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The photography group chose to shoot in front of a serious church. The believers were nice enough to not kick them out. Now Luo Qingyu started complaining for no reason. Who knows when they would get kicked out?!

Luo Qingyu rubbed his head and could not stand Zhang Zian’s comments. Soon enough, his forgot about the whole unpleasant conversation and said happily, "Let’s not talk about it right now. I am not like that."

"Well, you don’t have to be humble about this. Frankly, I have never seen someone nerdier than you!" Zhang Zian kept himself away from Luo Qingyu on purpose, "Don’t come any closer! Nerdiness is contagious!"

Zhang Zian’s first cat-bathing customer, Lu Yiyun, was also nerdy looking. She left a pretty good impression on Zhang Zian, except for the fact that she was emotional… It looked like nerdy Otakus were not always the same. Someone like Luo Qingyu might be an exception? Who knows?! Zhang Zian thought to himself.

Seeing that Zhang Zian was not going to accept his preaching, Luo Qingyu sighed, "Fine. You don’t know what you are missing."

"Well, I have missed many things in my life. I don’t feel sorry about missing you preach at all. Please get going. I am on a tight schedule!" Zhang Zian pushed again.

"Okay! You are no fun!"

Luo Qingyu ran over to the girls and dragged the tall girl out.

"What is it?!" The tall girl asked impatiently.

Another girl took Snowy Lionet away when the tall girl was not paying attention, which made her sad. Snowy Lionet’s fur was so soft, like a stuffed animal. When she was holding it in her arms, it meowed lightly and licked her face. So cute! Now that someone had taken it away from her, she started missing this cat already!

"We are here for photo shooting, not playing with cats! You are the leader among those cosplay girls," Luo Qingyu tried to convince her. "Read your comic book a few more times and get a hint of what your character is about. Playing with cats is a waste of time."

The tall girl complained, "Didn’t I do good in posing for the shoot? What do you want now?"

"Aura! Understand? Aura!" Luo Qingyu waved the rolled-up paper in his hand and started yelling, "We want not only the appearance of the cosplay characters, but also the heart and the soul! Only this way can we show a perfect cosplay! I can’t ask for more, but you at least have to show the essence of the disposition of the character!"

Luo Qingyu was so loud that the tall girl’s ear was hurting! She stepped back and said, "I told you I can’t do Tsundere characters! It was you who forced me into this. Now you are blaming me? Guys are ridiculous! Why do you guys like Tsundere girls so much?! Stupid!"

"What?! Stupid? You just couldn’t understand. A Tsundere girl is the most attractive… well, never mind. You will never understand!" Yearning showed on Luo Qingyu’s face, "Come on! I am counting on you to represent this character I have a mad crush on!"

"I don’t care!" The tall girl said unhappily, "I don’t know what being Tsundere is. Why don’t you find one for me so I can learn from her?"

Luo Qingyu paused and forced a smile, "A Tsundere girl in real life… I have been searching high and low for her but couldn’t find her!"

"Well…" Zhang Zian, who still stood far away, said, "Excuse me, I think I can show you what being Tsundere is."

"Really? You know a Tsundere girl?" Luo Qingyu rushed to Zhang Zian and shook him like crazy, "Hook me up with her! Hook me up with her!"

Zhang Zian struggled to get his hands off, "I don’t have a Tsundere girl, but I have a Tsundere cat. Look!" Zhang Zian pointed at Fina.

"A Tsundere cat?!" Luo Qingyu and the tall girl were surprised to hear that and they both looked over.

Fina slowly walked up the stairs at the church entrance. Raising her head and looking forward, she was glancing at the believers walking by and the cosplay girls who were having fun. Fina was not cold, nor proud. She was like a leader standing up high and overlooking the people below as if she was saying, "I don’t mean anything bad but every one of you are garbage!"

Luo Qingyu was excited, "That’s it! Did you see? That is what I want!" He hit the tall girl’s shoulder so hard that she almost cried.

"Holy moly!" he sighed. "I have always wondered what a Tsundere girl looks like, but I couldn’t picture her… Today I found a perfect representation on a cat!"

He turned around and found the tall girl staying far away from him, "Ying Ting, look! This is Tsundere in the real world! Learn from that cat!"

The hit on her shoulder was really hurtful. The tall girl took a deep breath, stared at him with rage and began to pay attention to Fina.

At first, Ting Ying didn’t care about the so-called Tsundere and she didn’t understand why guys loved it so much. If someone in the real world was like that, he had to be a lonely man. She looked at Fina up and down. It was only a normal cat, a very looking one… A cat was a pet. How could it be Tsundere? Nonsense!

However, the longer she looked at Fina, the more she was shocked to find out.

Just like the stories in novels, she could feel Fina’s aura! The odd thing was that Fina didn’t really do anything. She was just standing there. Sometimes she half-closed her eyes. Sometimes she lightly touched her beard with her paw. But all and all, she showed a distinguished aura. Especially when she looked at you with her eyes half-closed, as if she could see through you.

A saying came to Ting Ying’s mind: it takes three generations of training to become elegant. Aura was something that formed over a long process. For example, if someone came from the less fortunate, he would still act like who he was even if he won the lottery. This cat had to be a special pet!

She looked at Fina.

Soon, she found something different about Fina.

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