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Chapter 141: Guinea Pig
Chen Taitong had been acting really weird these days.
"What do you think about Boss these days? He looks so worried, it’s like he’s having constipation."
A few workers were discussing this during the lunch break when the boss wasn’t around.
"Sales have gone down tremendously. You would look the same if you were the boss," another worker responded.
In fact, sales weren’t too bad. It was even pretty good compared to other pet stores. However, the operating cost was high considering all the staff that was hired.
"Hey, let me tell you. I saw that boss was talking on the phone outside the store. He seemed like he was doing some under-the-table deal because he kept looking around as he spoke."
"Is he trying to sell the store?"
"What the f*ck? You are right. He might be contacting the buyer!"

Taitong walked out of the store, found a quiet spot and checked to make surethat there was no one around. Chen Taitong pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number.
The line was picked up. The person didn’t speak, but Chen could hear his breathing.
"h.e.l.lo? This is w.a.n.g Qi," Chen Taitong said.
Qing Ren said slowly over the other end, "Mr. w.a.n.g Qi, what’s up?"
Chen Taitong asked nervously, "You…You agreed…"
"What did I agree?"
"You agreed…to handle him…"
"Oh, that’s right. And?"
"He still…"
Conscious about the conversation being recorded, Chen Taitong muttered and mumbled.
"Oh, I see," Qing Ren laughed, "Mr. w.a.n.g Qi, you didn’t mention a timeline so I thought it wasn’t urgent. I will push them to take action as soon as possible."
"It… It is urgent!" Chen Taitong growled quietly, "I already paid you…"
Qing Ren stopped him, "Okay, I will rush them. They should get it done within a few days. Do you have any further questions?"
"Well…I am set." Chen Taitong hung up with a forehead full of sweat.
Qing Ren was right. He had rolled into underground deals and there was no way back.
The people who offended him appeared to his mind one by one. Everyone’s face was labeled with a price, 60 thousand, 80 thousand…
So-called life was only a bigger number…
As long as someone had money, they could easily…
As soon as Chen Taitong hung up, Qing Ren immediately dialed another number.
"A Jin?"
"Ha-ha…Who? Who is it? Qing Ren?"
The background noise from the other end was still loud. A Jin seemed to be drunk and his tongue sounded stiff.
"It’s me." Frowning his eyebrows, Qing Ren knew they went out partying again. These people were not professional at all. They would blow money like today was their last day.
Qing Ren picked them because they were stupid.
He hated them also because they were stupid.
"What is it? Qing Ren? You got another deal? A big one or a small one?"
Qing Ren said coldly, "You have not fulfilled this deal."
"Ha-ha… Why do you push… Get some more money, then we…will take action…"
Qing Ren tapped on the desk impatiently, "We have to keep our reputation. I wouldn’t push you if the customer didn’t rush it, but now he wants to get it done ASAP!"
"Reputation? Ha-ha… Qing Ren, you are interesting… I never knew there was such a thing called reputation in our industry…"
Qing Ren paused and said, "Go wash your face, then call me back."
"No! I… have to have more fun…"
"Go wash your face and call me back. If I don’t hear from you in 10 minutes, don’t call me again, ever!" Qing Ren hung up.
Honestly, he had been in this city for quite a while now. Maybe it was time for a fresh start…
He never stayed in a city for long, but traveled to various places and never looked back.
Binhai was a nice place to live, comfortable, with clean air.
People slow down when they have a comfortable life. To Qing Ren, slowing down m

eant a risky life.
He could get rid of others and vice versa.
Qing Ren was in deep thought.
Five minutes later, the phone rang.
Picking up the phone, he didn’t say a word.
"Qing Ren?" A Jin asked.
"Qing Ren? I washed my face. For real! I was just joking with you! Don’t take it seriously!" A Jin was nervous.
Qing Ren said, "Get it done today."
"Today? Give me until tomorrow. I will get some more money from him tomorrow morning and we will take action tomorrow night, okay?" A Jin begged.
"This is an order. If you can’t get it done today, I am going to find someone else next time," Qing Ren hung up.
A Jin tried to call back yet Qing Ren rejected his call.
What’s going on?
I am extremely impatient today.
Qing Ren rubbed his forehead.
He had been in the industry long enough to have the sixth sense, a sense to antic.i.p.ate danger.
His sixth sense didn’t always work, yet it had saved him multiple times.
In fact, other than being mysterious, the sixth sense was, rather, his subconsciousness.
What was neglected by the subjective consciousness would most of the time be alerted in the subconsciousness.
Did I forget something?
Qing Ren thought carefully.
He investigated Zhang Zian’s background. He was a completely normal person with a very simple social status and network. Of course, Qing Ren only spent limited time on the investigation, so there might be some missing point. At the end of the day, w.a.n.g Qi only spent enough money to get the most basic information. He should’ve spent more and obtained more details.
What did I forget?
Qing Ren recalled carefully.
Zhang Zian’s store was plain. There was no problem with the t.i.tle…
The pets in the store… There weren’t dangerous pets in the store…
He suddenly pounded on the desk!
How did he train the pets?
Why do his cats know stunts?
Qing Ren’s heart was racing…
How could I neglect such an important point?
It seemed like something irrelevant, but he only did things that he was sure about. There was no room for error in his industry.
Qing Ren picked up his cellphone, found the last call, hesitated, and put the phone back down.
Never mind.
Let those idiots be the guinea pigs. It would be great if they succeeded; however, if they failed, he could save a ton of money by not paying them.
"Mute," he called.
The door opened and there stood the bald guy.
"Pack. Get ready to move."
Mute nodded, then closed the door.
Mute could speak, yet he seldom did. Qing Ren spoke for both of them.
They had stayed in Binhai for way too long. It was time for a new home.
Tonight’s action would determine if they were going to stay or leave.
Qing Ren stood up, walked to the window and stared at the deadly-silent Qing Ren Lane.

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