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Published at 6th of September 2019 12:10:23 PM Chapter 119

Chapter 119 – I Want To Make A Lot Of Money

“Please welcome, contestant No . 007, Lu Chen, to the stage!”

Accompanied by the enthusiastic call of the host, Lu Chen stepped onto the stage that he was already familiar with .

The broadcast hall of Beijing Satellite TV has been rearranged, giving people a refreshing feeling . 1,500 audience seats were full . All four heavyweight judges, Tan Hong, Chen Fei’er, Lin Zhijie and Zhen Zhen were all present .

On the last day of July, “Singing China” top 10 of 16 compet.i.tion in the Beijing Singing Area was held here on time .

This is also the last final in Beijing Singing Area . The top 10 contestants selected this evening will set out from Beijing at the beginning of next month to tour the major singing areas and undergo a round of knockout compet.i.tion to determines the top 10 nationwide .

So, this compet.i.tion is extremely important and has also attracted a lot of attention!

“Four judges, good evening, dear audiences, h.e.l.lo!”

Standing in front of the microphone, Lu Chen first bowed to the judges, and then saluted to the audience on both sides: “I am contestant No . 007, Lu Chen!”

The order of the top 16 contestants in the Beijing singing area is generated through computer ranking . Before Lu Chen, six contestants have already appeared on the stage, and their performances were quite excellent .

No one knows if it’s because of Lu Chen’s influence, but two of the contestants also came up with their own original works!

In most reality talent shows, especially singing compet.i.tions, the weight of original works is always higher than cover songs, and can get a lot of extra points .

The mainstream att.i.tude is to encourage originality . In addition, the large number of audiences also need a sense of freshness . Even when it comes to cover songs, many singers also like to rearrange the original, or even deliberately increase the difficulty, in order to improve the quality of their singing .

But there is a premise, that is, the quality of the original works can’t be too bad, otherwise one will only be overreaching oneself!

Talent is more important than singing skills, and singing skills are more important than appearance . Those who can rank in the top 16 in Beijing singing area are not weak .

Contestant No . 002 Zhang Junhua’s “Ocean of Love” and contestant No . 005 Zuo Qiuqing’s “Memorial Day” are all very good works . They have received high marks from the judges and the audiences .

Currently, the two are ranked 1st and 2nd in the top 16 rankings, respectively!

Unlike the qualifying compet.i.tion in the top 16, Beijing Singing Area Final is being broadcasted live . So, it uses real-time scoring and counting . The contestants can get their scores as soon as they finish singing .

For the contestants, the change in scoring methods is a considerable test of their psychological quality .

They need to work harder in their singing and can’t make any mistakes .


The outstanding performance of Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on Lu Chen, who is the 7th to perform .

If in the qualifying round, Lu Chen’s “Life on A String” is a good performance . Then the song “You At The Same Table” in the last top 16 of 32 compet.i.tion undoubtedly placed him in the limelight .

Three of the four judges scored a full score of 10 points, and with a total score of 39 point, he was able to occupy the first place and finally seize a seat in the top 16, with no one objecting his ranking .

Subsequently, the controversy that broke out in the Sky Forum and Inspur Blog pushed Lu Chen to the top of the storm . His name was known by more people, and even regarded as a talented singer and songwriter in the new generation .

Not convinced? Then try writing a cla.s.sic like “In Spring”!

As the saying goes, tall trees attract the wind . Although Lu Chen has won honor and fame, he has also become the object of envy and jealousy of many people . He had no idea how many people are watching him in the Beijing Singing Area Finals!

No one thinks that Lu Chen won’t make it into the top 10, but if he doesn’t sing well enough, or come up with enough original material, then some people will have something to say .

Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing, who are leading, are the best criticizing weapons .

Therefore, it’s easy to imagine that once Lu Chen’s performance shows any problem, then such comments as “running out of ideas”, “lack of follow-up strength”, or even “lack of skills”, will undoubtedly pour out on his head like torrential rain .

Most importantly, since Lu Chen was praised by Beijing Satellite TV and Ling Xiaoxiao, which was strongly supported by Xiangnan Satellite TV, their performance on their sides, to a certain extent, will affect the ratings of the two talent shows .

If Lu Chen’s performance is poor, it would be strange for Xiangnan Satellite TV to do nothing behind the scenes!

Is the face of this local TV overlord so easy to hit?

As a result, the pressure on Lu Chen to get on stage is even greater .

In the official post bar of “Singing China”, there are already many pa.s.sers-by fans worried about Lu Chen . (TN: About Post Bar or Tieba: Here)

At the same time, there is no lack of dispute .

“Lu Chen is on the stage . I’m looking forward to his new song!”

“Both Zhang Junhua and Zuo Qiuqing are very strong . I think it is still uncertain if he can take the top place again . ”

“The above poster, how do you know that he is going to sing a new song, maybe he’s going to cover someone else’s work?”

“Che! How? Chen Fei’er said that she wanted to listen to Lu Chen’s new song . Even if he’s holding out one, he’ll have to bring it out . ”

“Did you say that Lu Chen’s songs were all written by himself? That’s amazing . ”

“it’s not impossible to buy songs . A lot of people do that . ”

“Don’t be ridiculous . Lu Chen only sell songs to others . Him buying songs from others? What a joke!”

“That is to say, our Lu Chen will never lose to anyone . ”

“Hahaha, cover someone else’s song? Do you know how many original works Lu Chen has?”

“How many?”

“You’ll see!”

The official post bar of “Singing China” has not been established for a long time, but it has already gained over 2 million followers .

Thanks to the interactive nature and live webcast content of post bar, thousands of Lu Family Army members have come here to support Lu Chen since he took part in the compet.i.tion .

Up to now, “Singing China” official post bar has almost become Lu Family Army’s sub-stronghold, in which the number of active fans is quite amazing, and also affected a large number of pa.s.sers-by to turn fans .

Seeing that others are worried or even questioning Lu Chen’s strength, many Lu Chen fans smiled .

Lu Chen will not be able to come up with good original work?

That would simply be a big joke!

Last time, in [Whale TV]’s PK Theme Show, Lu Chen took out seven or eight original works in one breath and won the runner-up . The live video of the whole show is still hanging in the [Whale TV] forum!

His works are very pleasant to listen to, there is no lack of cla.s.sics, but the circle of live webcast is relatively closed . Plus, Lu Chen doesn’t have any hype promotion, so outsiders do not know much, otherwise there is no need to question his ability .

This time, Lu Chen has plenty of works to choose from for the final of “Singing China” in Beijing Singing Area .

The only problem is . Which song did he choose?

Lu Chen’s fans will of course support Lu Chen, but it is inevitable that there will be haters . Post bar has always been a place where good and bad are mixed together . Seeing Lu Chen fans so confident and arrogant, it is inevitable that some people will be cynical .

“Lu Chen fans can really brag!”

“Bragging is not taxing, so what won’t they dare? Hehe . ”

“Now, you’re dancing happily . Let’s see if you don’t cover your face in a moment!”

“Since he has written a lot of songs, and is so good, why haven’t I heard of him before?”



The haters started to spout negative comments1 . Of course, Lu Chen fans were not to be outdone, and the two sides fought on the spot .

However, no matter how fierce it is in the online post bar, it will not affect the live broadcast of “Singing China” in the slightest .

“h.e.l.lo, Lu Chen . We met again…”

The first person to greet Lu Chen was Chen Fei’er . She smiled and said, “What song have you prepared for everyone today?”

Lu Chen replied, “Today I prepared for everyone my own original work . This song is also my personal favorite . I hope everyone can like it, and I also ask the four judges to give more advice . ”


Chen Fei raised her arms and clapped her hands . “We’re all looking forward to it!”

The audience at the scene was very respectful and followed the applause .

Lin Zhijie said: “Lu Chen . Now that I have heard several of your works, and all of them are excellent . Excuse me for asking, but what made you walk on this music road? ”

Unlike the last qualifying match, the number of contestants in this final has been halved, so the program time is relatively plentiful, and there are more opportunities for interaction between the judges and the contestants .

Therefore, according to the requirements of the program team director, before the contestants sing, the judges need to ask the contestants questions .

And in order to ensure the authenticity of the program, the judges’ questions were prepared in advance . But the contestants were not informed in advance .

Therefore, what the contestants will say and how will they react is particularly important at this time .

Lu Chen thought about it and replied, “I used to like music very much . I learned how to play the piano and guitar . But at that time, I learned music more to chase girls . ”


Hearing Lu Chen’s answer, several judges and many of the audiences laughed .

Interesting .

Chen Fei’er smiled and said, “You still need to take the initiative to chase after a girl? I don’t think many girls can say no to you?”

Lu Chen is tall, handsome and talented . Such a person should have a lot of girls taking the initiative to chase after him!

Zhen Zhen asked, “So you’re not a music major?”

Lu Chen replied, “Yes, I graduated from the Computer Science Department of Jianghai University . ”

Computer Science!

His answer amazed everyone, and there was a buzz of discussion at the scene .

Many people thought that Lu Chen majored in music . And that’s why he was able to create such excellent works .

But they didn’t expect that what he learned had nothing to do with music .

Zhen Zhen sincerely exclaimed, “That’s amazing!”

At this time, Tan Hong opened his mouth, “Then what prompted you to partic.i.p.ate in “Singing China” compet.i.tion?”

Lu Chen hesitated for a moment and replied, “Make money . I want to make a lot of money . ”

His answer surprised everyone again . Many people think Lu Chen will answer that he wants to realize his music dream or wish, because there are several contestants who have answered the same question before, and their answers are almost the same .

Only Lu Chen said that he wanted to make money!

Who doesn’t want to make money? However, isn’t it not good to say it directly? Isn’t it harmful to his image?

But from another point of view, at least Lu Chen is honest!

Tan Hong and Chen Fei’er looked at each other, and the latter said: “Then start your performance, good luck!”

Lu Chen nodded and smiled .

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