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Guangxi rural dogs were a very economical dog breed with local characteristics, generally distributed in the remote mountainous areas of the Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces. In many aspects, they were as good as Shiba Inu, with some conditions even better than Shiba Inu. Even with that said, they shouldn’t be sold as Shiba Inu, for the price of Shiba Inu were ten times that of Guangxi rural dogs, let alone sick ones.

The majority of onlookers had no idea what Guangxi rural dogs were. It was normal that they hadn’t ever heard of this dog breed since its name contained the word "rural".

Several people ran over to the cage side to see the ears of the Guangxi rural dogs, and found traces of tape, a method to make their ears stand as tall as those of Shiba Inu.

And then they returned to the crowd.

"Is that right?"

"That's it, their ears were strapped before."

The customers were here to buy pets, and no one wanted to be cheated. Hearing that the profiteers really had deceived them, they suddenly were indignant and cussed the profiteers aloud. A small number of people who had bought "Shiba Inu" from the dog market headed back home in panic, trying to figure out whether their pets were Shiba Inu or Guangxi rural dogs…

Zhang Zian felt it was fortunate that in order to chase higher profits, Black Mole had only shipped the Guangxi rural dogs from other places in bulk, and he hadn’t mated the Shiba Inu with Guangxi rural dogs yet, for the hybrid descendants may look so much like Shiba Inu that they could even fool experts… however, Zhang Zian doubted that a profiteer like Black Mole in the dog market had the patience to cultivate such a hybrid.

He looked out to Deng Jie, who was standing on the verge of the crowd. Her cheeks, tight all the time, had been smoothed down and she was staring at her low-cost mobile phone, a gift from telecom company for paying her phone bills. She was probably saying goodbye to her dead puppy.

Zhang Zian also felt relieved that he had completed the mission of visiting the dog market. There was no need for him to stay here now. As for these profiteers... they would always exist somewhere.

"Grandpa Wei, let's go. After we leave, I’ll tell you where the pet shop is, and the owner there will give you a discount." He turned to greet Wei Ping.

Wei Ping felt really bad.

The old man sighed, "Well, let's go. I will not come back to the dog market again."

"Wait a minute! You f**ked up our businesses and now want to just leave?!"

Just when Zhang Zian was about to leave, he heard someone yell at him from behind.

Red Dragon, Lao San, Black Mole, Little Monk, Liu XX, and several other unscrupulous profiteers couldn’t stand it anymore. They jumped out and besieged Zhang Zian. They had suffered from losses because of Zhang Zian today, and above all, customers would be more cautious from now on, meaning that they would suffer from potential losses in the future. Since their businesses were doomed in Binhai City, they had decided to move to other cities and continue their swindling there. But first, they must make Zhang Zian pay for his behavior.

Zhang Zian had expected that the trip to the dog market would not be easy, but he just sneered calmly, "What do you want?"

"What do you think you are doing? Compensate us twice as much as the losses we’ve suffered today, or let us beat the h.e.l.l out of you! Your choice!" Red Dragon called out on behalf of the other unscrupulous merchants.

Wei Ping was so scared that he almost collapsed into his tricycle. When he was quarreling with Black Mole before, he did not expect there were so many people hiding and did not expect them to really hit him. In retrospect, he was so stricken by fear, for he might die if these people beat him.

Deng Jie was so scared that her face turned pale. She pulled at Snowy, panicked. "Girl, run! Don’t fight!"

Snowy was a little nervous and somewhat excited, but was absolutely not afraid, because she believed that Zhang Zian was a martial arts master and that fighting these seven or eight people was merely a warm up for him. She didn’t get the chance to see Zhang Zian when he beat up seven robbers that pitch-black night, and now, she would finally get the chance to witness his Kung Fu in daylight and in person!

Lin Qi was intimidated by the chaos and wanted to leave with the ordinary customers. But he turned around and saw that Snowy remained here and was very calm. He asked her with confusion, "Aren’t you afraid?"

"No. Don’t worry, Brother Qi, Mr. Store Manager is a martial arts master. Just wait and see what he can do." Snowy said with confidence.

"I... I'm not afraid, I'm just worried about you..." Lin Qi’s face was blushed. "Martial arts Master? Are you serious?"

Shi Rong and Jiang Tianda were holding a tablet and a cell phone, respectively. They were so restless, and they had no confidence in Zhang Zian. They only counted on Tie Ning, the bodyguard from the Armed Police Force.

Tie Ning had quietly arrived among the crowd during the disarray. Seeing the number of the vendors, he was not sure he could defeat them by himself.

Zhang Zian was standing in place indifferently. There was no way to escape now.

He had only one regret. He should have put on his Chinese tunic jacket to make him more look like a Kung Fu Master…

He touched his stomach, "I’m hungry now... Well, why don’t you all come and get me; I am in a hurry!"

Black Mole hated him so much. Gritting his teeth and noticing that no one was watching, he came behind Zhang Zian. He aimed at his waist and was ready to kick hard!

Black Mole kept all his movements silent. He was confident that he would succeed in attacking Zhang Zian!

Tie Ning was surprised. Black Mole was trying to hurt Zhang Zian from the back!

He was accustomed to direct confrontation on the free combat stage, but he had no experience fighting in a dog market. He had to shout at Zhang Zian, "Watch out behind you!"

Tie Ning thought he was the first and only one who was going to warn Zhang Zian, but in fact he was not. Two seconds before he yelled, even before the shoe sole of Black Mole left the ground, there were several barks of a dog. But dog barking in the dog market was so normal that no one doubted anything.

When Black Mole moved behind Zhang Zian and raised his sole, Famous said calmly, "Move two steps left and move your right elbow behind you."

The bizarre scene began.

The moment Black Mole’s sole left the ground, Zhang Zian moved two steps towards his left, as if he had foreseen Black Mole’s movements. He squared away and placed his right elbow towards his back, a cla.s.sic Wing Chun fighting method.

Black Mole was stunned. His kick missed Zhang Zian’s body completely. Because he put so much strength into this kick, he couldn’t stop his body from moving forward, and his chest was about to slam into Zhang Zian’s right elbow!

In the eyes of others, Zhang Zian had only casually put himself into a certain posture, and it was Black Mole who was. .h.i.tting himself onto Zhang Zian’s elbow…

Black Mole was. .h.i.t so badly. He felt like his stomach had been turned inside out!

His originally dark face suddenly became as pale as a dead man. He stumbled a few steps back, collapsed on the ground on his back, sat up and vomited.


Just when Tie Ning thought Zhang Zian was in trouble and was ready to help him, he was shocked by this amazing scene.

"What's going on?" He opened his mouth, speechless, but his mind was replaying something that happened ten years ago.

At that time, he had just joined the free combat team of the Armed Police Force, where the higher authorities hired a senior from the locals to explain to them some knowledge about martial arts. As the elder said, authentic martial arts didn’t acquire many fighting methods. As long as one could antic.i.p.ate the intentions of his opponents, he would be invincible. But this only existed in the theory of martial arts — no one could actually achieve the highest level...

The so-called antic.i.p.ation of the intentions of one’s opponents was nothing more than observing the opponents’ eyes and subtle movements to determine the directions and angles of the opponents’ attacks, but from his stance, it was impossible for Zhang Zian to see Black Mole’s movements, yet he had perfectly predicted his enemy’s intention and avoided the attack!

Was this echolocation as described in martial arts novels? This was freaking amazing!

Almost at the same time when Black Mole attacked Zhang Zian from behind, Red Dragon also rushed him from the front, raising his fist to aim at Zhang Zian’s chin.

Before Red Dragon struck his blow, Famous had seen what was going to happen.

"Bow down, and extend your right fist to the front," it said.

As before, Zhang Zian made poses in advance. He bowed his head, and punched to his front without thinking.

While Red Dragon's fist was still on its way, Red Dragon had noticed that Zhang Zian’s face had disappeared from his sight. Just then, he felt his lower abdomen get hit hard, which almost broke his intestines.

His knees gave way, and he fell onto the ground, covering his stomach.

Zhang Zian was a bit nervous at the beginning, worrying that his cooperation with Famous might not run well. But then his attacks were getting increasingly smooth and vigorous. The only pity was that it was not a pretty girl that was giving him directions, but a German Shepherd instead...

Lao San, Little Monk, and Liu XX were all defeated by Zhang Zian and fell on the ground. Seeing that they were losing, other profiteers began to escape!

In less than a minute, all the profiteers were lying on the ground.

Zhang Zian pretentiously dusted his clothes off and maintained his composure, as if the fighting was a piece of cake for him.

The crowd was silent at first, and then burst into loud applause and exclamation!

"F**k! That was amazing!"

"What the f**k! Who is this man? He is so f**king fantastic!"

Since it was now safe outside, Richard got excited. It had been holding back its feces for a long time, and it suddenly flew out from Zhang Zian’s hood and fluttered its wings. Like dropping bombs in the air, it targeted its white feces on the faces of the profiteers lying on the ground. Because a few profiteers were still whining with their mouths open, some white feces flew into their mouths…

"Quack! Facial! Facial!"

It had always wanted to do this, and finally it got what it wanted today!

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