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Chapter 381: Testing in Public
Shi Rong originally watched the live broadcast out of concern for her daughter, but gradually was attracted by the content of the live broadcast. When Zhang Zian talked about judging the age of a kitten according to its teeth, she went upstairs to hold s...o...b..ll and look carefully, pulling open its lips. She had never known that a kitten’s milk teeth were so long, but the two rows of its front teeth were also very adorable.
While watching the live broadcast, Jiang Tianda kept checking the time. Although his daughter was unharmed for now, he still hoped that the broadcast ended as soon as possible.
In the Amazing Fate Pet Shop, Lu Yiyun helped a customer register for a membership card, though she made several mistakes during the process. When it was finished, the customer kindly asked her if she felt very hot, and that’s when she realized that she was sweating on such a cold day. It felt nice communicating with people, a skill she thought she had already forgotten. When the customer left, she did not draw for the time being, but instead focused on the live broadcast on her mobile phone.
As instructed by Zhang Zian, w.a.n.g Qian and Li Kun did not leave after cleaning, but were staying in the shop holding their cell phones to post comments on the forum...
Famous sometimes lowered its head and sometimes looked up, sniffing the intricate smells of the ground and in the air. There were many people and pets in the dog market with thousands of smells, but it still was able to distinguish two special smells among these scents.
It stopped for a moment, turned around and looked in two different directions. Two men had been following them for a while, and the wind brought their smells to its moist nostrils. They were not together. One man was wearing a long black trench coat, and his body was exuding the smell of sweat and talc.u.m powder. Maybe he was a man who frequently exercised and perspired a lot. The other man was wearing a leather jacket of poor quality, with the scents of irritant chemicals on his body. The two disguised themselves as ordinary customers, and considered themselves done well in the camouflage. But they couldn’t fool Famous.
Famous did

not know why the two men were following them, but it would figure out before anyone else, because it had a pair of insightful, angelical eyes.
Zhang Zian, Snowy, and Deng Jie walked to the stand selling Pomeranians.
The vendor, whose ID account was "Liu XX" in the Dog Market Trading WeChat Group Chat, had already noticed them. Via the photos sent by "Red Dragon", he recognized that the three people were the ones seeking troubles today, and he grew more vigilant.
Nevertheless, Liu XX was not too worried, because among the three of them, only Zhang Zian looked suspicious. The other two were nothing more than a naïve young girl and a seemingly sophisticated middle-aged woman. He rubbed on his Pomeranians, secretly observed his palm and was relieved. The job was adequately done today, and he did not believe this young man could see through his scams. As he heard, they just came from a stand selling cats, so this young man was probably not familiar with dogs.
"Wow, are these Pomeranians?" Snowy squatted beside the stand and curiously looked at the Pomeranians in the cage. "They are so cute, like fat little foxes!"
A few Pomeranians in the cage were stretching out their tongues and gazing at the pedestrians walking by, as if searching for people who would take them home and become their owners.
"Good taste, beauty! Pomeranians are domesticated from German Spitz. They are easy to raise, are good playmates, and are not expensive. Would you like to pick one?" said Liu XX calmly.
Prior to their arrival, there was already a customer, a middle-aged woman like Deng Jie, dressed in rustic clothes, selecting Pomeranians. Holding a reddish-brown Pomeranian in her hands, she looked quite content with the puppy.
"Let her pick first. I’m just looking." Snowy smiled.
Deng Jie pulled at Zhang Zian, and whispered to him, "This vendor didn’t say that his Pomeranians were raised by himself, that’s why I didn’t buy one from him last time…"
"Oh, then did he mention where these dogs come from?" asked Zhang Zian.
"He said he picked the good-looking ones from other vendors in the dog market," Deng Jie replied. "I thought these puppies were really nice. They were lively and energetic, the colors of their furs were adorable,

adorable, and they were not pricey. I almost bought one last time, but then I thought, maybe the Shiba Inu was cla.s.sier…" In the end, her face blushed in embarra.s.sment.
Zhang Zian nodded and said, "You really should have bought a puppy here."
"What do you mean?" Deng Jie regretted her decision last time even more. "That there are no problems with the Pomeranians here?"
"No, I mean, if you bought a Pomeranian here last time, you would suffer less financial loss." Zhang Zian pulled out a small cardboard box from his pocket, which he took from Sun Xiaomeng before he came here.
"Look at this." He showed Deng Jie the cardboard box.
"What is this?" Deng Jie took the box in puzzlement and looked at it in her hands.
The cardboard box was very light with a concise style. Half of it was white and half was in green. All the words on the front and back sides were in English, so she couldn’t recognize them. She shook her hands. Judging by the slight sounds, most of the box was empty.
Snowy also noticed this, holding her phone shooting at the cardboard box.
The street vendor Liu XX also wanted to have a look, but he didn’t know what the English words on the box meant either.
Zhang Zian opened the box, pulled out two plastic sheets of paper, and solemnly introduced to Deng Jie and the audience, "If you want to buy dogs, whether from the dog market, or from kennels or pet shops, you’d better carry this with you. This is a test paper kit imported from South Korea for testing Canine Distemper Virus, CDV, and Parvovirus. Before you decide to pay for the dogs that you have chosen, use this to test on them."
Hearing that this was the paper for testing CDV and Parvovirus, Liu XX’s face immediately became pale.
The middle-aged woman who was preparing to pay had put the wallet back in her purse and was listening to Zhang Zian.
The two young girls following them approached closer.
"This thing is not expensive, a box only costs twenty or thirty RMB. Compared to the financial loss and troubles caused by buying sick dogs, this money really is nothing." Zhang Zian introduced, "However, one box can only test one dog, so

dog, so only use it on the dog you that you intend to buy. Don’t waste money on testing too many dogs."
He said to the middle-aged woman next to him, "Elder sister, I won’t charge you for this box of test paper. Do you want to test this Pomeranian that you have selected for free?"
Hearing that it was a free test, she handed him the Pomeranian in her arms and smiled, "OK, thank you!"
Liu XX suddenly stood up, and said rudely, "Put my dog ​​down! I forbid you from testing my dog! My dog ​​is not sick. If you won’t buy it, leave!"
"If your dog is not sick, what harm would a test cause? If you don’t dare to let it undergo a test, it means you are hiding something!" Snowy could not help but retorted.
Liu XX froze there. He secretly glanced at Red Dragon not far away. The young man in a leather jacket whose ID name was "Red Dragon" in the WeChat Group Chat nodded towards him, indicating him to remain calm.
"Well! Go ahead! Test it! But let me tell you, if the result shows there’s nothing wrong with my dog, you have to compensate for my reputational damage!" yelled Liu XX.
"OK, no problem." Zhang Zian knew from Liu XX’s expression that he was right. If nothing wrong can be tested, there were many ways for the cheeky Zhang Zian to shirk his responsibility.
He poured two disposable cotton swabs from the cardboard box and tore off the sealed packages. He asked the middle-aged women to hold the Pomeranian, and then inserted one cotton swab into its b.u.t.thole and one into its nostril for samplings. When the colors on the cotton swabs changed, he pulled them out.
Next, he put the two pigmented cotton swabs in two bottles of dilutions, of which the caps were different colors to distinguish between. One bottle was for the testing of CDV and the other was for testing Parvovirus.
He stirred the cotton swabs in the dilutions for a few strokes. He asked Snowy to help hold the dilution test tubes. He tore off the packages on the test paper, and took out two sets of test paperboards and pipettes.
Finally, he used the pipettes to suck up the dilutions, and dripped dilutions, and dripped them on two test papers. Now, he just needed to wait for the results.
Liu XX was anxiously staring at Zhang Zian’s operation. He was thinking of slandering Zhang Zian for changing the cotton swabs in the process, but then he saw that Snowy was holding her cellphone and recording the test process, so he had to swallow the words back.
All the people present were attentively looking at the test paperboards in Zhang Zian’s hands. Although they were not sure what kind of symptoms would indicate that the dog was sick, they were marveled by the two tiny test paperboards.
Zhang Zian looked at his watch. About six or seven minutes later, he showed the test paperboards in front of Snowy’s camera.
He gave the conclusions, "On the test paper for CDV, both C line and T line have emerged, proving that the puppy has a strong positive reaction to CDV. The same results also appear on the test paper for Parvovirus. This Pomeranian has contracted both CDV and Parvovirus. I’m afraid it won’t survive very long."
The middle-aged woman immediately put the Pomeranian down, shook her head and said, "No, no, no. I won’t buy a sick dog. I was almost deceived!"
Deng Jie couldn’t make sense of the results of the test paper, "You say that the dog is sick, but I think it is energetic and doesn’t seem like it’s ill..."
"It's easy, because the dog must have eaten painkillers." Zhang Zian put the test paperboards, test tubes, pipettes, and cotton swabs back into the cardboard box, ready to throw it in a dustbin.
Snowy felt sympathy for the puppy, "Are CDV and Parvovirus incurable? Should we take it to Dr. Sun and ask her to treat it?"
Zhang Zian shook his head decisively, "It’s useless. This Pomeranian is doomed."
He pointed to the reddish-brown fur of the Pomeranian and said, "It is impossible for such a young Pomeranian to have this reddish-brown color. It must have been dyed with industrial dyes, just like those dyed chicklings. The toxicity has intruded its internal organs, and even if it doesn’t suffer from CDV and Parvovirus, it will die in just a few days. Once the effects of painkillers stop working, it will be overwhelmed with extreme pain."

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