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All of a sudden, every door of the van opened. They jumped out of the van with baseball bats, golf clubs and nunchucks in their hands.

Scared, Aunt Li opened her eyes. The nightmare had come back!

She grabbed her husband’s arm, "Honey!"

Her husband already had his cell phone ready. As soon as the doors opened, he dialed the emergency number – however, "no signal" showed on the small monitor of his phone.

"What the f*ck!" The husband almost threw away his cell phone, "Give me yours!"

Shaking, Aunt Li gave him her cell phone. She got her phone from her son. It was an old smartphone. Although very slow, it was a smart phone.

However, at this time, the smartphone wasn’t that smart. It also showed "no signal."

It wasn’t only their phones that weren’t working — many pedestrians confusedly raised their phones to search for signal – they focused on their phone for so long that they didn’t even notice the van and the seven men!

Aunt Li and her husband didn’t know what had happened, but they were sure the devils had kept the signal away.

"Be careful. Run if you are in a bad situation. I am going to a store and use a landline."

The husband ran away after talking to Aunt Li.

He started asking stores one by one.

"Do you have a landline phone? I have to make an emergency phone call!"

"Does your cell phone get reception? I have an emergency call to make!"

Holding her breath, Aunt Li huddled up her body and watched the seven devil men walk into the pet store. She wanted to yell for help but as soon as she opened her mouth, all she felt was a dry throat that could not make any sound due to extreme fear.



The green-haired guy hit the gla.s.s door heavily with his baseball bat. The gla.s.s door was destroyed immediately. Gla.s.s flew around everywhere.


At the same time, the purple-haired guy landed his golf club on the cash machine, which was smashed to the ground right after.

The male customer was shocked at this scene.

With the water kettle in his hand, Zhang Zian’s heart was up to his throat.

A few pedestrians finally noticed something was going on. A few girls screamed and ran away. Some guys were hiding to film what was going to happen so they could upload it online. Many wanted to call the police but their phones all showed "no signal."

The owners of the neighboring stores came out upon hearing the noise. When they saw the scene, they immediately rolled down their curtains, no matter if they had customers in the store or not.

The golden-haired guy jumped up, whipped the nunchucks in his hand and broke the surveillance camera.

He used his nunchucks to point at the male customer and shouted, "Leave!"

The male customer turned pale. He didn’t even attempt to help and quickly ran out of the store.

Zhang Zian was the only person left with the seven devil men.

The golden-haired guy pulled the panty hose off his head, waved his nun chucks around, and laughed. "Someone wanted an arm of yours. Why don’t you work with us so we don’t waste time and perhaps you can save your pets? It doesn’t help to fight back, that’s only a waste of time."

The other six people held up their weapons and went nuts destroying the pet toys and food area. They yelled excitedly as they broke stuff. The pet food was broken and got everywhere. The automatic feeders and flight cases were all destroyed. The whole store was ruined in no time.

Then they crowded at the center pet display cabinet.

The kittens were brought to the stairs by Xinghai. Only a few puppies were left in the cabinet, shaking.

Tightly holding his fists, Zhang Zian almost exploded with anger!

Fina’s hair was all standing up. She screamed and got up from the cat tree. Her whole body was tense and ready for a fight.

The Rainbow Fighters were warned beforehand by Qing Ren. Knowing that the golden cat was not an easy enemy, they sent three people to stand in front of it.

The golden hair guy laughed. "It looks like you are not going to cope with us…" He whipped the nun chucks, "Well, don’t blame me!"

Under extreme anger and pressure, Zhang Zian stepped forward. He was about to fight back, but then…

A low and sad voice came from the corner of the store.

"The utopia is nothing. Benevolence is only a dream!"

Old Time Tea stood up from the electric blanket, shook its vest, fixed its hat and slowly walked up to the center of the store.

Sadness filled her eyes.

Zhang Zian suddenly realized that he didn’t really know Old Time Tea that well.

The normal Old Time Tea was gone! The one that liked watching the news and worried about the people; the one that loved drinking tea and cared for nothing else; the one that would dance with a TV show… had disappeared!

At this time, Old Time Tea looked like a real warrior that pressured people with every step she took. There was an invisible power around her and her vest moved without wind.

"Since there isn’t justice in this world, I am going to kick the devil out on behalf of G.o.d!"

Along with an angry scream, Old Time Tea raised her head. Her eyes under the hat were shining a bright light. Her razor-sharp nails came out of her paws…

Zhang Zian’s cell phone chimed. He looked at it.

He didn’t have any signal, but a message came in anyways.

[Navigation Elf]: Congratulations! The benevolent and righteous cat’s likability has gone up. Unlocking its real name.

[Game Tip]: Pet category

[Known as]: The benevolent and righteous cat

[Rarity]: Premier

[Characteristics Update]: I subdue myself not because I am weak, but out of persistence towards the morality of society and leniency towards others.

[Unlocked History]: This warrior cat has the characteristics of benevolence and righteousness. It is a honest warrior.

All hatred comes from love.

All sadness comes from mercy.

Help the less fortunate!

Fight for justice!

The benevolent and righteous cat accompanied the juvenile Ye Wen in practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu. It was the embodiment of 2000 years of the Chinese Kung Fu spirit and was turned into an elfin from people’s trust and faith.

[Unlocked Real Name]: The juvenile Ye Wen Foshan Wing Chun Cat!

Immediately, Zhang Zian noticed the name under "known as". The benevolent and righteous cat started to fade and "benevolent and righteous" became one word. The "known as" had changed to warrior cat.

[Game Tip]: Congratulations! Your warrior cat’s likability has increased to "trusting" and got free capability of actions.

The gentle and humble benevolent and righteous cat Old Time Tea was gone. Instead, a brand-new warrior cat was born – the juvenile Ye Wen Foshan Wing Chun Cat!

Turn benevolence and righteousness into "warrior"!

Your benevolent and righteous cat is offline…

Your warrior cat is getting online…

The warrior cat is fighting for its country and people.

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