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“Princess Lafeier, time to wake up. It’s already eight o’clock.”

“Just let me sleep for a bit, just a little longer, oh… I’m still so tired. Last night I couldn’t sleep at all.”

“Your Highness, did you forget what day today is?”

“Even if the sky is falling, no one can stop me from sleeping.”

“Today is the day you officially enter Karner Girls’s Academy. In addition it’s the day you form a contract with a dragon and become a Dragon Knight like the Red Violet Princess.”

Hearing this, as if a small needle p.r.i.c.ked her small but, Princess Lafeier jumped up with a look of panic.

The person being spoken respectfully to in front of the maid was known as “Princess Lafeier” who was a 16-17 year old cute girl, 1.6 meters tall, with light purple hair down to her waist. Because she had just woken up, her hair was disheveled with a handful of hair covering her right eye. Her dark magenta eyes had a look a panic.

Wearing only transparent, Pajamas Lafeier jumped onto the ground hysterically shouting: “Hanni! Why didn’t you wake me earlier! If my father knew I were late, he would definitely kill me!

“Don’t worry princess. You still have half an hour, come…”

Before Hanni even finished talking, the fl.u.s.tered Princess jumped barefoot to the wardrobe and opened it. She grabbed a bundle of clothes and cried out: “What should I wear?!”

“That deep purple dress, coupled with a pair of deep purple stockings should look good, haha.”

“Hurry! Hurry! I’m going to be late! Help me find my stockings! I can’t find them!”

“Don’t worry princes. She walked to the wardrobe and stood on tiptoes touching the purple stockings. Squinting she said, “I washed it the day before and put it on the top shelf in preparation for today.”

“Hurry! Hurry!” Hurriedly like a cat on a hot tin roof, Princess Lafeier quickly tore off her pajamas with lightning speed revealing her small but upright buns. Her light colored areola decorated by a small cherry looked particularly cute. However her bust size was only 32A, whether running or dancing they wouldn’t move.

Compared to Lafeier, every time Hanni with her 36D beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s walked, her chest would tremble.

Hanni had jet black hair and was wearing a black and white maid outfit. Her slender thighs were wrapped in white garters, on her feet were a pair of grey boots. Around her neck was a black leather collar, and her beautiful hair was laced with a headscarf.

Seeing Lafeirer’s chest, Hanni’s face became red. Meanwhile Lafeier was busy putting on a pure white bra, and covering her privates were matching white panties with a cute kitty embroidered on it.

While she was b.u.t.toning her bra, Hanni a.s.sisted the princess on putting on the purple dress……

Dressed up, Lafeier stood in front of the mirror staring at herself.

She decided to tie her hair to the left with a scarlet rose hairpin. The ends of her hair curled at her waistline which had a purple pearl belt around her small waist. Around her neck she wore a two ring purple pearl necklace.

In addition to this, she wore a purple long-sleeved jacket embroidered with a repeating pattern. With her stockings, and high-heeled sandals she wore a thumb-sized purple gem to add a touch of elegance.

Obviously, Lafeier’s favorite color was purple.

Standing in front of the mirror she twirled around a few times. She made a face and confidently said: “Even if a G.o.ddess stood before me, she would be overshadowed be me!”

“Ha ha, it’s already 8:20.”

“I’m finished!”

Lafeier rushed out of her room, and ran out of the palace like a puff of smoke.

“Princess! You haven’t eaten breakfast yet!” Running slowly Hanni reluctantly followed behind her.

Jumping on the carriage, Lafeier waved at Hanni shouting: “Hurry! Hurry! You’re too slow!”

“Apologies.” Getting on the carriage Hanni’s face was covered with sweat, her hair glued onto the side of her cheeks. Her shortness of breath caused her b.r.e.a.s.t.s to tremble full of energy.

“Coachman! Karner Academy!”

“Girl’s or boy’s?”

“Idiot! Of course the girl’s academy! What would I be doing in the boy’s academy?!”

“Understood, your highness.” With a sound the coachman cracked his whip. “Drive!”

Today it was 5/6/510 of the Forsaken Year. Location: Boya Country with its capital Karner.

Half a month ago, occupying the southwest mainland, the Acropolis Empire wages war against the Wick Empire. Boya Country being a neighboring country to the Acropolis Empire naturally also got invaded. Acropolis mainly sent its troops to battle against the Wick Empire and only sent a small number of troops to battle against the Boya Country. As a result Boya Country hadn’t been defeated yet and even launched a few raids with its Dragon Cavalry against the Acropolis Empire. However, the sheer difference in numbers caused Boya Country to face some trouble. Boya was basically on its dying breaths. If the Acropolis Empire transferred its main fighting strength to the Boya battlefield, Boya would likely perish within a few days.

In order to not be destroyed, Boya spent great efforts to train new Dragon Knights. Princess Lafeier was one of them.

“Princess Lafeier, you’re late.” Said an about 40 year old woman wearing a short black skirt and a white blouse as she saluted Lafeier as she got off the carriage.

Her black framed gla.s.ses made her look very gentle, and her silk stockings with black heels highlighted her beauty. Her black hair hung freely on her back naturally.

“Dean Josephine, I’m sorry I’m late.” Lafeier pretended to be very calm. Looking downwards she asked: “Have all of the new students arrived already?”


“Then quickly bring me to the hatchery!”

“Please come with me.” Glancing at Hanni, Josephine added, “As for your entourage she can first go to the reception hall to rest.”

“Hanni, I’ll bring my Dragon Pet to find you soon, just wait for me.”


Boya had many colleges but Karner Girl’s Academy was the most special because it was responsible for training Dragon Knights. Not just Boya, even within the entire Forsaken Continent only Karner Academy was specialized in training Dragon Knights. Almost all of the continent’s Dragon Knights came from Karner Girl’s Academy. Of course, this doesn’t rule out the presence of a wild dragon knight.

In the early days, not only teenage girls could enter the academy but also teenage boys. However, the success rate for forming a contract with a dragon for girls was 50 times higher than a boy’s. In other words, every year no male students could form a contract with a newly hatched dragon.

After 30 years of growth Karner Academy split into an academy for boys and for girls. The Girl’s Academy specialized in training female Dragon Knights. The Boy’s Academy trained in swordsmanship, cavalry, archery, and magic marksmanship.

They would train for a period of 3 years and after that the graduates would enter military service where in the barracks an even more brutal training awaited them.

At the hatchery there were 10 people of similar age to Lafeier waiting at the entrance.

“Only 11 students enrolled this year?’ Lafeier couldn’t help but ask.

“Quality, not quant.i.ty. And that’s the number of hatched eggs this year after all.” A flash of sadness appeared on Josephine’s face but it was immediately replaced with a smile. “Before entering the hatchery, I would like to emphasize that everyone must obey my commands, I don’t care if you’re from the Royal Family. If you don’t listen then you will immediately get kicked out!”

One second there was a smile on her face, a second later it had actually become so severe. The 11 new students including Lafeier became scared. They lost their relaxed expressions and stood up straight looking at Josephine.

Josephine smiled: “As long as you can get close to a hatchling and the hatchling doesn’t show disgust, you will be eligible to become a freshman. If a hatchling rejects you, and even bites you, you can only make yourself scarce.”

Seeing that there very people scared to the point of trembling Josephine sighed slightly. She easily pushed open the doors of the incubator chamber and a foul smell hit everyone’s faces.

The students all busily covered their noses, but Josephine’s face had a look of happiness.

For her, the heavy foul smell meant that there were more dragon eggs which meant more hatchlings. More hatchlings meant more Dragon Knights. Even if it’s just one more, it could the difference between victory or defeat.

The Acroplis and Wicker Empire’s main forces both consisted of magic marksmen, cavalrymen, and archers, but the Boya country’s main war potential depended on the Dragon Knight.

“Come in my children.”

Since they were all pampered and spoiled since childhood, they naturally did not want to walk into this hatchery which was even stinkier than a barn. But in order to enroll into the college and give glory to their clan, they suppressed the urge to vomit as they entered the hatchery.

The hatchery was filled with rows of cabinets divided into two halves. On one half was a mountain of dragon eggsh.e.l.ls and the other half were 30 or so thermostats. And at only 11 of the thermostats laid an even bigger than adult sized dragon egg. Several of the eggs already had cracks on the surface showing that they were soon to be hatched.

“Among you who wishes to be the first one to form a contract with a dragon hatchling?”

“A red-haired girl raised her hand.

“Then you first.”

“De- …… Dean. I would like to ask. If the drake doesn’t want to make a contract with me will it form a contract with the next person?”

Josephine shook her head and said: “if it even doesn’t want to form a contract with the first person it sees, then no one else will be eligible to form a contract with it. We will immediately kill it when it’s at its weakest.”

“So cruel!”

“This is not a game, even if you treat this as a game it would be a b.l.o.o.d.y game. So if you don’t have the determination to die for your country, then I politely advise you to get out of here.”

After half a minute of silence, the red-haired girl timidly stepped forward and said: “Dean, I want to give it a try.”

“What is your name?”

“Debbie, Debbie Grimward.” Debbie’s voice was very thin, like a b.u.t.terfly flying for the first time.

“Stand here.”

Josephine signaled as Debbie nervously stood in front of dragon egg which was even taller than her.

In one hand Josephine held a temperature witch and in the other hand she held a short magic wind gun.

A wind magic gun had the same shape of a normal gun but had an elemental conversion device added on and a secondary trigger. When the secondary trigger is pulled the elemental conversion device will consume the ore within it and suck in air into the barrel of the gun.

When a marksmen pulls the primary trigger, wind element would be compressed within the gun’s barrel for a split second and shoot out explosively.

The secondary trigger serves as a gate for wind element and the primary trigger releases the wind element. The longer the trigger is held the more ore is consumed, the more wind element is gathered and the stronger the shot. But if the barrel cannot bear the pressure generated by the compressed wind element, it will explode causing the marksmen to become disabled.

The distance between the two triggers is only one centimeter. If the two triggers are too far from each other, the ore will not be converted and the magic wind gun wouldn’t show its effect.

Compared to other occupations such as swordsmen or archers, magic marksmen have a fatal flaw. That is, when wind element is being gathered, magic marksmen are vulnerable to fatal attacks.

Because of this, magic marksmen do not play a large role in the battlefield. But if one were able to overcome this fatal flaw. Magic marksmen would become a terrible war machine.

Looking at the short gun in Josephine’s hand Lafeier secretly prayed. She could only hope that Debbie could make a contract.

“Are you ready?” Josephine asked.

“Ye……. Yes.”

“Are you really ready?”


“All of you step back!” She cried out. Josephine pulled temperature switch and the temperature rapidly increased in order to induce the drake to hatch.

Looking at the egg which was even taller than her, Debbie’s pet.i.te body began trembling, her pale blue eyes flickering in fear but she did not retreat and looked at the cracks appearing on the egg. Meanwhile, the whole egg shook.

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp……

Hearing the sounds of the egg sh.e.l.l breaking Debbie didn’t know how many times she swallowed.

Suddenly, a large hole is pierced open with a long pointed head stretching out from it.

After the drake cried out like a lamb twice it opened its eyes and looked at the shivering Debbie.

For a moment the drake struggled to get out of the sh.e.l.l. On the 3 cm thick eggsh.e.l.ls, cracks began to appear.

Then with a smash the eggsh.e.l.l shattered completely, and the drake stood completely covered in mucus. Since it was just born it couldn’t stand so after walking forward two steps it fell to the ground.

Debbie wanted to help it, but was stopped by Josephine.

“Giving it charity now will make it weak in the future. Let it get up by itself!”

Softly crying the drake which was the size of an adult cat arrived before Debbie and hugged Debbie’s calf with its wings.

“Contract established, Debbie, it’s now your pet dragon. Give it a name and then take it to the playground. A specialist will teach you how to get along with your pet dragon.”

With a bit of difficulty Debbie picked up the drake and after determining it was female said: “Barbie, from now on your name is Barbie.”

“It appears that it’s a water attribute dragon.” Josephine smiled and said. “On the mainland the only races that can use magic are elves and dragons and now dragons are in sharp decline so you have to cherish this hard won opportunity.”

“I will Dean! Crying tears of joy Debbie busily carried Barbie out of the hatchery.

“Who’s next?” Although her face was filled with a smile her right hand still held a magic wind gun.

“I’m next, I’m next.” Princess Lafeier was eager to try.

“Your Highness, please choose an egg.”

Princess Lafeier ran her eyes over the remaining 10 dragon eggs but seeing that they were all practically the same she choose the closest one.

She stood in front of the egg full of confidence while imagining a picturesque scene of her bathing a cute dragon.

“Are you ready yet? Your Highness.”


“Please look at the dragon egg!” She cried out. Josephine forcibly pulled down the temperature switch.

The incubator’s temperature instantly increased and cracks began appearing on the egg before Lafeier.

Her eyes opened wide and her face showed a bit of an exaggerated smile. Seeing the egg sh.e.l.l refuse to crack she wanted to take a hammer and smash open the egg holding her in suspense.

Suddenly, a huge hole appeared in the eggsh.e.l.l and a huge c.o.c.k extended from it. The red mushroom slightly shook with a diameter that would make men feel inferior and women drool.

Princess Lafeier having no s.e.xual experience stared fixated at the mushroom umbrella with a puzzled look. Thinking about what part of the dragon it could be, Lafeier showed an excited smile and hurriedly asked Josephine, “Dean! The tail has a tumor! What kind of dragon is it? It’s so cute!”

A black line appeared on Josephine’s face but she kept her composure. As someone experienced how could she not know that the tail Princess Lafeier was talking about was something men used to conquer women. But she just couldn’t understand why this would be on a dragon. Could this drake be the result of a dragon mating with a human?!

Full of doubt Josephine stared at the eggsh.e.l.l as it split.

More cracks began to appear on the surface of the egg sh.e.l.l getting bigger and bigger until finally the dragon egg completely split. A naked an stood there, height 180 cm, lean, with obvious abs, brown short hair, and a bewildered look as he stared at Princess Lafeier.


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