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PS Chapter 57 – Brothers

TN: Love Wind is change to Love in The Wind

“Lin Surong, I like you!” With all his strength and courage, Chen Xiang typed 7 words on his Feiyan black keyboard, which he bought for 29 yuan, and sent it out together with all the fish b.a.l.l.s in his account!

Lin Surong is the flower of his university, and also the object of his four-year bitter unrequited love. He was only timid because of his ordinariness. Chen Xiang has buried this pa.s.sionate feeling in his heart and never told anyone about it.

He thought that with time, this feeling will fade eventually. These young naïve thinking of his will go with the wind, no longer lingering in his heart.

But now hearing the song “Love in the Wind”, he knew that he was wrong.

Some feelings are not so easy to forget, the longer it is suppressed, the more powerful it is, and it simply cannot be erased.

“…I believe in the age of love, the song that I can’t sing to you, making me often recall it in my life!”

Chen Xiang hated his timidity. If he had bravely confessed in the past, then even if he has been mercilessly rejected, then at least now he can confidently face his feelings.

Fortunately, after typing what he wanted to say long ago, his mood relaxed inexplicably.

Let it pa.s.s in the past!

Not good!

Chen Xiang suddenly slapped himself lightly.

He was impulsive at the moment that he sent out all the fish b.a.l.l.s, but the live show has just begun!

“Dividing them and then sending it to every song should have been the most economical and correct way. I am really stupid!”

In a bas.e.m.e.nt of a residential district in the capital, a man was beating his chest and stamping his feet in annoyance.

At this moment, Lu Chen, who finished singing “Love in The Wind”, was very satisfied with his opening.

For this PK theme show, he made careful preparations and considered all aspects of the situation.

Choosing a song is naturally a top priority.

There are too many songs in Lu Chen’s memory, but his choices are limited because of the theme of “graduation season”.

Lu Chen only sang “Love in The Wind” in the bar, which was regarded as original and innovative. He used this song as the opening song, instead of “You at The Same Table” and “Cinderella“, to give his main fans a big surprise.

“You at The Same Table” and “Cinderella” are both genuine boutiques, but most of the fans have heard them many times, it is difficult to arouse their hearts again. It may be a good way to pave the atmosphere, but it is not conducive to winning the lead.

PK Theme Show is not an ordinary live performance. It has a strong compet.i.tive nature. The 24 anchors have their own extraordinary strength. And in order to stand out among them, Lu Chen must find a way to retain every fan and visitors, increasing his viewers and at the same time weaken his opponents.

Therefore, the key is to create an atmosphere in the live broadcasting room. Now, the atmosphere is warm and exciting, which greatly increases the cohesiveness of the fans, but also makes a large number of pa.s.sers-by involuntarily stay to watch the fun.

In order to improve the singing effect of “Love in The Wind”, Lu Chen also specially edited the popular film segment “19-year-old Youth Memorial” to further enhance the charm of the song.

The increasing number of fish b.a.l.l.s at an alarming rate proves that his hard work has not been in vain!

Lu Chen took advantage while the iron is hot and said to the microphone, “In our memory of our youth, there are people who we like, as well as our brothers and sisters. The following song is still my new original song, still a campus folk song.”

The first song was a new song, and the second song, unexpectedly, is still a new work!

The atmosphere in the live broadcast suddenly exploded.

“Lu Fei is very powerful!”

“The folk song prince lives up to his reputation and he will dominate this show!”

“Good! Good! Good! Good! Good! I have to repeat it ten thousand times!”

“All the songs that the anchor sings tonight are his own originals. He’s that awesome?”


“Really, the music school is not so N131?”

“Ahem, what music school? Our Lu Fei can casually make an original song that can be consider a cla.s.sic.”

“Can create a cla.s.sic song? You really can brag. If all the songs in the live broadcast are really his original, I will eat my keyboard!”

“Just sitting back and waiting for you to eat the keyboard!”

“Waiting for you to eat the keyboard, pay attention to the development below.”

“Waiting for you to eat the keyboard + 1!”

“Waiting for you to eat the keyboard + 2!”

“Waiting for you to eat the keyboard + 3!”


Although it is one-sided applause and praise, but it is also mixed with doubts, after all, many viewers belong to visitors and pa.s.sers-by, rather than loyal fans. It is inevitable that there will be different opinions.

This kind of doubt is obviously normal. Today’s pop music scene is not like those in the 1980s and 1990s. The original influence has long since declined. Most of the idols in the music world are imitating Europe, America, j.a.pan and South Korea. They customarily take foreign works and sing them directly, saving time and effort to please fans and make a lot of money.

Under this kind of atmosphere, in recent years, there have not been many cla.s.sical works in China. Fast songs, rap and so-called divine songs are popular for a time, full of noise and impetuosity.

Lu Chen’s original folk songs are obviously not like this. Although all the listeners are not a professional who can’t say much, they can use their ears to listen and feel with their hearts. Isn’t a good song not blown out by mouth?

But in the two hours of live broadcasting in the evening, he will sing not only 3-4 songs. And having the first song being an original, who will believe that the first song is also a boutique?

The question of pa.s.sers-by comes from this!

But they did not know Lu Chen, nor did they know the confidence that the Lu army’s fan group had for Lu Chen. As a result, they were immediately surrounded by innumerable hardcore fan – sitting and waiting for the keyboard to be eaten!

Lu Chen, of course, saw the barrage of messages in his screen, but he just laughed at it.

Whether it’s questioning or mocking, arguing with it back and forth with be the stupidest move. Not only will it interrupt his rhythm and waste valuable time on live broadcasting, but If a media judge watches it on the spot, he will lose a lot of points.

This PK theme show is very important to Lu Chen, so he has a clear mind.

To have a good rhythm, he needs to save his breath!

“You don’t have to wait anymore, because I think you will like this song.”

“Especially to my fellow brothers, this song was written for you!”

“Of course, the sisters should not be angry, because the third song will be given to the most beautiful and lovely you!”

“Please listen, The Brother Who Slept On My Upper Bunk”

Lu Chen’s voice just dropped, and the live video interface immediately showed a new movie screen, a new edited MV!

The direction of the barrage changed immediately, and no one paid any attention to the man who was crushed into powder.

“My Brother!”

“I have seen this movie with my ex-girlfriend.”

“Ex-girlfriend? Then you should go with your friend, and look for comfort.”

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

“Everyone listens to the song!”

“Forever will support Lu Fei!”

“Long live my brothers, long live new song, long live Lu Fei!”

“The sisters expressed regret and distressed to the anchor.”

“The brother who slept on my upper bunk? Haha, the one who is sleeping in my upper bunk is a fat man, I always worry that the bed will collapse.”


“My Brothers” and “19-year-old Youth Memorial” belong to urban youth movies. The box office of the former is far lower than that of the latter, but its reputation is far greater than that of the latter, which attracted numerous praises when it was released last year.

The movie tells the story of two friends who are also cla.s.smates, and they fell in love with the same girl in school, and then made an agreement to compete after graduation, thus embarking on their own different life paths.

“My Brothers” was very inspirational and the ending was unexpected. The two actors performed very well. With this film, they won the Best Actor in the 2014 Capital University Film Festival.

Therefore, When Lu Chen’s video clip was just released, someone immediately said its t.i.tle.

And this is exactly what he wants to achieve!

The prelude melody sounded and the song followed.

“The brother who slept on my upper bunk,
Silent you.
The questions you have asked me,
No one is asking now.
To my smoking brother,
Give me a happy past,
You always guess the coins in my hand,
Shaking his head and said that this is too mysterious.
The letter you came to write is more and more polite,
Regarding love, you don’t mention anything,
You said that you have a lot of friends now,
But no longer worry about those things…

8:17, [Whale TV] Lu Fei live broadcast, online popularity: 463,660.


Those who are interested on how the song sounded: here


TN: I have no idea what “N13” is but that is what’s in the raw. It was in the English alphabet. Here’s the raw: “真的假的,音乐学院出来的也没有这么N13吧?”1

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