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Chapter 208

Chapter 208 – Once The Clouds Clear, One Can See The Moonlight

The music video of “Not Yet Lovers” was shot at the Northern Conservatory of Music for two days .

Originally, Fang Hui was able to shoot the required content in one day, but Fang Hui was feeling very good and added more scenes . As a result, she shot several more scenes . In the end, she still wasn’t satisfied, regretful that she hadn’t been sufficiently prepared this time .

Lu Chen didn’t mind . Shooting music video was a new experience for him . Even Mo Ran in the dream world has never shot a music video, let alone himself . It was very interesting .

His greatest gain was not finding the feeling of shooting a video, but getting to know Fang Hui .

Fang Hui was a very unique kind of female director . She was in her 40s . She looked ordinary, even a little ugly, but she has a very delicate heart and has a unique understanding of the hazy love of youth .

The plot of the music video wasn’t much, and Fang Hui has it all figured out .

Her fame in the circle wasn’t very big, but the strength and talent of this director was beyond doubt!

It was undoubtedly the right choice for Flying Stone Records to hire this master to shoot MSN’s first major music video .

During the shooting, Lu Chen had a conversation with Fang Hui and was greatly impressed .

And Fang Hui has a very good impression of Lu Chen, which was like Bole finding a very good steed or a sculptor finding a rare uncut jade . She couldn’t help but reveal her own ideas .

At present, the domestic film market was showing a trend of change . After more than ten years of baptism and impact of foreign commercial blockbusters, domestic audiences have begun to get tired of popcorn movies that rely on special effects and CG .

The affluent life brought about by economic prosperity couldn’t fill the spiritual needs . When the “visual feast” became synonymous with boredom, people yearn for a higher level of pursuit .

As a result, many films with distinctive features and connotations, such as nostalgic films, youth films and comedies, have gradually occupied a part of the market, and were thriving and promising .

Fang Hui was targeting the youth films market .

She wanted to shoot a small-budget youth film at the end of this year and early next year, with a released date for Valentine’s Day 2016 .

But the problem was that although Fang Hui could pull together a team, and could pull in a few investments, she has been unable to find a suitable theme .

Or, more accurately, a script that would make her heart pound with excitement!

Fang Hui felt that if she could determine the script, then Lu Chen was one of her ideal male lead candidates .

Fang Hui was extremely satisfied with Lu Chen’s overall appearance1 and acting skills .

Of course, at present, her idea remained on paper, because perhaps she might give up for one reason or another, or she has found a suitable script, but Lu Chen may not be the right male lead .

Fang Hui didn’t promise anything to Lu Chen . They exchanged contact information happily .

Lu Chen kept the matter in mind .

But for the current Lu Chen, making a movie or anything wasn’t important . What was important was that he was going home!

The next day after shooting the music video of “Not Yet Lovers”, Lu Chen and Lu Xi returned to Binhai together .

Back to his real home .


Fang Yun, who was cutting vegetables in the kitchen, heard the sound of a key opening the door and turned her head . When she saw Lu Chen and Lu Xi coming in, she couldn’t help but let out a cry of surprise: “Why are you back?”

The kitchen knife almost cut her finger .

Lu Chen, who was the first to enter the door, smiled and said, “Mom, big sister and I are here to give you a surprise!”

Actually, it wasn’t just to give her a surprise . On October 18, there would be a platter concert in Hangzhou, and he would be singing two songs on stage as an invited singer . The contract for the performance was signed last week .

The so-called platter concert was a concert in which many singers and artists were organized by performing companies or agency companies to jointly hold a concert . The remuneration was calculated according to their position . 2

Compared with big solo concerts, platter concerts were much less risky and more recognized by the audience .

At present, this market cake was very big . Basically, most singers have partic.i.p.ated one or more platter concerts . Some artists even specialize in “s.n.a.t.c.hing platters” and make a lot of money .

The performance contract signed by Lu Xi for Lu Chen was not high, only 150,000 yuan, but it was still more in line with his current status in the circle, but it was slightly somewhat low .

However, because the concert was held in Hangzhou, which was half of Lu Chen’s home, and the organizer included Zhedong Satellite TV, Lu Xi made the decision without much hesitation .

As a matter of fact, during this period of time, Lu Chen’s studio has received a lot of performance deals, but Lu Xi just didn’t accept them excessively .

Lu Chen’s position was not that of a second or third-rate singers .

Since he was going to Hangzhou to sing, he must go home first and have a look . So, there was today’s surprise!

“Big Brother!”

Lu Xue came out of her room and flew into Lu Chen’s arms screaming .

Her relationship with Lu Chen was much better than before .

Because Lu Chen secretly gave Lu Xue a lot of pocket money . And with Lu Chen’s growing fame and that she herself was a beauty, she was almost a star at school, and even the teacher looked at her differently .

“Look, look, that’s Lu Chen’s younger sister!”

“Who is Lu Chen?”

“You don’t know who Lu Chen is? He is the one who sang “You Who Sat Next To Me”, “Those Flowers”, “The Brightest Star… . ””

“Ah, she is Lu Chen’s younger sister!”

These remarks greatly satisfied the vanity of the little girl .

Not to mention how well she has lived these days, there was a smile on her face every day .

Although Lu Xue was not that kind of superficial girl, she has experienced the changes in her family and understood that these beautiful things were not easy to come by .

She hugged Lu Chen like an octopus, as if she had hugged the whole world .

Lu Xi, who was behind them, couldn’t help rolling his eyes .

Lu Xue stuck out her tongue at her big sister with a proud look on her face .

Lu Chen hugged his younger sister and said, “Un, you’ve put on a lot of weight . ”

“No way!”

Hearing this, Lu Xue got angry3 like a kitten whose tail had been stepped on . She hurriedly jumped down: “I did not!”

Lu Chen laughed .

Lu Xue felt that she has done something bad: “I only gained… two jin at most, which is not that much!”

She angrily held out her hand to Lu Chen: “Where is my gift?”

While the two, brother and sister, were playing around, Fang Yun hurriedly took off her ap.r.o.n and said, “I’ll go to the supermarket to buy more food . Really, you two, not calling when you’re coming back!”

Lu Chen and Lu Xi smiled at each other .

Lu Xi originally wanted to make a call, but it was rejected by Lu Chen .

Because Lu Chen wanted to give her mother a surprise, a big surprise!

Lu Xi said, “Mom, I’ll go with you . ”

For Lu Chen, there was nothing happier than a family reunion and eating his mother’s cooking .

With the help of Lu Xi, Fang Yun made a table full of dishes .

By the time they started eating, it was already dark .

Lu Xi opened a bottle of red wine bought from the supermarket and poured it for Fang Yun, Lu Chen and herself . Even Lu Xue had half a cup .

Fang Yun’s eyes were red .

Only when one has lost something can one understand how precious it is . Before, it was common for their family to eat together all day, but now that Lu Chen and Lu Xi are working hard in Beijing, there would not be many of such day in the foreseeable future .

The atmosphere in the small living room was little somber .

Lu Xue was very clever and hurriedly said to Lu Chen, “Brother, you have to sign a few more autographs for me . My cla.s.smates want them!”

Lu Chen said with a smile, “You have told me that ten times already . This time I brought back a lot of CDs . I’ll give them to you!”

Lu Chen handed all the recording and production of his CD alb.u.m “You Who Sat Next To Me” to Flying Stone Records . Before he came to Binhai, all CDs had been produced, and the production of peripheral products were also being speed up .

So, he brought back dozens of them .

Lu Xue was overjoyed: “Great!”

She leaned forward and kissed Lu Chen on the cheek: “Big brother is really good!”

Lu Chen rejected: “It’s all oily!”

Fang Yun and Lu Xi both smiled, and the somber atmosphere just now disappeared .

Lu Xue glared at her big brother and asked curiously, “Big brother . Is that thing about you and Chen Fei’er real?”

The rumors between Lu Chen and Chen Fei’er made entertainment headlines, and Fang Yun and Lu Xue, of course, also knew about it .

Fang Yun was very happy, but it turned out that she was happy for nothing .

Lu Xue did not give up, thinking that if she has a Heavenly Queen as her sister-in-law – it would be a super cool thing that she could brag about .

Lu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Didn’t I have already refuted the rumor long ago? I just had a cooperation with Chen Fei’er . You kid, just take care of your own study . Don’t ask about adult matters!”

Lu Xue grumbled: “I already turned 18…”

Lu Chen was afraid that she would be long-winded again, so he said to Fang Yun, “Mom, I made a lot of money by selling my shares . So, this time I came back to pay off all the debts of our family!”

Pa ta!

The chopsticks in Fang Yun’s hand fell on the table . She said in surprise, “What did you say?”

She couldn’t believe her ears!

Lu Xi said softly4, “Mom . It’s true . Lu Chen started a company with other people . Now the company’s selling price of the share has increased in value . The money he earned can not only pay off our debts, but also redeem our villa . ”

Fang Yun was completely speechless .

Originally, because of business difficulties, Lu Qingsheng borrowed a total of 15 million yuan from relatives and friends . Later, he went bankrupt and paid off only 5 million yuan, leaving her and her three children with a huge debt of nearly 10 million yuan .

Fang Yun gritted her teeth and shouldered this debt .

She once thought that her family would never be able to pay off this debt . However, she didn’t expect that Lu Chen, after being in Beijing for a year, would suddenly embark on the road of stardom, and paid off more than 2 million yuan .

Up to now, there were still 7 million yuan in debt, and Lu Xi was aware of the situation .

Now Lu Xi unexpectedly said that he could pay it off completely and redeem the villa that was taken away by the bank…

How much did Lu Chen earn?

Fang Yun really couldn’t believe it . It felt unreal like a dream .

Lu Xue’s thoughts were simple . She jumped up and said, “Really? Can we move back in?”

In that villa, she has the best memories of her life .

Lu Chen touched her sister’s head lovingly: “Of course it’s true . We can go home!”

This has always been his dream .

At first, he thought it would never come true . Later, he firmly believed that it could be done in two or three years at the most . Now…

The cloud has cleared up and he could see the moonlight5!6

I originally translated this as appearance condition, which is like the looks, the height, skin tone, posture, body shape . . etc . of a person . I’m still not sure if this is right . If you know a better word for it, please write it in the comment section . Position of the singer/artist . This means the position of the artist in the entertain industry . Or how famous they are . 炸毛 – literal translation was her hair stood up . Still using a cat reference . In a gentle voice . This is actually the same as the Chapter’s t.i.tle . But I changed it a little to better fit with the sentence . 守得云开见月明 – This is a Chinese verse, which means to have a positive and optimistic spirit of persistence and never giving up . This means that only those who persist to the end can see the cloud open up and see the light of day . Literal translation is “Once the clouds clear, you can see the moonlight” . Other translation of this is “There is a rainbow after a storm” and “Every cloud has a silver lining” . I interpret this line as: At first, he though that his dream would never come true . The later, he saw hope and believed that it will come true but it was still far in the future, still out of sight . Now, the cloud has opened up, his problems/troubles (his family debt) has been solved, and he could see the moonlight, his dream was just within reach .

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