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Pirate in Naruto world ch 25 Chapter 25 Task

Ten minutes later, Chiba, Kakashi, Uchiha Mina and other two members of ANBU team stands in Hokage’s office.

3rd Hokage sitting on the desk behind the desk, put down the information in the hands, looked up at the five ANBU members.

“This task didn’t have to be handed over to you for execution, but the situation between the big powers has become tense recently. The ninjas in the village are going to perform other tasks. So, you have to perform this task” Saratobi said openly.

“Hokage sama, what tasks is there, let us know, with our strength, we can certainly complete successfully.” Sora said, have a lot of confidence in themselves.

“Recently, on the border of the country of fire, there has been lots of attacks by rogue ninja, always invading the residents of the border. I want you to go and finish these rouge’s” The task is simple to say.

“Now the situation in various countries is relatively tense. I suspect that these rouge’s on the border are supported by other countries. Therefore, when you perform the task, you don’t have to be merciful, use your strength to shock the other side.”.

Konaha Village is now strong and is not afraid of other ninja villages. If other ninja villages want to set off wars, Konaha Village is equally willing to fight.

“Hokage sama rest a.s.sured that we must sweep away these Thugs on the border.” Sora said.

After confessing the mission, Saratobi let the ANBU members leave.

Sora is now eager to make a difference and has also been appointed as the captain of the five-person team. Self-confidence is more inflated. He doesn't want to delay the time. Let others go back and prepare, and immediately move to the border of country of fire. He want to rushed and planned to complete the mission in the shortest possible time to prove their strength.

In the view of the Sora, as long as it can complete this task well, it will certainly be reusable in the future, and it will be inevitable.

After two days of rushing, Chiba and five people rushed to the border of the country of the country of fire.

After they rushed to the border, they did not rashly act, and they were not eager to immediately trace the thugs. Instead, they obtained more useful information from the local villagers.

According to the information provided by the villagers, this rogue has been in existence for half a month. Burning house and looting the villagers on the border, so that the villagers on the border were simply suffered huge losses.

After hearing the villagers’ explanations, Uchiha Mina was very angry and filled with anger, and wanted to annihilate the rogue immediately, avenge the dead villagers and vent their anger.

From the information provided by the villagers, this rogue is now ten miles away from the attacked village, occupying a mountain and intending to stay there for a long time.

The mountain where the rogue is standing is not in the border of the country of fire and falls within the Hidden Stone village area. It may be intentional.

“We are going to annihilate those thugs right now.” Nellie also had a b.l.o.o.d.y experience that could not be tolerated.

“We still don’t know how the strength of this rogue is now, but it is not a good plan, and these rogues are now kings and have a geographical advantage. We still plan better.” Kakashi calmly The a.n.a.lysis is not equally rash, facing unnecessary losses.

“Are you afraid of this? Don’t dare to deal with these rouges!” said by Sora, saying that there was a hint of playfulness, and he was a little bit unaware of Kakashi.

For Kakashi and Chiba, there is no good feeling in Sora. As long as there is a chance, he will definitely target and ridicule.

The thing that was defeated by Chiba, Sora always put in his heart, never forget, even want to find an opportunity to retaliate.

“Sora, how can you say this, Kakashi said that he is also thinking carefully, for everyone’s sake, not letting everyone fall into danger, we are here to perform the task, not to kill.” Uchiho Mina said. I don’t want to see everyone making troubles because of this kind of thing.

If everyone is in conflict now and they are not at peace with each other, when they are dealing with rouge, they will not be able to work together. There will be big problems and even death.

“I want to finish the task quickly. Although Hokage sama did not give us time limit for the task, but if it is delayed for a long time, he will certainly be unhappy.” Sora said, looking for a good reason for himself. And it is very convincing.

“Since you are so anxious to kill the rogue, then act now.” Chiba, who had never spoken, finally spoke.

His expression was calm, and there was no tension. It was as if Sky collapsed in front of him, and there would be no fear of it. It was not a look that a child should have.

“Even your brother agrees to act, Kakashi, you will not have any opinions.” Nellie said, his face flashed with a disdainful look.

“Then act.” Kakashi no longer argues and agrees to act now.

Based on the strength of him and Chiba, even if he encounters a problem, they can run. After all, he is already top cla.s.s genin.

On the contrary, Nellie is among the five people, and the strength is the worst one. if it really have an accident. The most unfortunate will be him.

Full team did not delay the time, immediately acted and rushed to the camp where the rogue was stationed.

Half an hour later, they appeared at the foot of the rogue camp, stopped a little, adjusted their state, and prepared to wait for an attack.

“This time the characters that are annihilated are rouge ninja, so they don’t need to be merciful to them. When we launch an attack, you can kill them directly. Can you understand?” Sora said.

“We know what to do, you don’t need to command.” Chiba standing on the trunk, not salty and not light, said that he would not easily follow the command of the Sora.

In his view, Sora is just an eager to make meritorious deeds. If you let him be commander, I am afraid that there will be problems, and there will be a lot of troubles.

Moreover, whether Chiba mentality or strength, it must be above Sora, and will follow the instructions of others. That is a strange thing.

“I am the captain. You don’t listen to my command. What do you mean by this?” Sora glanced at Chiba, and said coldly.

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