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Chapter 125 - Precautions

SouthIsland, Bihai City.

It wasalready 10 o'clock in the evening, but this southernmost city of the countrywas still full of vigor and vitality. In the distance, there was an endlessline of blue waves between the sea and the sky, and campfires were lit on thebeaches that stretched for several kilometers.

Couples walkhand in hand along the long embankment between the paths of coconut trees, thesea breeze blowing slowly, the air is full of romantic flavor.

Bihai, afamous tourist city, is also the last stop of "Singing China"national tour.

Lu Chenstood in a room on the 26th floor of Lijing Hotel, overlooking the beach andseascape through thick windows.

He isholding his cell phone and is on the phone with Chen Jianhao.

After the endof the knockout compet.i.tion in Huacheng singing area, Lu Chen, together withnine other winning singers, flew to Bihai City with the "SingingChina" program group.

After gettingoff the plane and arriving at the hotel by bus, he received a phone call fromhis sister Lu Xi.

He found outthat he'd been attacked again on Inspur Blog.

But Lu Chenwas not surprised because Chen Jianhao had already warned him that Jin Hongweiwould not give up.

Seeing that"Singing China" national tour is coming to an end, the other party couldn'twait anymore and jumped out.

He changedhis method in attacking him. He holds grudges to the bones.

Theso-called "Wandering Singer Lao Hai" blog post, Lu Chen has already seenit on the internet using his mobile phone.

Just ajumping clown!

The one thatJin Hongwei hired was very good. Even Lu Chen was almost moved by the blog post.

But whatabout practical information? Can these ma.n.u.script photos be used as evidence ofhis plagiarism?

This is alsoinsulting the IQ of some netizen.

Of course,the other party is still very powerful, so he's able to set off such a bigstorm on Inspur blog.

Lu Chenwants to praise Jin Hongwei.

If it weresome other ordinary rootless newcomer, perhaps it is really possible to bedriven away and be washed out of the south sea, and end up in a miserableresult.

But now LuChen is no longer the Lu Chen who has just partic.i.p.ated in the compet.i.tion. Heis no longer alone. He has the strength to support himself, and is by no meanssomeone that can easily be bullied!

Thisstrength is not referring to Lu Chen Studio. The current studio is too weak tocope with the situation.

What is reallystanding behind him, is "Singing China" program group, the BeijingSatellite TV!

Last night'sHuacheng knockout compet.i.tion, the ratings of "Singing China"exceeded 5%, reaching 5.17%.

Ratingsabove 5% represent a big hit, and a huge advertising profit.

And thebeneficiary is exactly Beijing Satellite TV.

Lu Chen darenot say that the program "Singing China" is popular because of him,that would be too arrogant and ignorant.

But hisoutstanding performance is indispensable!

At thistime, if Beijing Satellite TV still does not support him, that would be a strangething.

These thingswere not all a.n.a.lyzed by Lu Chen himself, most of them were said by ChenJianhao, who had just called.

"You'renot a real star yet, but you've already been treated as a real star!"

Chen Jianhaosmiled and said, "Can I say congratulations?"

If he'sreally just an ordinary newcomer, who would spend so much effort to attack him?

Lu Chensmiled bitterly and said, "Brother Jianhao, don't joke with me. Someone isgoing to sue me."

"Standstraight and never mind if the shadow inclines!1"

Chen Jianhaosaid firmly, "Just wait. Is Jin Hongwei a bird in Beijing? Naturally,someone will teach him to be a man. What you have to do is beat your opponentand win the last knockout compet.i.tion!" (TN: I didn't get the birdreference, maybe in a high position?)

"That'syour best way to fight back!"

Although LuChen is not the kind of hot-blooded and impulsive young man, but stimulated byhis powerful words of encouragement, he said without hesitation, "BrotherJianhao, just wait and see!"

"Haha,that's right…"

Chen Jianhaosaid with a smile: "When you come back from Bihai, let's get together inthe Forget Worries Bar and celebrate."

Lu Chen ofcourse agreed, and then ended the call.

He had justput his cell phone back in his pocket when the telephone in the room rang.

On his firstnight in Bihai, Lu Chen was destined to be restless.

The personwho called was Gu Rui, the music director of "Singing China".

Gu Rui askedLu Chen to go to Room 2607.

For theBihai knockout compet.i.tion on the evening of the 20th, Beijing Satellite TV bookedthe whole 26th floor of Lijing Hotel to accommodate the four judges,contestants, and program group of "Singing China".

Lu Chenlives in a single room at Room 2029.

As there wa.s.something going on at the studio, Li Feiyu had returned to Beijing ahead ofschedule and did not follow him to Bihai City.

Afterhanging up the phone, Lu Chen left his room immediately and rush to the frontof Room 2607.

As a result,he met Zhang Junhua and two other singers.

They wereobviously going outside the hotel and were stunned when they ran into Lu Chen.

Lu Chennodded to Zhang Junhua.

Zhang Junhuasmiled and nodded, then pa.s.sed Lu Chen, neither of them spoke.

Since thelast meal at the Egret Restaurant, the relationship between Zhang Junhua and LuChen has been estranged, and at most will just greet each other when they meet.They haven't gone out together again.

The only onewho hasn't changed is Mu Xiaochu.

Just as theypa.s.sed by each other, Lu Chen keenly noticed the look in Zhang Junhua's eyes.

It wasobviously the look of someone taking pleasure in other's misfortunes, probablyknowing that he had been attacked.

After all,he is not a stranger.

Lu Chen cameto Room 2607 and soon knocked on the door.

Room 2607 isa large suite, which was used by the program group as a temporary headquarters.There are a lot of computer equipment in it, so it looks rather messy, and thesmoke is faintly choking.

Many hotelshave special smoking suites with the best ventilation, but there are as many a.s.seven or eight old smokers in Room 2607, and even the exhaust fans are barely handlingit.

"LittleLu is here…"

When Gu Ruisaw Lu Chen, he beckoned him over: "Come over here."

Lu Chen greetedpolitely, "h.e.l.lo Director Chen, h.e.l.lo Director Gu, h.e.l.lo a.s.sistant Zhang…"

In additionto Gu Rui, there are two other people sitting around the rest area. They are ChenQi, deputy director of Beijing Satellite TV, who is in charge of the team, andXiao Zhang, a.s.sistant of Chen Qi.

Chen Qi isover fifty years old. He has a square face, big ears, and good appearance. Hehas the dignity of a high-ranking person.

He noddedand said, "Have a seat."

Lu Chen satdown opposite Chen Qi.

The deputydirector grabbed the cigarette on the coffee table and asked, "Little Lu.Do you smoke?"

Lu Chenhurriedly declined, "Thank you, Director Chen. I don't smoke."

"It'sright not to smoke…"

Chen Qi had asmile on his face and said: "Young people should know how to cherish theirbodies. As a singer, by not smoking and drinking less, you can protect yourvoice."

He hold thecigarette between his fingers, but refused the lighter handed over by hisa.s.sistant, Xiao Zhang.

Whileholding the cigarette appreciatively, Chen Qi said calmly: "Now we already knowwhat happened on the Internet. Some people deliberately spread rumors and is ruiningyour reputation. This is not just against you. It is also a provocation to our BeijingSatellite TV."

"Iasked Old Gu to call you here because I wanted to tell you that you should nothave any mental burden. This matter will be dealt with by our TV station, and wewill certainly give you justice!"

Although he hadalready expected it, but hearing Chen Qi make a guarantee himself, Lu Chen isstill a little excited.

Many times,it's really good to lean on a big tree to enjoy the cool air!

He saidgratefully, "Thank you, Director Chen!"

"Thisis also my matter…"

Chen Qiwaved his hand and said, "but before that, I have a very importantquestion to ask you. You have to answer it truthfully. Otherwise, our TVstation may not be able to help you."

Lu Chen'sheart moved and asked, "Director Chen, do you want to ask about thecopyright of the song?"

Chen Qismiled and said, "That's right."

This youngman is smart and promising!

Lu Chen saidwithout hesitation: "There is no problem. All my original works areregistered in the Greater China Music Library, and not only that…"

He looked atChen Qi's a.s.sistant and said, "a.s.sistant Zhang, can you lend me a computerfor a moment?"

Of course,a.s.sistant Zhang would not refuse to lend his laptop to Lu Chen.

Lu Chenthanked him, skillfully opened the browser and typed in the website of GreaterChina Music Library.

He loggedinto his account, and put out all the works that have been sold or sungpublicly, such as "In Spring", "You Who Sat Next To Me","Fly Higher", "Love In The Wind" and so on.

Lu Chensaid: "Copyright is 100% fine, and I also registered foreign copyright in GlobalMusic Library in the United States!"

After wakingup from his original dream, Lu Chen relied on his memory to write two originalworks, "You Who Sat Next To Me" and "Cinderella", andimmediately went to the Greater China Music Library to inquire and register thecopyright. He even spent all of his savings on it.

Later, LuChen earned more money, so he took his works to "Global MusicLibrary" and registered them again.

The GlobalMusic Library and the Greater China Music Library are identical in nature,except that the latter is an authoritative website for musicians or musicorganizations in Europe, the United States, j.a.pan and South Korea to registercopyright.

Because thetwo are not interlinked, if one wants to guarantee the global copyright of one'swork, one has to register it once, and the cost can be said to be quite high.

Manydomestic musicians do not attach much importance to this area or reluctant topay US dollars, but this does not include Lu Chen.

It wasprecisely because he was so prepared in advance that he was not afraid of beingtarnished on his blog.

Chen Qi andGu Rui looked at each other. The former smiled and said, "Little Lu is really…then there will be no problem. "

They are notafraid to wrestle with others, but they are afraid that Lu Chen will fall offthe chain here.

However, LuChen is smarter and more sophisticated than the two men thought.

Not only domestic,but even thinks of abroad.

Gu Rui said,"Little Lu, you download a copy of the copyright certificate of theseworks, and store it in Little Zhang's computer."

Lu Chensaid, "Okay, Director Gu. There is one more thing I would like to discusswith you."

"Tellme what it is."

Gu Ruismiled very kindly: "As long as it does not violate the principles, youcan say it."

Lu Chensmiled and said, "I want to change my entry for the night after tomorrow.I don't know if this is against the principle?"

Didn't ChenJianhao say that defeating his opponent with his own performance is the bestway to fight back?

Then he willbe serious!


TN: A Chinese Idiom that mean that as long as one has a clear conscious and did nothing wrong, one should not be afraid of the bad things that other says/do and nothing will go wrong.

TN: Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't the correct term "getting bashed" instead of "being attack" online?

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