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The Fifth Day.

Zhang Zian started the game.

"Navigation Elf, you said that the Lucky Cat was a mythical creature, which exist because of the faith of human beings?" he asked the flickering light on the screen.

[Navigation Elf]: Yes.

Zhang Zian sighed and said, "I see. I think I can guess its origin. "

[Navigation Elf]: If the player can guess the origin of the pet, your favorability level would improve.

Zhang Zian responded, "I don't know who made the game, but the maker is awesome. Even… such ethereal things can be made into pets."

[Navigation Elf]: You were lucky enough to win the ethereal pet.

Zhang Zian said, "I have another question. Can the conversations between me and the Lucky Cat be heard by others?"

If a conversation between him and Galaxy was overheard… Well, Galaxy was impossible to capture, but Zhang Zian might be sent to the psychiatric hospital.

[Navigation Elf]: Only the player can hear, other people would just hear a cat's or dog's voice.

Zhang Zian replied, "Good."

He turned off the screen and talked to the Lucky Cat, who was staring at the pedestrians while sitting on the cotton pad, "Galaxy, come and play the game!"

"Meow! Play the game! Play the game!" Galaxy raised its tail happily.

Zhang Zian wasn't ready for anything today, as it was impossible to defeat Galaxy. However, there was still a little hope through a strong will and a little luck.

After Galaxy had hidden, he first searched the first floor and confirmed that it wasn't there. Then he went up to the second floor, closed his eyes, and began to circle around.

One… two… three...

Zhang Zian felt dizzy and nauseous, and he almost fell down.

He was not able to distinguish between southeast and northwest, nor did he know where he was facing.

He stopped without thinking or listening, just relying on his sixth sense and a bit of luck.

He touched a handle and opened the door. Then he opened his eyes. This was his bedroom, and Galaxy was sitting in the center of the room.

"I got you," he said with a smile.

"Meow! How wonderful! Zhang Zian is great," Galaxy said and jumped excitedly, like a dancer.

Sunshine shone through the windows. At this time, it seemed very real, no longer a phantom that could disappear at any moment.

"Ding dang!" The bell of the first floor rang, but it wasn't a customer.

"Express! Is there anyone there?" a man asked.

Zhang Zian answered, "Yes, wait a moment!"

Then he said to Galaxy, "Follow me, I have a gift for you."

Galaxy froze, like a spell had been cast on it, and said, "Meow... Present?"

Zhang Zian said, "Right, present, a present for you!"

Galaxy murmured, "Present… Present… Meow..."

The courier delivered a heavily packaged box and left after receiving Zhang Zian's signature.

Zhang Zian opened several layers of the large box with a scissor and a knife and then removed the cushioning foam. Galaxy squatted a few meters away and stared at his actions.

After the box was opened completely, Zhang Zian took out a baby crib which had a very soft cotton pad, pillow, and quilt. The side of the bed was engraved with the word "Galaxy."

"Come here, try it," he said, pointing to the crib.

"Meow… Present… For Galaxy?" Galaxy hesitated.

Zhang Zian nodded and said, "Yes, for you. Come and give it a try."

He left the crib, and Galaxy slowly walked toward it.

The crib was very low because Zhang Zian had requested that the factory shorten the four legs. That way even a small cat such as Galaxy could jump into it.

"Meow… How warm... Meow… How warm..." Galaxy said. Then it lay in the crib, nuzzling happily.

Zhang Zian picked up his phone, as a notification had suddenly appeared.

[Navigation Elf]:Congratulations! Your favorability level was improved to friendly! Unlocked its true name!

[Game Hints]: Pet Attribute

[Known As]: Lucky Cat

[Rarity]: Unknown

[Feature Update]: Avert disaster and predict the future!

[Unlock Origin]:

In 1935, Schrodinger, a physicist from Austria, proposed a famous idea for an experiment called "Schrodinger's cat." A cat was sealed in a black box containing a bottle of deadly cyanide and a switch triggered by the decay of radioactive material.

The cat could have been either alive or dead; n.o.body could know the result until the box was opened.

As quantum theory had been proven by many experiments, Schrodinger's cat had become well known and interesting.

With great faith, Schrodinger's cat was transformed from a pure dream into a mythical creature.

It had or had not.

It lived or died.

It was real or unreal.

It desired to live.

It desired to be real.

It desired to exist.

It desired to escape the accursed black box.

The experimental cat existed here as well as at the other end of the universe. It was the observer of destiny. In its eyes, the future of doom faded away while the future of happiness collapsed into reality.

It could be pulled back to the frightening black box at any moment. With the cyanide and radioactive substances, its cycles of life and death were changed until quantum theory would liberate it.

It could decide the destiny of everything, but it could not decide its own destiny.

[Unlocked True Name]: Schrodinger's Quantum Cat

Zhang Zian's hands were trembling, and though he had guessed it, the destiny of Galaxy still made him sigh.

People imagined it in that black box, so it was in that black box.

Quantum theory had been set up for a hundred years, so it died many times in that black box, then it rose again and died again.

People believed in it and abused it.

The cat hated Schrodinger and its real name.

It was claustrophobic because of its long-term incarceration, so the cat liked "large" and hated the semi-enclosed cat's nest. The cat never hid in closets and cupboards when playing hide and seek.

In theory, as long as it left Zhang Zian's vision, it was in a cloud of probability, and it could be in five rooms at the same time. Only in the moment of "observation" would its "in" or "absent" wave functions collapse into reality.

However, there was a small lag between "open the door" and "observe the room," during which it could escape to other rooms. So he closed his eyes and opened the door completely before opening his eyes.

As for making himself unconscious, he had tried to diminish the impact of his "consciousness" and become a weak observer before opening the door, and then he became a strong observer when he opened his eyes.

"Galaxy, this is your home. I will pay attention and observe you all the time and never let you go back into that d.a.m.n black box again!" Zhang Zian said.

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