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Zhang Zian suggested for Electrician Wu to head home first, he knows Electrician Wu's address, so he'll be there after a while.

Electrician Wu's anxiety was mainly due to the feeling of unease towards unfamiliar salt.w.a.ter fishes. But according to Zhang Zian, although salt.w.a.ter fishes bought may be poisonous or dangerous, but at least they wouldn't be comparable to the likes of the Palytoxin, which had almost turned into a weapon of ma.s.s destruction. Additionally, as long as they don't take the initiative to touch the fishes, the fishes wouldn't pose any danger to the people outside the aquarium tank.

With the words of Zhang Zian, Electrician Wu felt relieved. Now Electrician Wu has regarded Zhang Zian who has been on TV as an authority, this is also the general mentality of many middle-aged and elderly people. They feel that anyone who appears on TV is very remarkable.

Zhang Zian reminded him about some other stuff, mainly to let Electrician Wu take care of his grandson, and not let the children approach the fish tank for the time being.

Electrician Wui promised to do all that and went home on his electric bicycle.

Zhang Zian first went back upstairs, and as soon as he entered the living room, he heard Sihwa's agitated voice coming from the bathroom.

"Let me tell all of you, I'm just living here to experience life. The bathroom with the jacuzzi is my true home...Hey! Why don't you guys believe me!"

Apparently, she hasn't fully awakened from her dreams, and she's also attempting to make the audience in the live broadcast dream with her.

Pi was focused on his typing.

Zhang Zian didn't disturb Pi, he entered the storage room, and found a pair of long rubber gloves from the inside, those that were over the elbows and were much thicker. This glove was worn by his parents when they bathed cats, so there were many or deep and shallow scratches and white marks left on its surface.

If Zian was going to some other aquarists house, he wouldn't have to arm himself like this, but considering that it's Welder Zhao who's always inviting trouble and also has the worst of luck, no preventive measures would be overboard...

It may be his footsteps or it may also be Sihwa's voice that woke up the sleeping Vladimir. As soon as it got up, it blinked and asked, "How long have I slept for?"

"Not more than two hours." Zhang Zian pointed at the door of the bathroom, "Would you like me to close the door for you? The fish inside is too noisy."

"Hey! Ajeo-an, who are you calling a fish! I'm obviously a mermaid!" Sihwa's keen sense of hearing caught what Zian said and she shouted from the bathroom.

"No, two hours is enough sleep." Vladimir shook his head, "It's not a good habit to stay up at night and I've always wanted to change this habit but I haven't. I'll take this opportunity to sleep less during the day and sleep again at night. "

Since it came to the pet shop, Vladimir had been behaving like a nocturnal animal. It's especially energetic every night and only sleeps when the next morning comes. In this sense, it really was like an ordinary stray cat.

It looked at the north with a slightly tired eye and said: "This is a bad habit left from those wandering days outside. As a stray cat, you never know when you would be in danger and the dangers encountered during the night are usually far greater than the daytime. Every night, all kinds of monsters and creatures come out, and it is only during the day where they can sleep peacefully for a few hours."

Zhang Zian listened quietly while Sihwa was still going on in her broadcast room.

"I rarely go out at night, so I don't know much about the world at night," said Zian.

"It's best to never understand it. The day is the world for people, so leave the world at night to the cats." Vladimir glanced at him, "The reason why stray cats are being bullied is that they are never united, or always fighting amongst one another. If they want to reverse the current situation, they can only win by strengthening the team and fight with determination!"

"Okay, but you'll have to be careful."

Although it's very confident, Zhang Zian was still very worried. After all, the Holy Cat statue wasn't easy to deal with.

It grinned and clenched its fist, then it said: "Don't worry! There are only two roads in front of us, victory or death, but death does not belong to the Meow-Meow Doctrine Believer!"

Zhang Zian nodded and raised the rubber gloves in his hand. "I'll be heading out and will be back before noon. Are you staying at home to rest, or are you heading out too?"

"Is it far?" it asked.

"Well, it's not too close," Zian replied.

"Then I'll go along." It wiped its face indiscriminately and made himself feel more awake, "I've already seen the area around the vicinity, time to venture out for a look."

"Great." Zhang Zian pushed open the window and shouted downstairs: "w.a.n.g Qian! Is the fuel full?"

A few days ago, w.a.n.g Qian and Li Kun have always taken the Wuling Shenguang to the beach, so he's worried that they would have forgotten to refuel the car. Which would be troublesome if the car doesn't have fuel.

"Master! It's full!" w.a.n.g Qian also shouted.

Zhang Zian closed the window and waved at Vladimir, indicating: "Let's go."

Vladimir didn't move, it curiously asked: "Are we taking a Gundam there?"

Zhang Zian: "..."

Zian thought he had heard it wrong. How could this otaku-like phrase come from Vladimir?

"What are you talking about?" Zian asked.

It repeated with all seriousness: "Are we taking a Gundam there?"

"No..." Zhang Zian didn't know to laugh or cry, he solemnly clarified: "I don't have a Gundam."

Vladimir had a doubtful look, "No Gundam?"


"You should have one!" it said firmly.

"I really don't have one! It's better to say, why would you think that I have a Gundam?" Zhang Zian was completely baffled because its tone obviously didn't mean the Gundam toys, but to pilot a Gundam and head out...

When it heard Zian, Vladimir had disappointment written all over its face and it sighed: "Is that so, what a pity... When I went out last night, I pa.s.sed by a room and heard a fat man dancing and talking to the computer——Huben soldiers at Meng Liang Gu, thousand-mile reinforcements by Li Tianxia. Help is not withheld, it is because the enemy is in possession of Gundams... I thought it was true."

Zhang Zian started to sweat and thought to himself, that fat otaku must die! What nonsense is he spouting!

"Don't listen to the nonsense that those fat otakus spout, we don't have any Gundams in our military!" He once again clarified, what if it commits the crime of historical nihilism?

"Okay then, so what are we going to take?" Vladimir was disappointed but was also at ease.

Zhang Zian pointed to the Wuling Shenguang, which was parked at the entrance downstairs, "Cough! I don't have a Gundam, I only have this Wuling Shenguang..."

"A domestic brand? That's good, I never knew you were one to support Chinese goods!' It jumped onto the window sill and glanced at it.

Zhang Zian thought to himself, I also want to buy Ferrari or a Bugatti, but the problem is that I have no money. Within my financial capabilities, only the Wuling Shenguang seemed worthwhile, so if I don't buy this, what else can I buy?

"Well, let's go!" Vladimir swung its claw, "Valiant and spirited, onto the Wuling Shenguang! Maintain peace and defeat the demon cat, all to protect the other cats!"

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