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Binhai University.

The central teaching building was 30 stories high.

Each story of the teaching building was much higher than that of ordinary residential buildings, so the 30 stories of the teaching building were roughly equivalent to 40 stories of ordinary residential buildings. In this neighborhood, the teaching building was the highest and most prominent one, which could even be deemed as a landmark construction.

Although it was already evening, more than half of the offices and cla.s.srooms in the central teaching building were still brightly lit, with people going in and out constantly. Some cla.s.srooms were being used for teaching less important elective courses that were scheduled in the evening, while more cla.s.srooms were used by students as study rooms. As the postgraduate entrance exam was approaching, after dinner, students were fighting with each other to occupy more seats in rows for their cla.s.smates or roommates.

The terrace cla.s.sroom where Richard once appeared was not the same anymore.

Tonight, the lecturer behind the podium was not the professor from the Chinese language department, but was a person familiar to Zhang Zian.

In front of the students, Meng Li was giving his lecture eloquently, while his graduate a.s.sistant next to him looked desperate, because after helping his tutor with teaching sessions, he had to walk his tutor’s dog for him. He must walk the dog every day in the morning, at noon and in the evening…so much so that he had been doubting the meaning of his life. He was lacking sleep, and he even quit playing the Arena of Valor game that he was once obsessed with!

That c.o.c.ker Spaniel was ridiculously lively and energetic! He didn’t think he was the one walking the dog, but the dog had been walking him!

He had to walk the dog three times a day, each time took him at least an hour to walk it into the sports field and within the campus, and he felt awkward that he had to carry plastic bags to pick up its feces. In the past, his cla.s.smates that hadn’t pa.s.sed the postgraduate entrance exam always envied him, and now they were not envious at all.

Of course, walking the dog brought some benefits. For example, Meng Li had clearly promised that he wouldn’t raise difficult questions to him when he was about to graduate; instead, if he performed well, Meng Li would recommend job opportunities to him. Besides, when he walked the dog in the morning, he would run into some girls who were jogging or doing some exercise, and though nothing happened, at least he had left good impressions on them.

On the same floor, in the office of the School of Biology, while other teachers had left, Wei Kang was still there, holding a magnifying gla.s.s and looking carefully at the replicates of the ancient Egyptian murals.

These were the daily routines in this huge central teaching building, and seemed like they would never change...

The empty roof was the quietest place in the entire teaching building. As a result of the incidents in which students jumped off the roof in the past, the pa.s.sages to the roof were completely blocked, and no one was allowed to go there, especially at nights, unless with the permission of the princ.i.p.al and the teaching director.

The winds became stronger at taller places. Though no one swept the dust on the roof, it was blown off by the strong winds.

Within a blink of an eye, Galaxy suddenly appeared on the vacant roof!

It turned around and whispered, "Well, this is where Galaxy should be in the future."

Galaxy saw the future the other day, at this time it should appear here, so here it was.

From one side of the roof, the Hidden Fog Mountain could be seen, which looked like a dark monster lurking in the night.

The central teaching building was high-lying, and though not as high as the Hidden Fog Mountain, its height stood out in this neighborhood of ​​Binhai City, and it enabled people to overlook quite a vast area.

Galaxy trotted to the other side of the roof’s edge. Eyes wide open, it saw that Amazing Fate Pet Shop had reduced to the size of a fingernail, and Guo Dongyue was like an ant that was hardly distinguishable.

A silver, streamlined car was speeding from the direction of the pet shop. Like a flexible silver snake, it easily overtook cars and trucks, one after another, in front of it. However, there was one thing it could never pa.s.s—the red traffic light standing in the intersection of roads.

Though there were no cars obstructing the silver sedan, it reluctantly decelerated, just like a boxer who had long-prepared a heavy punch missed the target, and instead of hitting on the opponent, the fist smashed towards the cold cement wall.

With its silver-grey eyes wide open, Galaxy concentrated on watching the solar-powered traffic lights.

The rays from its eyes penetrated the metal covers, the colorful insulative rubbers, the bra.s.sy metal conducting wires of the traffic light, and landed on microscopic particles invisible to humans’ naked eyes.

According to the quantum free electron theory derived from the Schrödinger equation, the movements of free electrons in metals must conform to the laws of quantum mechanics and would be influenced by observers as well.

Deviating from their original course of movement, a cl.u.s.ter of free electrons suddenly appeared at a place they shouldn’t be in at that moment! Other cl.u.s.ters of free electrons also had deviated from their intended route and vanished from where they should have been!

Such situations were called "sporadic faults" by engineers, and "supernatural events" by fortune-tellers and monks.

In short, the traffic light, which should not have turned green, became green in advance, and the traffic light of the other direction turned red at the same time.

"What the h.e.l.l?" Jin Er’s eyes became wide-opened.

He was familiar with this road. If he remembered correctly, the red light should last a long time, and he was ready to hit the brakes. How did the light suddenly become green?

His physical instinct reacted faster than his thinking, and instead of stepping on the brakes, he stepped on the accelerator, and the electric sedan crossed the intersection like a streak of silver lightning.

"Wow!" Jin Er cheered excitedly, not looking at all like a middle-aged man in his forties. He glanced in the rear-view mirror, and as soon as his car had crossed the intersection, the traffic light turned red again.

"What happened? Today is my lucky day?" he muttered to himself.

Long Xian was too scared to open her eyes. She felt she had made a mistake to get into this crooked car, and that sooner or later, she would get herself killed.

Binhai City was a medium-sized city, so the streets were not as long as those in big cities. Jin Er saw the next traffic light ahead; it was still red.

Experienced drivers all knew that in the event of a red light, it was likely for them to encounter a succession of red lights.

Steadily controlling the steering wheel and stepping on the accelerator, Jin Er had completed overtaking again and again, and was closer to the traffic light.

With the last experience, he was in no hurry to apply the brake, instead, he was patiently staring at the traffic light. He wanted to see whether today was his lucky day.

Unlike Snowy's father, Jiang Tianda, Jin Er was never a rule-abiding man, and in his opinion, rules were meant to be broken.

The intersection was near at hand, and his car was running too fast, so even if he stepped on the brakes now, he couldn’t make the car stop in time.

As before, the red light turned green again!

So did the third traffic light...

And the fourth traffic light...

They all turned green abruptly as he approached.

Jin Er could scarcely believe what he had seen. His heart was pounding so fast. He was even confident to race with Tak.u.mi Fujiwara driving an AE86 or Michael Schumacher in his F1 racing car if they appeared in front of him right now!

Binhai City was his Akina Mountain, and today was his lucky day!

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