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As a new shopping guide, Su Min was told to respect the senior guides and obey her superiors. As such, when the guests walked into the store, those who were obviously rich were taken care of by the senior guides, especially those men between thirty years old and fifty years that were old accompanied by a twenty-year-old lady that looked like a college student... However, she had to take care of the poorer guys.

Every month, when seeing the senior guides' rich commissions, she felt sad. Having worked in Longfeng Jewelry Shop for about three months now, Su Min not only hadn't saved money but had spent a lot. Although her uniform was provided by the store, she had to buy makeup and perfume on her own. At first, she had bought some cheap domestic ones, but that was noticed by the picky manager, who demanded she change to imported ones.

The basic salary was ¥1200. Full attendance was an extra ¥200. The makeup subsidy was ¥100. What type of makeup would only cost ¥100?

There were fewer customers in the morning. Earlier, a young couple had walked into the store, but they were taken care of by senior staff. Although the young couple's consumption capacity was not high, their desire was very strong. As the saying goes, "a mosquito's legs are also made of meat." Su Min saw the senior guide chatting with the girl like they were BFFs and complimenting the girl on her beautiful white skin, which Su Ming thought was too extreme.

This couple should have been college students, young and naive. How could they resist the senior guide's blandishments? The guide recommended a ¥3888, 18-carat gold-and-diamond ring to the girl. Although the size was small and the diamond was tiny, it was still an authentic diamond ring. If the deal was made, the senior would earn a commission of about 100 yuan. Su Min was not greedy—as long as she made one deal like that every day, she could earn a salary of 4500 yuan. It was not too much, but it was at least enough to live on, so she would never have to ask for money from her family.

The man glanced at the price tag and turned red. Although he did not say anything, his sweating forehead revealed the truth. His girlfriend had been totally intrigued by the senior guide, excitement shining in her eyes. Su Min felt like the girl's pupils were completely filled by this tiny diamond ring, leaving no room for anything else. "An An, I don't think it's beautiful. What do you think? Let's see something else. How about that gold ring?" The man clumsily tried his best to distract her attention, holding her hands and pointing to another two-thousand-yuan gold flower ring that weighed less than 6 grams.

His girlfriend was usually very considerate, but now she gave him a long face. "No, a gold ring is too vulgar!"

The senior staff smiled and said, "Exactly, you're too young to wear a gold ring. That is for old woman like me." Since the price of gold was very transparent and the processing fee was not high, the commission for the gold ring would only be about 20 yuan, maybe not even that.

The young man obviously had cold sweat, like a thirsty traveler that kept licking his dry lips in the desert. "An An, we agreed that we would just be looking around today, didn't we?" He tried to keep his voice down, almost imploring his girlfriend.

"But I like this!" The girlfriend was extremely stubborn today and responded in a high pitch. The boyfriend blushed, it even extending past his ears, and his gla.s.ses were covered with mist.

"Or, let's go for a movie. You always said you wanted to watch that romantic movie, didn't you? Let's watch the movie and have some popcorn. We can have lunch after we are done. What do you think?"

"I'm on a diet." The girlfriend pouted. The boyfriend was at a loss. "An An, you're in such a good shape. You don't need to be on diet...!" Su Min couldn't bear it anymore.

The door opened. The No. 2 senior staff stepped forward with a fake smile, then pulled back his feet, pretending not to see the customer and returning to standby mode. The supervisor in the back pushed Su Min. "What are you doing? Go and take care of the customer." Su Min suddenly rushed forward and almost knocked into the customer that had just walked inside. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she apologized, panicking.

The customer was a young man with short hair, wearing a twill Uniqlo shirt—she recognized it because Uniqlo was just next door. She couldn't recognize the brand of his jeans. The only ones that were a little more expensive were the pair of shoes, New Balance sneakers, but who knew whether they was authentic or not. She had heard that there were a lot of fake products of this brand... He held his phone high up and seemed to be looking for something. There were no extra accessories on his ears, neck, fingers, or wrists.

The man was somewhat handsome. The casual outfit made him stand out even more, but being handsome and standing out was nothing. Su Min was not a plant that could germinate by photosynthesis… Su Min's view was not as sharp as the seniors, but she had confidence that this man's consumption ability and desire were infinitely close to zero...

As a single man, Zhang Zian had never entered a jewelry store. He felt astonished as soon as he walked into the store. He couldn't have handled it if he hadn't upgraded his sn.o.biness in the Apple store! There was not only one flash bomb. His eyes had just recovered from the light of a Rose Gold iphone and immediately saw a couple of college students showing off their love in front of the counter. He was astonished for a second time!

Feeling pained, he looked through the camera and found a cat sitting on the counter that matched the jeweler's decoration style. As he was about to carefully observe it, Su Min suddenly rushed up and almost hit him, completely blocking his the phone camera. "What would you like to see, sir?" Su Min asked with a professional smile.

"You blocked the stuff I want to see," Zhang Zian answered reluctantly.

"What?" Although Su Min had been able to deal with some difficult questions before because of some internal training, this question still left her confused. When Zhang Zian saw that she was hesitating, he turned his body a little to try to see the cat. That really was a mythical creature. It was invisible through human eyes, but he could see it through the capture screen of the game. It was weird to describe a cat with the word "elegant," but seeing this cat, Zhang Zian thought of this word at first glance.

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