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PS Chapter 58 – Popularity Increases

Love and friendship have always been the eternal subject on campus. Lu Chen’s first song “Love in The Wind” is about love, and the second “The Brother Who Slept On My Upper Bunk” is undoubtedly about friendship, specifically about true friendship between cla.s.smates.

Many people haven’t found love during their school days, and even didn’t knew what love was.

But there were only few people who didn’t experienced friendship.

The song “The Brother Who Slept on My Upper Bunk” uses simple words and sentences with a light melody of sadness, as if inadvertently, lightly hitting the softest place in their hearts.

So, when they heard this song, all kinds of memories that sunk in the bottom of their heart had suddenly came to their mind, blurred faces begin to be clear, unfamiliar voices gradually become familiar, easily arousing everyone’s memories of youth.

Playing, rushing and fighting in the campus… Until graduation, then they drifted apart, and gradually lost contact with each other.

Primary school, junior high school, senior high school and university, how many people who once knew each other disappeared in the memory of time?


The Brother Who Slept on My Upper Bunk,

Sleeping in my lonely memories.

The girl you always talked about in those days,

Did you send her a hair band?

You said that whenever you look back at the red sunset,

Whenever you hear the night clock again,

The past bits and pieces will rise,

And it’s too late to feel sad in your heart.

The letter you came to write is more and more polite,

Regarding love, you don’t mention anything,

You said that you have a lot of friends now,

And no longer worry about those things.

When are you asking me to go back together?

Look at our dormitories in the past,

The words you carved on the wall are still clear.

No one can wipe it from then on!


The barrage on the screen are getting fewer and fewer. Those who are watching the live broadcasting listen carefully to this touching song. Pictures from the films keep flashing in front of them. The lyrics and his singing sounded like flowing water, slowly flowing in their hearts, moving and melancholy!


The brother who slept on my upper bunk,

Sleeping in my lonely memories.

The questions you have asked me,

No one asks now,

To my smoking brother,

You gave me a happy past.

The questions you have asked me,

No one asks now,

No one asks now,

No one asks now…


At the end of the song, all the viewers were silent!

Then rewards started popping up in the screen.

System Notification: Call me Li Bai (Silver VII) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: Big Brother Whale (Golden VI) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: Prince Lanling (Gold I) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: Riding the crane to Yangzhou (Black Iron IX) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!

System Notification: Tigers Wusong (Golden III) gifts you 1 aircraft carrier!


A number of domineering aircraft carriers were constantly crossing the screen, shading an astonishing number of fish b.a.l.l.s mercilessly. And in addition to a few local fans that Lu Chen knows, there were 6-7 new supporters.

When someone gifts an aircraft carrier, the website’s system will automatically pop up celebration bars throughout the platform. And as long as it is within the platform, whether in the live broadcasting room or in QQ, all online members can see it.

Just clicking the celebration bars will immediately send the user to the corresponding live broadcasting room, making it a good form of promotion.

It is precisely because of this mechanism that in any live broadcast platform, it is the powerhouse that is often stronger. So, those popular anchor who has a large number of high-level fans can easily gather countless popularity.

However, it is still rare to see more than a dozen aircraft carriers to continuously show up in the same live broadcasting room.

The number of fish b.a.l.l.s in Lu Fei’s live broadcasting room has increased dramatically, and his online popularity has also increased dramatically.

Of course, the other anchors of the PK theme show also saw this, and they were challenged by it. So, the local tyrants who supported them came one after another, and the aircraft carriers worth 1,000 yuan were flying all over the sky.

The atmosphere of Whale TV is extremely hot!

Perhaps even the official did not expect such a situation. PK just started less than half an hour, and the major anchors has already showed their cards. Tonight is bound to be a fight between dragons and tigers!

Beijing, Ping An District.

Ping An District is located in the prime area of the Second Ring Road, which belongs to the core center of the capital. The house prices are among the best in the country. Those who can buy houses in the district are not ordinary people.

At an A7 villa, in a room at the third floor, a 20-year-old short-haired young man is sitting in front of the computer. He was typing rapidly that his fingers looked like they were flying across the keyboard, and from time to time, he would hold the mouse and click on the screen a few times.

“Xiao Bai, you are really capable now. Where did you find this master? He is kind of interesting!”

Suddenly, a message pops up, showing the ID: Alsace.

The short-haired youth smiled disdainfully and quickly replied, “What? Are you scared? If you’re afraid, just admit defeat!”

Alsace: “Afraid? When did I say that I was afraid? How many fish b.a.l.l.s did you sent out? Really fierce!”

“What are these fish b.a.l.l.s?”

The short-haired youth replied in contempt: “Not enough for you to have a meal. Don’t tell me you didn’t sent out huge amount?”

Alsace: “It’s so easy to send out so many fish b.a.l.l.s, but it’s no fun if they get too many fish b.a.l.l.s. Just enough for other people to not laugh at us. Do you want to set a limit?”

The short-haired youth hesitated for a moment and replied, “How much?”

Alsace: “No more than five, but you can’t let others help!”

Short-haired youth: “No problem!”

Alsace: “Hehe, that’s settled. You’re going to have to throw in the towel!!”

Short-haired youth: “In your dreams!”

After closing the dialogue with Alsace, the short-haired youth looked at Lu Chen on the screen and fell into deep thought.

The 5 that they mentioned means 50,000, and he has rewarded 15 aircraft carriers, which equivalent to 1.5.

The number of rewards affects the heat index, which is also one of the ranking indicators in the PK theme show. Although the number of fish b.a.l.l.s cannot really determine the final ranking, but the proportion of fish b.a.l.l.s accounting for it is still not low.

According to the agreement with his opponent, the short-haired youth can continue to send out 35 more aircraft carriers in Lu Fei’s live broadcasting room. It would be amazing if it was normal times, but now the PK show is far from being normal.

The most popular anchor has millions of fans and popularity, and can easily get tens of thousands of rewards.

In contrast, Lu Chen’s acc.u.mulation is still too small.

The short-haired youth has no intention of going back on his promise or cheating, because he simply cannot afford to lose such a person, the other party is the same. So, putting aside the reward, the rest can only rely on Lu Chen himself.

At least so far, Lu Chen’s data has risen steadily and there’s hope of making it to the top 5!

He couldn’t help but type two words on the keyboard: Come on!

“Come on! Lu Fei!”

“Brothers sleeping on my upper bunk, give me a cigarette!”

“I also think of my upper bunk…”

“Although I am a girl, I also like this new song and I’m looking forward to the third song!”

“Like + 1, expect + 10000!”

“Where’s the guy who just said he is going to eat his keyboard go? Post your live broadcast address!”

“Haha, I’ll be sure to watch!”

“That grandson has already run away…”

Lu Chen’s second song, “The Brother Who Slept on My Upper Bunk”, was much hotter than before. There were thousands of barrages discussing the song. Many people were recalling their cla.s.smates and friends.

Most of the people who like live broadcasting are single dogs. They prefer this song about friendship to “Love in The Wind”.

At 8:27, [Whale TV] Lu Fei Live Broadcasting room, online popularity: 517,922.

The rising popularity data shows that the theme of graduation season has been very successful so far. Most of the audiences who came in stayed. They were attracted by Lu Chen’s singing performance and the number of fish meal increased at the same time.

500 thousand +!

The smile on Lu Chen’s face became more confident.

He didn’t waste any time and said, “I dedicate “The Brother Who Slept on My Upper Bunk” to all my male compatriots. Of course, the next song is for all my female compatriots. Thank you for supporting me here for such a night.”

“Cinderella for everyone!”

The third song is Cinderella, because nothing is more appropriate than this song.

Although it has been played and sung many times, Lu Chen has prepared a small surprise for the female fans this time!

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