba had no fear at all, and several children in front of him looked disdainfully.

In the Ninja School, a certain degree of comparison is allowed, and as long as it is not too much, it can be tolerated and even encouraged.

After all, the Ninja School wants to cultivate talents. It can’t be just a theory. It needs everyone to practice, and it is a kind of practice to learn from each other.

“Chiba, you are too arrogant, don’t think that your father and your brother are powerful, you are a peerless genius, I want you to know today that you are nothing.”

“Since you don’t believe it, you can give it a try, I will satisfy you.” Chiba said, there is no pressure.

“Then I will see what you can bear.” I don’t know if the fire is looking at Chiba is not good, and it is still a child, subject to language provocation.

He did not hesitate, rushed forward, waved his fist, and slammed the past toward the latter.

Chiba did not retreat, but rushed forward and approached the fire.

The speed of Chiba is much faster than that of the little guy. Before his opponent’s fist hit him, his right foot has already smashed out and landed on the other’s abdomen.


Uchiha sato was thrown to the abdomen by a kick. It was like a broken kite. He was flew out and fell a few meters away. It made a scream and could not stand up.

“Rookie, this is the gap between you and me, you are not worthy of my opponent.” Chiba looked down a few meters apart.

After all, the other party is only a child of a few years old, and the strength is not so good. It is very painful to be attacked like this.

When they saw Chiba has defeated the uchiha sato, and a few children standing next to him saw this situation and could not help but be surprised.

They originally thought that Chiba would be a mouth-gun, and the strength was not strong at all, but did not think that the strength of Chiba was very strong.

“Who else is not convinced? If you are not convinced, you can come and fight with me.” A few children next to Chiba retreated backward.

“I will try to compare with you and see what else you can do.” The former Hyuga Yaohui, who had been optimistic, Came forward from the distance, stood in front of Chiba and said provocatively.

Yaohui wears white and clothes, although he is not old, but he is not short, and he is tall among his peers. His looks are also handsome, and his face is proud.

Yaohui is the genius of the Hyuga Clan. He is the first person in the sixth cla.s.s, but he did not expect that the first day of cla.s.s, he met the Chiba, and he said in front of all the students, saying that everyone else is It is a rookie, not his opponent.

Yao Hui has his own arrogance, being looked down by others, his heart is naturally unhappy, and he wants to teach Chiba.

“The genius of the Hyuga Clan, it is still not enough to fight with me, or it is not so interesting.” Chiba looked at Yaohui at a glance, murmured.

“You are just a little devil, don’t be so arrogant.” Yaohui screamed coldly.

“I am arrogant that it is mine matter. If you are upset, then come and defeat me. The key is that you have this ability.” Chiba’s mouth is slightly tilted, and he disdainfully said that he did not put him in his eyes.

Yaohui couldn’t stand Chiba, screamed and acted immediately, rushing toward the latter.

In the day, Yaohui is a young genius. Although he hasn’t opened his eyes yet, his body skills are good. With some combat experience, he can beat Chiba.

After all, children under normal circ.u.mstances will not be strong when they enter the Ninja School.

However, this is a normal child. Chiba is not a normal child. Therefore, looking at him like Yaohui is destined to be unlucky.

Seeing that Yaohui is rushing and preparing to perform a physical attack, Chiba does not intend to give him such an opportunity to the other party, which is too time-consuming.

He didn’t have the mood to play with this little kid, it was very boring.

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