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Richard scattered its feces, dry and wet, on each face of the profiteers that were lying on the ground!

After solving its physiology problem, it excitedly tried to fly back into Zhang Zian’s hood for warmth, but Zhang Zian threw a tissue onto its face.

"Quack! What are you doing? You want to give me a facial too?!" it whimpered with the tissue covering its face. Only Zhang Zian, who was closest to it, could hear what it said.

"Take this tissue first and rub your b.u.t.tocks clean, or don’t try to fly back to my hat!" Zhang Zian scolded it.

You dirty bird! Don’t you think I know the word "facial" has subtle multiple meanings!

From then on, Richard’s white feces, along with the word "facial", became so dirty that Zhang Zian couldn’t look straight at them anymore!

Richard grabbed the tissue with its claws and landed on a nearby simple timber set. While expressing its strong dissatisfaction against Zhang Zian, it rubbed its b.u.t.tocks on the tissue ...

Famous paced towards Black Mole, staring at him coldly.

Black Mole was lying on his side with his mouth vomiting white foam. Ignoring the differences between a man and a dog, his posture was very similar to the Guangxi rural doggy that died just moments ago.

He looked in horror at Famous, who was approaching him, and struggled to stay away from it, for its eyes were like those of the Guangxi rural doggy that had just died.

Famous stared at him for a while, then lost interest.

For the rest of his life, this pair of eyes full of anger and hatred would remain with him until he decayed alone.

Stupefied, Tie Ning stared at Zhang Zian. If taking down Black Mole alone was a sheer luck, then Zhang Zian was really impressive for he had also beaten the following vendors one by one. It didn’t seem like Zhang Zian’s actions were powerful, but he had ways to antic.i.p.ate the directions of his opponents and they had no ways to hide.

If Tie Ning had not followed Zhang Zian all the way, he would have thought these people were making a movie, otherwise how could Zhang Zian be so skillful? It was like his opponents were playing the roles of protagonists deliberately by hitting themselves on the fists, elbows, knees, and feet of Zhang Zian…

There could only be one explanation for these: Zhang Zian had gained insight into the ways and angles of the upcoming attacks of his enemies, and then he made responses in advance.

He was a martial arts master indeed!

Though Tie Ning didn’t engage in the fight, cold sweat was dripping from his body.

He quietly took off his mitt gloves, secretly admiring the low-profiled Kung Fu Master! Fortunately, he did not fight, or else he would have just embarra.s.sed himself in front of Zhang Zian. He decided to be humble and partic.i.p.ate in more rigorous training.

Lin Qi was also dumbfounded upon seeing that Zhang Zian defeated seven or eight enemies effortlessly. Moments ago, he thought Zhang Zian was just a knowledgeable pet shop manager but now, he almost worshipped him as a G.o.d! By virtue of his skills, as long as Zhang Zian agreed to the invitation, he could even perform at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala!

Lin Qi quickly picked up the phone, dialed a number and cancelled the previously booked Chinese seafood restaurant, and made a reservation at the only Michelin three-star restaurant in Binhai City!

Snowy had known that Zhang Zian was a martial arts master, so she was not surprised. Instead, she was happy and excited to have witnessed his fighting in person.

The audience in the live broadcast also marveled at this perverted Store Manager.

Before today, few people believed that Zhang Zian was a martial arts master —after all, another nickname for Zhang Zian was "fraudster manager"— but today, he actually dispelled all doubts!

Shi Rong and Jiang Tianda stared at their tablets and mobile phones, and then looked at each other. Imagine that they thought it was too absurd to let Zhang Zian to a.s.sure their daughter’s safety before agreeing Snowy to visit the dog market1

Zhang Zian stood in the middle of the scene, with the crowd surrounding him and casting surprised or envious gazes on him. No matter how thick-skinned he was, he felt embarra.s.sed being the spotlight among so many people. In fact, he had just laid out some fighting postures, and his actual combat capability was almost zero. Today's victory was based on Famous’s ability to foresee the short-term future.

He looked at Famous and worried that using its ability so often would cause it discomfort, but Famous was breathing steadily, and apparently was much stronger physically than Galaxy.

But what to do next?

He scratched his head and glanced at the profiteers who had fallen to the ground.

Zhang Zian believed that he fought them out of self-defense. But could he just leave? Should he wait for the police?

Snowy’s phone vibrated suddenly.

It was her mother's call.

"h.e.l.lo?" she whispered after connecting the call, "What are you doing? I'm broadcasting! Oh, yes, I'm fine. I'll be home later."

Shi Rong said at the other end of the phone, "I watched the live broadcast. Just leave that place. I will let your dad handle the rest of the issues. Also, apologize to the manager for your dad, for his arrogant and unreasonable att.i.tudes towards him."

Snowy said lightly, "Do not worry, Mr. Store Manager is not a stingy person..."

"Just apologize and get back home!" Shi Rong urged her impatiently. Though Snowy was safe as of now, as a mother, Shi Rong was still concerned for her daughter.

"Okay, I got it," Snowy reluctantly agreed and hung up the phone.

It was nearly noon, and most of the onlookers had left, with only a few exceptions remaining here, like an audience waiting for bonus scenes after the ending subt.i.tles in a movie theater.

Snowy ran to Zhang Zian and praised him with a thumbs-up, "Mr. Store Manager, you are amazing!"

"Just so-so." Zhang Zian pointed at her cell phone, "Are you still recording?"

"Yes, Mr. Store Manager has something to say?" she looked at him.

Zhang Zian cleared his throat and said, "Just as I said, those who looked down on me and provoked me have been defeated! Are you afraid of me now?!"

Just when the audience had decided to give him a little respect, they were exasperated by his pretentious mockery!

"Mr. Store Manager, I apologize for my dad. He was too rude when he called you before..." Snowy apologized sincerely.

Zhang Zian said generously, "It does not matter."

"And... um..." Snowy said hesitantly, "Let's get out of here, if you do not mind."

"Can we just leave now?" Zhang Zian asked confusedly.

Today was Sunday, and all the seats in the only Michelin three-starred restaurant in Binhai had been booked up. Lin Qi was making phone calls to his rich friends, to see if they could get him some seats.

Snowy secretly pointed at him and whispered to Zhang Zian, "Brother Qi said he will handle the follow-up issues, and let us be at ease."

She rarely told lies, so her face right now was a little blushed. But she did not want to expose her own ident.i.ty as a girl from a wealthy family, which might make her friends and audience estrange her.

Zhang Zian thought Lin Qi was returning his favor for promising him to get an Ashera Cat. To be honest, he was hungry, and so was Richard, who had been yelling to have lunch. He didn’t want to wait here any longer.

"OK." He nodded and said to Deng Jie and Wei Ping, "Sister Deng, Grandpa Wei, there is nothing for us to do now and we can go. Someone will take care of the rest."

Deng Jie walked with admiration, "Manager Zhang, you are really powerful..."

"No, I’m not." Zhang Zian waved his hands and said, "It’s not worth mentioning. Sister Deng, do you have anything else that we can help you with?"

"I'm fine, thank you so much today, for giving me a closure..." Deng Jie sighed softly, "I’ve learned my lessons. I should not take up any more of your time. See you. Let me buy you dinner someday."

Lin Qi finally finished his phone calls. Seeing that Deng Jie was leaving, he invited her for lunch. Since Deng Jie still declined, he stopped insisting.

Wei Ping also repeatedly expressed his grat.i.tude towards Zhang Zian. Zhang Zian left his pet store address to him. He then left to find a place in the suburbs to bury the dead little doggy.

Lin Qi warmly invited Zhang Zian and Snowy to go to the Michelin three-starred restaurant for dinner, but Zhang Zian declined, thinking that he owed Lin Qi a favor just now. Besides, Famous and Richard were certainly not allowed to enter such an upscale restaurant.

Lin Qi was upset. But since Zhang Zian didn’t agree, he had to leave by himself.

"Snowy, are you going home? I'll escort you to leave the dog market." Zhang Zian asked Snowy. Since he promised her father to protect her safely in the dog market, they could not part ways here.

Snowy thought for a moment. Although her mother urged her to go home, she wanted to hang around for a while longer. "No, I’m going back to the pet shop with you, as there are a few audience members still asking questions about pets."

"Well, let's go." Zhang Zian glanced at the few unscrupulous merchants who were still lying on the ground, waved to Famous and Richard, and left the dog market.

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