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After Xiao Yan and Captain Sheng left, Zhang Zian continued to clean up the garbage in the shop.

He was refreshing his mind of Xiao Yan’s positive feedback of Captain Sheng, carefully thinking it over again. Initially, he thought that after this incident, he would not have any further interaction with Captain Sheng. That was why he didn’t pay much attention to his appearance.

Now, in his retrospect: Captain Sheng was somewhere in his late 30’s to early 40’s, in the prime of his life. Because of long-term implementation of outside tasks, his cheeks were tanned into a dark brown. But the clear shape of his face made him look serious. He probably needed a lot of alone time to think hard when handling cases; there was a heavy cigarette smell that exuded from his body. Those cigarettes were obviously not the high-grade ones. His hair was short and sharp, like steel needles, some of which had turned grey already.

Zhang Zian did not know the captain’s full name. Last night, Captain Sheng did show him his police officer card, but at that time, it was so dark, and he was not in the mood to pay attention to this detail. Anyway, he was not a fake policeman, that much was certain.

Cat trainer...

Zhang Zian just heard a little about it before, but knew nothing about it. If Captain Sheng really believed what he had said and came back to him for a.s.sistance in some cases in a few days, then he would continue to lie to him - but probably would not be found out.

This animal crime was not uncommon in detective novels.

In the world's first true detective novel, "Moog Street Murder", written by Ellen Slope, the atmosphere was rendered horrific and weird: The victim's body comminuted intense fracturing, and then was forced into a chimney. What kind of human could have such power? After the final mystery was revealed, the killer was actually a reddish-brown orangutan.

It was unexpected but reasonable.

Reddish-brown orangutans’ power and agile actions were superior to humans. Their strong upper arms could cling to your body and contraction of the muscles could break a human’s entire sternum. Before one died of asphyxiation, his heart may be pierced by broken ribs.

The answer seemed to be too complicated, far-fetched and deliberately bizarre, but this was this type of detective novel with no coincidence, as no one would like to read boring novels.

Not only did Ellen Poe write animal novels, but many other famous detective novelists did too.

The world's first detective, Sherlock Holmes, suffered a "Spotted Tape Case", in which the victim died within the Chamber of Secrets. The murderer was a British doctor that used to live in India and was a secret snake trainer. He used a whistle to guide a highly poisonous moorland viper to kill his stepdaughter.

In the waves led by these two detective novel masters, all kinds of animal killers debuted. There was nothing they could not imagine. Some of these stories, of course, sounded a little far-fetched, but no one could completely deny the possibility of their occurrence.

In these so-called suspicious cases, many of them were planned from the dead corner of human thinking.

Zhang Zian did not think that the captain would like to solve these types of suspicious cases. Honestly, although the captain was a very capable policeman, he was not qualified to solve these kind of cases, which existed in novels and theories.

Captain Sheng had probably confirmed, or at least suspected, that this might be an animal crime, but could not find the main suspect, so instead he showed great interest in Zhang Zian, calling him a cat trainer.

Think of this, Zhang Zian suddenly shuddered.

The reddish-brown orangutan in "Moog Street Murder Case" would not become the common conception because of the faith of those detective fans, right? After all, this novel was the ancestor of detective novels, which seemed qualified enough...

At this point, his phone suddenly rang in a notification.

A sleeping Fina woke up and Old Time Tea, who was leisurely drinking her tea, looked up too. There was some kind of premonition in their hearts, like hearing the horn on the ancient battlefield, so they invariably looked towards the phone.

Zhang Zian picked up the phone and unlocked it.

The "Pet Hunter" game started automatically, and after the animation, the flash of light on the screen jumped.

[Navigation Elf]: Welcome to the "Pet Hunter" world, all you lucky players all over the world who downloaded the game!

[Navigation Elf]: If a player has already collected and tamed three elves, novice protection mode is over and the pet king war is about to begin!

[Navigation Elf]: After careful consideration, in order to improve the enthusiasm of the players involved, the ultimate winner of the pet king war will be given the "King" t.i.tle and an exciting great reward — he or she will immediately be able to promote any designated pet to the legendary level, transcend its life and death cycle, and get the equivalent of the power of the G.o.ds.

[Navigation Elf]: There are two kinds of victory mode in the pet king war – collecting the most elves, or beating all the other elves.

[Navigation Elf]: At the same time, once the pet king war starts, the scanning range of elf pet detection radar will be increased to a radius of 1000 km.

[Navigation Elf]: We wish you a happy game!

The game automatically exited, and brought him back to the phone's standby interface.

The amount of information that was released just now was a lot for Zhang Zian.

He already knew that he was not the only player in the world, but didn’t know that he had downloaded the game within the limited given time. But he had completely no idea as to what types of elves they had, not to mention what level and what characteristics they had.

As for the reward of the pet king war, it was simply incredible to be able to promote any designated pet to the legendary level...

He had no doubt about what the navigation elf had said, as this game absolutely could do what it said, at least for now. He did not want to put Xinghai, Fina or Old Time Tea in a dangerous situation for the reward, and he did not want to partic.i.p.ate in this compet.i.tion, but there was no doubt that there would be other players that wanted this award.

It was very important that the detection radar radius would be up to 1000 km! So how large was the range of radar detection before? Did the so-called novice protection mode limit the scope of the radar detection, so that novice players could only detect the elves near them?

So, now that the detection range was up to a 1000 km radius, then it had a diameter of a 2000 km circle. Two or three players might detect an elf at the same time, which would bring too many variables. What strategies would other players use? Friendly fair compet.i.tion, backing off to save his strength, or being unscrupulous to win...?

Among these players, how many of them would be happy to partic.i.p.ate in this game?

Old Time Tea gently coughed. "My little friend."

Zhang Zian put down the phone. "What’s up, Old Time Tea?"

Old Time Tea thought for a while and said, "Just now, that person named Sheng had a vision that was not simple. I am afraid that you couldn’t hold the secrets for long. Well, anyways, the shop will not be open for a few days. Tomorrow morning, let’s find a secret place and I will teach you some basic routines of Yong Chun Kung Fu."

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