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Chapter 150: A Trip For Righteousness
Two street cats were trying to stand their ground up on the wall. One was orange and the other was white. Both were male cats.
One had to intrude the other’s territory. They were only a few feet away from each other. With their backs arching and fur standing, muscles tightened and sharp teeth revealed, neither one wanted to step back.
"Meow ah!"Q
"Meow ah!"
Their screams were high pitched and long. They sounded like babies crying or ghosts screaming. It was terrifying.
The orange cat reached out one paw and put it on the white cat’s forehead. It looked as if it was pushing the white cat back.
The white cat didn’t fight back. It kept screaming and whipping its tail impatiently.
The white cat was bigger, so it was a strong opponent to the orange cat.
The orange cat took its paw back as if it was scared.
At this time, they both heard an abnormal noise.
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Cats are curious. Both cats turned around to look in the direction where the noise came from.
Something flew in!
The orange cat and the white cat were both terrified. They raised their heads, attempting to find the new intruder.
The moon was like a big round plate. A strong shadow quickly flew past their heads.
The moonlight lit up the intruder’s shadow on the wall. It was wearing a vest and a hat!
Is that a person?
With their mouths wide open, both cats’ eyes followed the movement of the shadow.
Humans weren’t this quick.
Is it another animal?
A window on the third floor was pushed open. A broken slipper flew out of the window, landed on the wall. It flew a few rounds in the air and then fell on the ground.
"What is that noise? It is so annoying!" said a woman’s voice.
Then a man said, "Let it be. It was a cat."
The woman discovered something. "Come here! What is it? A cat flying?"
The man walked up to the window. "What? I don’t see anything."
The woman was mad. "You are too slow. It flew by!"
The two cats had already forgotten about the intruder. They were confronting each other and trying to push the other cat away.
A war would start at any time.

When Old Time Tea jumped up in the air, she could precisely find where to land as soon as she reached the peak.
Inhale – exhale – inhale – exhale -
Her breathing was smooth. She was doing great.
Every time she jumped up again from the wall, her sharp nails would rub against the wall.
She jumped through countless pointy roofs, flat roofs, round roofs, roofs with solar panels and roofs with clothes hanging…
Old Time Tea felt like she was back at her peak. Her old friends’ faces kept showing up in her mind. It was too bad they were all gone now, leaving only her in this world.
Old Time Tea landed on a red brick on a roof. That brick looked okay, but it was broken inside. It broke down as soon as Old Time Tea landed on it.
Old Time Tea lost her balance and fell from the roof.
She regained her balance with the a.s.sistance of her long tail. She turned around in the air and reached out a paw to grab the wall.
Three scratches from her sharp nails immediately appeared. Dust came off the wall like snow.
As soon as she landed, the resistance was completely gone. She jumped up again onto the roof. Her sharp nails were shining under the moonlight.
A man said something. "What was that noise? A rat?"
The woman was impatient. "Who cares! Keep going!"
Old Time Tea watched from the roof. Qing Ren Lane was not far away.
She had been traveling in a straight line since she left the pet store.
A straight line is the shortest distance between two points. The same theory also applied to martial arts.
This was the first time Old Time Tea had left the pet shop. She wasn’t completely comfortab

le with the environment.
In older times, where she came from, the only light source at night was the moon. She could block off the light by wearing a hat. However, in this era, there were too many light sources everywhere. The high beams from cars especially made her uncomfortable.
As was the noise.
In the old days, at this time it would be dead silent. However, in this modern world, the night had just begun. Laughter, crying, and screaming was everywhere.
There were so many smells it had never sniffed.
Fragrances, cosmetics, cement particles, car exhaust...everything turned the pure world into a melting pot.
The smells were strange and weird. She wasn’t sure what it was going to bring.
She had seen surveillance cameras on TV. Old Time Tea had asked Zhang Zian about it and he had explained, pointing at the camera above the cashier area.
She endeavored to avoid the surveillance cameras as she travelled.
Some cameras were hiding, so she wasn’t sure if she had managed to avoid them all.
Nonetheless, probably no one would care about a cat.
She remembered Captain Sheng, who came to the store tonight. He had sharp eyes just like the famous police sergeants in the old days. Although he had only walked around once, he remembered everything in the store by heart.
No matter how great he was, he was only a normal person who would be limited by the era he lived in and his own experience, education, and training. He would not connect tonight’s case with a cat.
She was fighting for righteousness.
Warriors and policemen could never be friends.
She knew that not all policemen were incapable; however, they were subject to disciplines and regulations. They were also controlled by their superiors. In general, they were only a tool to deal with both thieves and knight warriors.
There is little common ground for understanding between people of differing principles.
A knight warrior is always true to himself.
Old Time Tea looked at her all-conquering claws. In this new era, only they still made her feel at ease.
She clearly knew that she wasn’t only the old cat that had accompanied Ye Wen. The powerful blessing gave her an iron body. Although she could not know about the future like Xinghai or order cats around like Fina, she was happy because she was a real knight warrior who could fight for righteousness.
It only took her one claw to get rid of bad people.
Old Time Tea once again jumped into the sky, leaving a never-ending black silhouette under the silver moonlight.

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