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Chapter 386: The Truth Has Come to Light
Famous had learned the desire for freedom from Galaxy.
From Doggy who just died, Famous realized its grievance and humiliation.
Before it died, Famous read in its heart that it had been suffering since birth. It was taken away from its mother too soon, and it had to fight for the leftovers with other dogs. When it grew slightly larger, Doggy and many other dogs were crammed into narrow iron cages, loaded into trucks that were covered with canvas and started their long journey southward.
The truck was open and the weather was freezing. The canvas was so thin that the wind kept blowing in. It crowded with its companions to keep warm, struggling through innumerable long, cold nights in the stinky compartment full of the smells of excrement and vomit. Gradually, one dog began to get seriously sick. Whether it was a cold or another disease, the illness quietly spread among peers. Almost every morning when Doggy woke up, there would be companions who had already closed their eyes forever.
The driver and the man in charge of the truck were grumpy. Their eyes were reddened due to chronic sleep deprivation. The dogs were beaten or scolded when they were upset. When the two men remembered to feed them, they would prepare something for the dogs to eat. And when they forgot, the dogs were starving. Every morning, they counted the number of dogs, opened the cages, and dragged the dead dogs out, and G.o.d knew what they did with them. Doggy did not see them carrying shovels, nor would they waste their precious free time digging holes to bury the dead dogs.
Just like this, Doggy and its companions travelled all the way to the south, pa.s.sing several large and small cities, where some companions were removed from the truck. The truck

was getting empty until it reached Binhai City, where it and other survivors were bought by Black Mole. The driver and the person in charge received money, and then drove the truck back up north to ship the next truck of dogs.
The few days after Wei Ping brought it home were the happiest in its life, so happy that it thought it was in paradise.
Unfortunately, the good times were too short. It got sick.
The Little Master was holding it, crying. Wei Ping was anxious and worried about it.
When it first contracted the illness, Doggy knew it would die soon, because the symptoms of the disease were exactly the same as its dead companions in the truck, and no one could escape death.
However, it did not regret coming to the south. Wei Ping and the Little Master loved it dearly. Even though the time they spent together was short, it was extremely happy.
Therefore, when Wei Ping was being humiliated by Black Mole in public, Doggy struggled several times to get up and guard Wei Ping, trying to bark at Black Mole with its sharp teeth... Unfortunately, it was too weak to get up.
But Famous could help it with this.
When Wei Ping placed Doggy’s corpse in the tricycle and turned around, he found that the German Shepherd brought by Zhang Zian was squatting in front of him, guarding him like a sentinel, barking and revealing its sharp teeth.
Wei Ping was stunned. Though Doggy and the German Shepherd were different breeds, the posture of the German Shepherd right now made it look just like his Doggy from behind.
Doggy was no longer alone.
When Doggy was snuggling in its mother's arms to drink milk, Famous was looking at it;
When Doggy was kicked and abused by the

the breeders, Famous encouraged it to stay strong;
When Doggy was in the b.u.mpy truck, Famous was with it the whole time;
When Doggy was playing with Wei Ping and the Little Master, Famous also joined their game;
When Doggy was dying, Famous opened its mind and accepted Doggy’s memories...
Doggy finally had found its peace of mind and could close its eyes forever. It had spent its life without regret.

As a dog trader dealing with dogs all day, Black Mole was familiar with dogs’ temperaments. He glanced into the eyes of Famous and heard its barking. This dog was quiet before, how come it became so mad so suddenly… as if it may lunge at me at any time and tear me apart?!
"This... is this your dog? You need to control your dog…" he pointed to Famous and asked Zhang Zian.
Black Mole did not dare to glance at Famous anymore, for fear of further provoking it.
Zhang Zian calmly smiled, "Do you have evidence? How can you tell it is my dog?"
"I..." Black Mole was speechless.
Zhang Zian turned his eyes and looked at Famous, who was protecting Wei Ping with its body. Although its eyes were full of anger, the wrath still could not conceal the rays of its deeper and sublime ideals. From its gaze, Zhang Zian seemed to have seen the eyes of Audrey Hepburn that were looking forward to loving and beauty.
He was not worried that Famous would bite Black Mole, because it was never a vengeful angel, but a guardian angel.
It used to guard Galaxy and was now guarding Wei Ping.
Zhang Zian slowly walked to the cages, which contained a few medium-sized dogs who looked very similar to the dead Doggy, similar to a Shiba Inu. With their slightly triangular eyes, except

eyes, except for a few parts like their white chins, chests, and above their eyebrows, most of their bodies were covered with khaki fur. Their tails were curly, and when they opened their mouths, it seemed like they were smiling…
For any layperson, they would be susceptible to these dogs’ appearance, thinking that these were real Shiba Inus.
"You think everyone is a fool? That no one, except you, would know what the breed these dogs are?" Zhang Zian circled around the cages for a few times and observed for a moment, and then turned to speak to Black Mole.
"Nonsense! Tell me then, if they are not Shiba Inus, what are they? If you can’t get it right, don’t blame me for cursing you to death," Black Mole clamored, not afraid of the possible consequences.
"Who also wants to know?" Zhang Zian looked at the crowd.
A lot of people nodded, and some replied aloud, "We want to know!"
Deng Jie was clutching her bag straps tightly, staring at Zhang Zian's lips, lest she missed any word from him. The disease and death of her puppy had been plaguing her for months, and her trauma may be healed at any next moment.
Lin Qi was excitedly widening his eyes. He would like to use this opportunity to know whether Zhang Zian really was knowledgeable about pets.
Snowy was holding her cell phone high to avoid her camera being blocked by the people in front of her. Her heart was full of a sense of accomplishment and happiness. Helping so many people to recognize these common scams, she felt that her live broadcast was meaningful after all.
Tie Ning was standing on the outside of the crowd, with his falcon-like eyes looking around. Most of the people’s attentions were all drawn to the center of the center of the incident. He only he noticed a few people maliciously whispering.
Along the way, he saw Zhang Zian expose the scams of the unscrupulous merchants so as to prevent customers from being fooled again… compared to the security company’s CEO, Zhang Zian and his companions deserved his protection more.
Tie Ning quietly put on the peep-fingered boxing gloves.
His fists were itchy, as if longing for the pleasure of fighting in the free combat ring. He had forgotten his boss’s admonition— right now, his mind was repeatedly playing the admonition of the Armed Police Force: that people’s lives and property security cannot be violated!
Obviously, those unscrupulous profiteers had been excluded from the "people" category and were automatically cla.s.sified by Tie Ning as "cla.s.s enemies."
He also had forgotten the boss's kind reminder—that a Martial Arts Master was accompanying Snowy!
Or, he simply did not believe that Zhang Zian was a remarkable Martial Arts Master.
Back in Snowy’s home, Shi Rong and Jiang Tianda were so nervous. Their hearts were pounding so fast, as if they were about to jump out of their throats.
Zhang Zian looked at Wei Ping, and nodded to Deng Jie on the outskirt of the crowd. He needed to tell them the truth.
He said in a loud voice to the public, "These dogs are not real Shiba Inus, but Guangxi rural dogs! Guangxi rural dogs resemble Shiba Inus, but their ears are not as tall and upstanding as those of Shiba Inus. Their ears have been tied so as to pretend they are Shiba Inus. The tape must have been removed before these dogs were brought to the dog market. If you don’t believe me, you can take a closer look and see if you can find traces of the straps behind their ears!"

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