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The young man and woman had not originally realized that Zhang Zian was following behind them, but because there were a lot of people in the capital and the layout of the old city area was complicated, Zhang Zian did not dare to follow too far away.Otherwise, it would have been easy to lose them.

While walking, Zhang Zian was trying to figure out how to deal with the two swindlers and suspected human traffickers. The simplest way was to detain them and not let them go. Then he would call the police and question their ident.i.ties on the spot. He was not very sure of that plan, however, because ordinary citizens had no law enforcement rights… It was a criminal offense to restrict the personal freedom of others without authorization. He could not bear the responsibility for the crime.

He could be brave when dealing with things, but if he tried to do the right thing and ended up breaking the law, he could only find other methods.

Another way was to find a police station nearby and report the case to the police station. But if he did so, he would lose any trace of the young man and woman. It would be difficult to find them again. Moreover, whether the police would pay attention to the case was ambiguous. If he met irresponsible police, then he would come out empty handed. He would have lost a lot but gained nothing.

Thinking about that, he could not help but find it a pity that it was not Binhai City. Otherwise, he could have given Sheng Ke a call, and Sheng Ke would have definitely placed a high emphasis on it. Things were definitely easier when one was an insider!

At that moment, he could not think of any other plan, so he could only continue to follow them and ready himself for any sudden changes.

Despite being such a young couple, they seemed to have acc.u.mulated an abundant amount of anti-reconnaissance experience. It could also be that they were guilty of committing crimes and therefore more suspicious. When they walked, they often turned around habitually. Not too long after, they found that Zhang Zian was following them. After all, he was very close to them. Moreover, tacking someone could not be exaggerated like in a movie. Otherwise, he might be reported by others at any minute.

Now that they had found out, Zhang Zian simply did not hide anymore. He has changed from secretly tracking to blatantly tracking. When they walked, he would walk. When they stopped, he would stop. He always kept himself at a distance. If they had the ability, they could call the police. When the police came, he could confront them face to face.

He knew they would definitely not dare to call the police.

There was a brief, fl.u.s.tered expression on their faces. They stopped and talked for a while. Their tones were quite fierce. It seemed that they were arguing about what to do. Finally, the young woman persuaded her companion, and she squeezed out a smile and walked back with the baby in her arms. She came towards Zhang Zian while her companion remained in place indignantly.

Zhang Zian could more or less guess what she wanted to do. It just so happened that there was a newsstand nearby, so he pretended to read a magazine.

"Big Brother, you've been following us this whole way. Is there anything wrong?" the young woman asked in a low voice. She walked to his side, smiling. Her tone was quite calm.

Of course, Zhang Zian would not admit it. He pretended to be shocked and he widened his eyes. "Following you? No! It's just on my way."

The young woman laughed in a distracted manner. Her expression was obviously saying, "Why are you pretending?"

"Then… big brother, where are you going?" she asked.

"I'm just randomly walking. It's rare that I come to the capital, so of course I need to enjoy the alleys and the courtyards." Zhang Zian opened his eyes wide.

The young woman was silent for a moment. The two sides picked at the thin window paper, but no one would take the initiative to show their true selves.

"Then… this, big brother. The two of us have just come here. We don't know why we offended you. Have we done something to offend you? It's not easy to make money outside. Can you be generous, not bother us, and let us go this time?" she pleaded.

Her tone made Zhang Zian feel like a bully that was committing robbery. If she and her companion only cheated on the street, he might have let them go as soon as his heart softened; however, he could not let them go until he knew the truth of the matter.

"Haha, I don't know what you're talking about." Zhang Zian pretended to be confused. "I'm just randomly walking around. It has nothing to do with whether you offended me or not."

The muscles of the young woman's face twitched and her smile became stiff. She felt that she had lowered herself enough to give Zhang Zian face, but the other side deliberately pretended to be silly.

However, it was, after all, the land under the emperor, and she came there to earn money. She did not want to make a big fuss. Otherwise, it would not be easy to clear up the mess.

She bit her teeth, taking out a few notes from her pocket and stuffing them into Zhang Zian's hand. She said, "Big Brother, it's already afternoon. You haven't eaten yet, right? Little Sister will treat you to a meal. Can you stop following us?"

Zhang Zian looked down and thought, Well, she is generous. These notes of different denominations add up to about one hundred yuan, presumably the money they cheated from other pa.s.sersby.

In his heart he scolded. The cash she gave him was more than what he had. Why the f*ck were they pretending to be poor on the streets to cheat people out of their money?

It was meat that had reached his mouth, so how could he spit it out? He instantly nodded and agreed. "All right, I definitely won't follow you."

"Big Brother, you've agreed, right?" She did not loosen the hand she was using to grip the money. She was not rea.s.sured. "Since you've agreed, you can't back out."

"Don't worry, I always stick to my word. You can believe me." Zhang Zian showed a relaxed smile.

The young woman got his rea.s.surance, and only then did she let go of her hand. He instantly put the money into his pocket.

"You've promised, Big Brother. Bye bye. If fate allows, we can meet again," She waved her hand to say goodbye, finally letting out a breath of relief. She quickly walked towards her partner.

"All right, I've settled it. Let's go," she told her partner.

The young man did not answer. He stared past her. She turned her head back to look and practically exploded in anger!

Zhang Zian came back with a bright smile on his face. He seemed to be saying to himself based on what he was mouthing, "I'm not following you, it's along the way."

She had never seen such a thick-skinned person before! He was not persuaded by reason nor force. He had taken the money but still not done the thing he was told to do!

Zhang Zian did not feel unsettled at all. On the contrary, he felt refreshed. He was not so distressed by the loss of the opportunity to catch the Warding Off Evil Cat when he accepted the 100 yuan.

Who said time was the best medicine for pain? It was obviously money!

Richard sighed on his head. "She was really dumb to have believed you."

At last, the young man and woman gave up the hope of making peace completely. They scolded him with dirty words, sped up, and walked at a fast pace in an attempt to shake off Zhang Zian.

Whether it was comparing physical strength, or comparing intelligence, or comparing shamelessness, Zhang Zian did not lose to anyone. How could he let them get the better of him? He believed that in the capital, they would not dare to use force, and even if they dared to, he was not scared.

He believed that they wouldn't continue walking like that. They definitely had a base in the capital. It could be nearby, but it also could be in the suburbs, where there could be the nest of their gang.

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