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Due to the mistakes on the papers, she spent the following days doing tests and exercises.

In the afternoon, Fu Hanzheng got off work early and called out to her when he saw her bending over the desk and writing.

"Weiwei, get changed, we need to visit the hospital."

Gu Weiwei put down the paper she was working on and went to her room to get changed. She pulled open her wardrobe and found that all of her old outfits were gone, all of them were now the most fashionable outfits from the most famous brands instead.

She opened the door and asked Fu Hanzheng who was waiting for her in the living room. "Where are my clothes?"

So when Aunt w.a.n.g talked about tidying up her clothes for her, she was putting these things away.

"Everything in the wardrobe is yours." Fu Hanzheng said.

"I mean my old ones." Gu Weiwei asked with anger inside her heart.

Fu Hanzheng leafed over her homework indifferently. "If you don't like them, I will get them replaced tomorrow."

Gu Weiwei clenched her teeth and said patiently, "If I wear those clothes to school, people may think that I am being paid to be the concubine of someone!"

Fu Hanzheng thought for a while and said, "I will get some suitable ones delivered to you tomorrow."

Gu Weiwei went through her wardrobe and found that all of them were dresses. She picked out a blue knitted dress which made her look sweet and pretty.

Seeing her coming out of the bedroom, Fu Hanzheng was amazed and praised her generously, "Very pretty."

Knitted dresses were made for beautiful people, especially the color blue which didn't suit everyone, but she looked perfect.

Gu Weiwei flushed and said, "Let's leave now, the teacher is coming soon, right? I haven't finished the math paper."

As the two of them arrived at the hospital, He Chi was examining an old patient. He said to them as he saw them coming.

"I'll be right there."

Fu Hanzheng rolled up her sleeves, fearing that He Chi would use too much strength and rip off the bandage.

The old man looked at the two and saw one man and a girl, the former of whom was tall and strong and the latter was small and slender. He subconsciously thought that they were a father and a daughter.

"It is not a common thing that a father can be so devoted."

He Chi, who was writing the prescription, scribbled on in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Sir, he is her boyfriend, not her father."

But Fu Hanzheng was so old compared to the girl, and add a few years more and he could easily be her father.

Seeing the patient off, He Chi went over to check the wound.

Fu Hanzheng had already removed the bandage and what he needed to do was change the medicine, it would only take a few minutes.

However, Fu Hanzheng looked unhappy. He also showed a very depressed face on the way in too.

Gu Weiwei was amused and asked, "Why are you so angry? Because you are mistaken as my father?"

Fu Hanzheng glanced at the girl who was amused and said with a low voice, "No."

Gu Weiwei found that he did not sound right, so she flattered. "But you are better looking than my real father."

Fu Hanzheng's face turned brighter and he said as he drove into the garage, "Shiqin must have brought your teacher. I have a video meeting, you can do the homework yourself."

Gu Weiwei nodded and followed him into the elevator. Fu Shiqin called out to her the moment she entered the apartment.

"Hurry up, your teacher is here, he is the top student at your school."

Before Fu Shiqin finished speaking, Gu Weiwei had already seen the teacher and she could not help but curse inwardly.

Why was it Qin Lv, her ex, who was her teacher?!

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