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Chapter 181: Calling Its Real Name
Zhang Zian carefully a.n.a.lyzed all three restrictions and found them to be very reasonable, especially the last one – when a pet appearing invisible attempted to attack someone, it would automatically resume visibility. This restriction resolved the potential threat that an invisible pet might bring to a normal person.

If Elfins became overly powerful and could do whatever they wanted when invisible, it would be very dangerous to the human world.
He then asked, "Is there any harm to the elfin if it appears invisible?"
[Navigation Elf]:No.
Zhang Zian was at ease. The Navigation Elf didn’t have to trick him. It had never lied to him anyways. However, sometimes he could not fully understand the deep meaning in Navigation Elf’s words.
"How can I make the benevolent and righteousness cat appear invisible?"
[Navigation Elf]:Call its real name and then deliver the invisible command.
"Oh…" He looked at Old Time Tea’s vest. "What about the clothing on an Elfin? Will it turn invisible as well?" Honestly, that was his true concern.
[Navigation Elf]:Yes. Clothing is part of the Elfin. It was the last wish this Elfin had before turning into an Elfin.
That was surprising.
In other words, before Old Time Tea turned into an Elfin, her last wish was to have a vest and a hat?
Did she think they were fashionable or did she want them for some other usage?
Zhang Zian could not figure out the reason and he was too embarra.s.sed to ask Old Time Tea. No matter what, Old Time Tea got what she wanted and that was what mattered. Digging into further details was not necessary.
When he chose "The Ocean’s Roar" as her background music, he thought the music was a perfect match to Old Time Tea. Only she could deserve this song. He thought about when he had first met her in Hidden Fog.
"Okay. Thank you."
Zhang Zian expressed his appreciation to the Navigation Elf, locked the cell phone and talked to Old Time Tea, "Grandma Tea, did you hear our conversation? Do you want to go with me invisibly?"
In fact, Old Time Tea was looking forward to this special experience. She replied happily, "Sure! I heard people in j.a.pan know how to appear invisible and then do what they want. I didn’t believe it and it was too bad that I didn’t get to see it. I never thought I would have a chance to try it out."
Zhang Zian did not reply. He felt that Old Time Tea sounded more like she regretted not having a chance to fight against the j.a.panese.
He decided he should remain a low profile in the future. Look, even Old Time Tea talked like him now.
"The juvenile Ye Wen Foshan Wing Chun Cat – Invisible!"
How come this sounded so stupid?
As soon as he finished, Old Time Tea’s body turned vague yet still could be seen. It looked like it was covered by a thin layer of fog. The edge of the fog faded out so it was not easy to see what it was.
Holy moly!
Zhang Zian’s eyes were wide open. If he wasn’t a player of such a magical game, he would’ve called the police when that happened.
Old Time Tea was also surprised. She stretched her arms and legs and couldn’t believe what was happening. She was always calm, even in crisis. It was the first time Old Time Tea showed that she was indeed astonished by what she saw…
"Grandma Tea, are you feeling okay?" Zhang Zian asked again.
Old Time Tea shook its head, "Nope."
All of a sudden, she reached out her sharp nails.
Immediately, the invisibility disappeared and visibility resumed to normal.
That had to be the so-called attempt to attack.
Zhang Zian was amazed. It took some time for Old Time Tea to become invisible, yet it only took seconds to disable.
Zhang Zian had been dealing with the Navigation Elf for quite a while, so he didn’t question anything the Navigation Elf said. However, Old Time Tea was more careful. It had to testify Navigation

Elf’s words before being comfortable. As a benevolent warrior, all her friends had died. Old Time Tea only trusted the friends who she spent time with. The Navigation Elf was invisible, so Old Time Tea didn’t completely trust it.
Despite the fact that she didn’t trust the Navigation Elf, Old Time Tea wanted to try out the invisible effect herself. Compared to Xinghai and Queen Fina who might be able to accompany Zhang Zian for a much longer time, Old Time Tea was an old cat who was willing to take the risk if anything fatal happened. Old Time Tea was confident that she would sense danger during the process if there was any.
Old Time Tea quickly waved her paw and left three sharp scratches on the wall. Her speed and strength was as great as usual and wasn’t influenced by being invisible.
Looking at the scratches on the wall, Zhang Zian secretly felt anguished. Fortunately, the store was going to be renovated soon.
"The juvenile Ye Wen Foshan Wing Chun Cat – Invisible!" Zhang Zian turned Old Time Tea invisible again after getting its consent.
Old Time Tea didn’t show her sharp nails this time, so the invisible effect was normal. Zhang Zian was curious as to if other people could see Old Time Tea, so he decided to test it out.
He pulled down the curtain door and locked it.
He had handled all matters with the attorney, so it was unlikely that anyone would come by. If Captain Sheng came, he could contact Zhang on his cellphone. If customers came… then they would have to come back later. It looked like a WeChat official account was necessary at this point.
Glancing across from the street, he saw that Aunt Li and her husband were picking up the street cart. They would come back in the evening. The food in the street cart would turn from breakfast to BBQ skewers.
Zhang Zian wanted to see if they could see Old Time Tea.
"Grandma Tea, let’s go…"
It was awkward that he appeared to talk to himself. Would he draw people’s attention by doing so?
"Grandma Tea, wait a second. I will be back."
He unlocked the door, pulled up the curtain door halfway and got in the store. Walking upstairs, he found a bluetooth earpiece in the drawer and put it on.
This way, people thought that he was talking on the phone using a bluetooth earpiece.
He walked back out of the store and locked up.
It was the first time that Old Time Tea had left the store during the day. She felt that this world was full of so much new and fun stuff that she wished she had six pairs of eyes.
Lots of cars were running on the street.
She had seen cars before, but standing on the street and feeling them drive by was a whole new experience. Although cars didn’t smell good, they smelled better than horse manure. Cars were beautiful with smooth, s.e.xy shapes.
Walking on the sidewalk, Zhang Zian didn’t feel anything different, but Old Time Tea’s beard could accurately sense the airflow when a car drove by. There were too many cars driving by too fast. The airflow from each car interfered with the airflow of other cars, which formed an extremely complicated turbulence. If such turbulence was visible, then it would be even more terrifying than a deadly hurricane from the ocean.

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