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When the police officers finished investigating the evidence, they had Zhang Zian, Uncle Li and other witnesses make a transcript.

The majority of the policemen had left, including Captain Sheng. One police car was still parked outside the pet shop. It was there for both protection as well as monitoring. After all, the case had not been closed.

Zhang Zian sent w.a.n.g Qian and Li Kun back to school. After persuading a bunch of young men who were sincere Kung Fu fans to go home, he pulled down the curtain and locked the door.

He would pick up the mess in the shop tomorrow.

"Buddy, where is that so-called Qing Ren Lane?" Seeing that everyone else had left, Old Time Tea immediately asked him.

Zhang Zian was also very confused and said, "Although I was born and raised in this city, I have never heard of any "Qing Ren Lane". Let me check."

He brought the laptop from the second floor, and opened up an electronic map for inquiries.

"Yo! There is a Qing Ren Lane!" He magnified the map.

"Tell me how to get there," Old Time Tea said.

Zhang Zian was surprised. "Grandma Tea, you want to go there now?"

Old Time Tea nodded indifferently, "I have to clear the evil."

"Why don’t you wait until morning?" He looked outside. The night was as dark as ink. He was worried that it might be a dangerous trip for Old Time Tea.

"I am guessing they have already left by now, but I still want to make a trip down there," Old Time Tea insisted.

"I'll go with you."

"No," Old Time Tea lifted her claw to refuse. "You won’t be able to help."

Zhang Zian burst into tears, Yes, I am a wimp! Although you are right, it still hurts!

He connected to a wireless printer, and printed out a detailed map. He used a marker to circle the pet shop and then put an "X"on Qing Ren Lane.

"Grandpa Tea, this is Qing Ren Lane," He pointed at the cross.

Old Time Tea looked carefully for a few seconds. "I will be back."

Zhang Zian wanted to open the door for her, but she stopped him, "Don’t worry about it. I am going out from the second-floor window."

Sh*t! What a demeanor!

Old Time Tea followed him to the bedroom on the second floor. He opened the window for her, saying, "Grandma Tea, be careful!"

Old Time Tea smiling heroically, "I have dealt with such devils a thousand times. They won’t be able to trick me. Don’t worry! You are the one that has to be careful. Keep the door and windows shut tight. I'll knock on the window three times when I come back.

Zhang Zian nodded, "Okay."

Old Time Tea jumped and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Zhang Zian closed the window and took out his cell phone.

"Navigation Elf, I have something to ask you."

[Navigation Elf]: Please go ahead. I am at any time for your service.

He thought about every possible word and phrase, but then decided to be straightforward. "Why is Old Time Tea only a premier level elfin? What are your rating standards?

[Navigation Elf]: Juvenile Ye Wen’s Foshan Wing Chun cat was born from the benevolent and righteous spirit in the land of China. However, such spirit has been decreasing in power day by day; therefore, the faithful power is going down rapidly. That’s the reason she is only a premier level elfin. She might be downgraded in the future. If you found her a hundred years ago, she would’ve been an epic.

Zhang Zian was speechless.

After a while, he asked again, "Further downgrades...I remember you told me that the lowest level for an elfin is elite, right?

[Navigation Elf]: Yes. If the power of faith could not even support an elite-cla.s.s rating, the elfin would never appear. However, players don’t have to worry too much. The Chinese population is large. Although the benevolent and righteous spirit has been decreasing, it will not completely disappear anytime soon.

The more Zhang Zian knew, the worse he felt.

Where has the benevolent and righteous spirit gone?

What can I do?

There is nothing I can do.

He was not a hero, nor could he rise up for the injustice.

In fact, he has a more urgent question to ask.

"Navigation Elf, what is the lifespan for the elfin?"

Compared to the disappearance of the benevolent and righteous spirit, he was more worried about the life of Old Time Tea.

[Navigation Elf]: Yes. Whether it is just fantasy or a real existing elfin, once it was captured by the player and became alive as a pet in real life, it will be subject to a life span.

The average life expectancy of a cat is fourteen years. Old Time Tea had lived for at least ten years by now.

However, there are a lot of cats which live to a very old age. Zhang Zian could only pray that Old Time Tea would live as long as possible.

Separation and death are both sorrows in life.

After being silent for awhile, he finally said, "Thank you."

[Navigation Elf]: It is my job to answer players’ questions. No need to thank me.

Zhang Zian forced a smile, "No, I didn’t thank you for this. I am grateful that you brought these elfins into reality so I can meet them."

[Navigation Elf]: We did bring them into reality, yet we unable to control whether players can meet them or not.

Zhang Zian was puzzled, "What does that mean?"

[Navigation Elf]: Theoretically, the golden cat of Cleopatra VII was abandoned by the original owner and had been wandering everywhere since then. The juvenile Ye Wen Foshan’s Wing Chun cat should have stayed in Foshan, yet they came to Binhai city.

He still didn’t understand, "So?"

[Navigation Elf]: Don’t you think you are lucky?

Finally, he got it.

It isn’t because I am lucky, but that I have a lucky cat.

This is the hope of Xinghai. It is also the future Xinghai has been hoping for.

[Navigation Elf]: The speed at which players collected elfin at was far beyond our expectations. Once someone has collected and successfully tamed three elfin, we will launch the PVP encounter mode ahead of time, which was originally scheduled to launch in six months.

[Game Tip]: The announcement of the PVP launch will be released to all players in five days.

Zhang Zian was out of his mind. "Wait!"

There was too much information in this tip.

"In addition to me, there are other players?" His heart was beating violently.

[Navigation Elf]: Of course. You are not the only player who downloaded and installed the game.

"Who else is playing this game?" he continued asking.

[Navigation Elf]: Unfortunately, this question involves other players’ personal privacy. I cannot tell you.

Zhang Zian was silent.

[Navigation Elf]: However, I can give you a hint.

"I'm listening." He paid close attention.

[Navigation Elf]: Oriental grey dog and the black cat from the sky.


Oriental grey dog and the black cat from the sky?

What on earth did that mean?

"Are they also players of this game?"

Zhang Zian almost broke down at this point!

[Navigation Elf]: They are beta players selected by our computer program. They drew the Maneki-neko and lucky dog from the new player tutorials and used those elfin as a corporate logo and totem.

[Navigation Elf]: Their PVP battle has continued to this day. You do not have to worry. Unless you take the initiative to declare war, there will not be PVP battles between beta players and formal gamers.

[Navigation Elf]: I wish you good luck.

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