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Chapter 152: It Would Become Popular
It was the next morning.

Humming a song, Snowy ran down the stairs and saw her father had a long face.
Fooled by Loser Jin, Jiang Tianda was mad. He had been walking back to Jin’s house every day hoping to run into him. When he ran into Loser Jin, he was going to scold Jin. However, Loser Jin had to know what was in Jiang’s mind. He didn’t return at all!
Snowy made a face to her mom, laughing and pointing from behind at her dad, who was reading the newspaper. Who read the newspaper these days? Lame!
Mother didn’t respond to her. Instead, she said, "Sit down and have some breakfast."
Her parents had already eaten. Only her breakfast was left on the table.
Snowy grabbed her orange juice, looking at her cell phone as she drank.
"How many times do I have to tell you? No cell phones at the dining table!" Father put down the newspaper, looking mad, "You are an adult already. Act like one."
Snowy was indifferent to father’s old speech.
She turned on Weibo to check messages.
Thousands of messages popped out!
"Snowy, s.e.xual manager’s store was robbed!"
"It is real! I took a detour this morning before I went to work. It was robbed."
"Yeah. I saw that. It was mess in there."
"Did he offend someone?"
"That’s not the point, okay? The scariest thing was that s.e.xual Manager beat up seven fighters who came with weapons."
"No way! I don’t believe it."
"It couldn’t be him!"
"Something must be wrong."
"That’s true. At first I didn’t believe it. There are many videos posted online already. Go take a look. Many people begged to learn Kung Fu from him."
"I am too lazy to get up. Snowy, could you investigate and have a show?"
"F*ck! I love the way you beg for a live show!"
"Yeah, Snowy. Working people are begging for a live show for investigation."
"Students are begging, too. "
"Out-of-towners are begging, too"
"Overseas audiences are begging, too. I am planning to buy a stunt cat to show off to my American friends…"
"Out-of-s.p.a.cers… never mind, I will just wait for the show quietly. "
Snowy suddenly stood up. Her orange juice was only half gone but she said, "I am full."
Jiang Tianda’s eyebrows tightened, "You haven’t even begun your breakfast. Do you know how important breakfast is? Not eating breakfast will cause gallstones! Someone in my company… "
"I’ve got to go. I will be back soon. I’ll eat when I come back!" Snowy stopped her father, ran back up to her bedroom, changed, took the selfie-stick and ran downstairs.
Mother already made a peanut b.u.t.ter and jelly sandwich and gave it to her. "Eat it on the go."
With two full hands, Snowy bit into the sandwich, and said something that no one understood.
Mother waved her head, "Wild girl… even cats are more elegant than you…"
Knowing that she was rushing to do live shows, Jiang Tianda was even angrier.
"Going out again? Can’t you stay home for just a few days…"
A door closing was her response to him.
Jiang Tianda was speechless.
"Why was she in such a hurry?" he asked his wife.
"How would I know?" she said as she shrugged her shoulders.
Snowy quickly ate the sandwich, left the villa and got a taxi.
"Amazing Fate Pet Shop," She said to the driver.
"Are you going to learn Kung Fu?" The driver laughed as he looked at her.
"What?" Snowy was confused.
"Don’t you know? That pet shop is popular online. Not including you, I already took two other people there trying to learn Kung Fu," The driver said as he steered.
"A young and pretty girl like yourself should learn some Kung Fu, so you can protect yourself in danger. I hear that the owner doesn’t take students. What a pity…" the driver kept talking.
Snowy didn’t say a word to him.
She posted a short tweet: I am on m

y way.
Upon opening the video app, the video was on the main page. She was surprised!
It was t.i.tled, Robbery last night in Binhai, The owner fights against seven!
Snowy hit the play b.u.t.ton.
The video started with seven Rainbow Fighters walking into the pet shop. The recorder obviously didn’t know what was going on at first and started filming after the gla.s.s was broken.
Snowy could tell at one glance that it was the Amazing Fate Pet Shop. The seven Rainbow Fighters were in fact going after Zhang Zian. However, the video was taken from a distance so some details were not clear. It was also impossible to hear the conversation.
At that time, a comment popped up, "Here it comes!"
The lights went out.
After a few seconds, the seven Rainbow Fighters were thrown out of the store one by one, all pa.s.sed out. The last one was the golden-haired fighter who was able to make slight movements.
Zhang Zian went to the door. Under the streetlight, he snapped on the golden-haired guy’s forehead and the guy pa.s.sed out.
Later on, the light came back on. Zhang Zian was in one piece.
Most people didn’t believe it.
"Is this a trailer or advertis.e.m.e.nt for a new movie? The way they advertise is so low!"
"Yeah. It is only a low-cost production. The producer must have just come from some movie school, and is trying to get this clip popular and get famous."
"Shut up! I am a Binhai local. Come look at it yourself. Don’t bullsh*t when you don’t know! "
"I am also a Binhai local. I have heard about it but haven’t had time to go over there yet."
"I live in the northwest! I won’t go there to look at a pet store! Crazy people!"
"Then you’d better shut up!"
The discussion was getting more and more heated.
Many Binhai residents felt honored to have a master like that in their city. They all showed up and persuaded people to believe what happened was real.
"Everyone shut up! Look, a live show about this will begin soon. You guys take a look! You will find out after watching the live show. The name of the broadcast room is "Food and Fun in Binhai", the one with most fans."
"Okay. I don’t normally watch live shows, but I will watch this time."
Snowy was silent.
That’s wasn’t true, right?
She read the information of the video. It was played over 30 thousand times. People left over 300 comments. From last night to this morning, it had only been half a day!
The video would become very popular.

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