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pirate in naruto world ch 18 Chapter 18 Terrible talent

They were astonished to see the strength displayed by Chiba, and they were surprised to see that the latter had this level at this age. It was a terrible talent.

3rd Hokage originally thought, Chiba under these 3 ninja can support a period of time, can pa.s.s the a.s.sessment, but did not expect, Chiba defeat all of his opponents and used almost perfect combat skills.

“The flag family, it really is a bit enchanting.” Saratobi said with a lament, but also happy for this.

The enchanting talent that is displayed in Chiba, if it grows up in the future, must be a strong person, and even reach the height of Sak.u.mo. For the village, it is a very good thing and can protect the safety of the village.

The people standing in the audience also rushed to the shock and looked at the figure of the child in the cultivation field. It was hard to believe.

A five-year-old boy actually defeated three ninjas, and it took only one minute to win in a crushing posture.


After a short silence, the crowd in the audience broke out and made various sighs.

“Hatake Chiba is really amazing, and it is easy to defeat three Genins.”

“He is only five years old, and he has this kind of combat power. It is a monster.”

“Sak.u.mo has two enchanting sons.”

Everyone gave their own sighs, but they couldn't calm down and couldn't calm down.

“Hatake Chiba defeated three Genins with excellent results, and pa.s.sed the graduation a.s.sessment.” Sak.u.mo took a step forward and announced the results of the a.s.sessment.

At this moment, in the eyes of everyone, Chiba is undoubtedly a enchanting, but also a rising star, and the light is shining.

Standing in the corner of the auditorium, a tall, straight man wearing a dark red and persuasion, carrying a long sword, wearing a ninja guard on his forehead, a bandaged blindfolded right eye, and a chin with two cross-scarred scars, watching Chiba on the cultivation field, my eyes became sharp, as if I found a good jade, I was going to receive it and polish it.

This person is the group that is in charge of the roots of the Konaha. He is also a disciple of the 2nd Hokage, and he was a teammate of 3rd hokage, but now he has become a compet.i.tor of 3rd hokage.

All along, the Danzo wanted to be Hokage, but was taken to the position by the Saratobi, so there was some resentment against Saratobi.

However, he still has not given up on this idea and has been working hard for it.

“Hatake Chiba, it seems to be better than Kakashi, if he can recruit him to the roots, for the roots, it will be a good harvest.” The Danzo hides in the heart, a cold face A smile.

Once, when he saw Kakashi showing his amazing talent, he moved his mind and wanted to put Kakashi into the root organization, but he was blocked by the Saratobi, making Kakashi join the dark department.

This time, no matter what, he has to get Chiba.

“Chiba, your talent is very good, and the strength is very good, but you can’t be complacent. After all, you are just starting out on the road of Ninja. You must stay humble and work harder before you can go further.” The Saratobi said that this is the embarra.s.sment of Chiba.

“Chiba understands that I will continue to work hard.” Chiba nodded.

He felt that he had said this in the future, and there might be something to say later.

“Chiba, whether you are willing to join the dark part, this is a very good opportunity for you, and your brother Kakashi is also in the dark, your two brothers can come out together after the mission.” Then he said, say this.

Like Danzo, Saratobi feels that Chiba’s talent is amazing, even better than Kakashi, such talent must be recruited.

When Saratobi just finished his graduation a.s.sessment, he said this thing. He wanted to take the lead in the first step and not let the root organization shoot again and grab the Chiba.

For the teammate behavier, he was very familiar with it. Knowing that the former knows the talent of Chiba, he will definitely be tempted to draw Chiba to the root organization.

Therefore, he is now taking the lead and there is no way to save the Danzo.

Although the root organization is a branch of the dark part, all the powers fall into the hands of the Danzo. It is his exclusive organization, and there is no power transfer at all.

Saratobi is not very recognized about the concept of the organization of the root organization, and has great differences with the Danzo.

Moreover, although these years, the root organization has cultivated a lot of talents, but it also makes it impossible for the genius to die. After all, the root organization is too extreme.

“Hey, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” When he heard the words of the 3rd Hokage, Danzo couldn't calm down and snorted.

All along, the Danzo has seen some of the geniuses in the village, wants them to join roots and work for him, but they have all been swayed by the shackles, and they have all the talents in the dark, and they are not under his control.

Because Saratobi is sitting in the position of Hokage, in many things, has greater power and has the power of arbitrariness, which makes the Danzo very helpless.

Nowadays, Saratobi has publicly sent Chiba to the dark, which makes it impossible for the root organization to directly issue it. If it is invited, it is estimated that it has little effect.

“This Chiba I must get my hands, no matter what means.” Danzo said in a low voice, the tone was very firm, it seems to be determined.

The many ninjas in the audience were equally surprised when they heard the words of Saratobi.

They did not think that Chiba had just pa.s.sed the graduation a.s.sessment, and Hokage adults were openly recruited, but few people had such treatment.

Established from the Ninja School, just pa.s.sed the graduation a.s.sessment, and was recruited into the dark, only Kakashi, and then went to Chiba.

The reputation of their two brothers is very large now, and it is called a double-leaf star.

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