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TL'ed by vsukio

Edited by Miaka_Mei

Mei: SURPRISE!!! It’s triple chapter updates!! *throws confetti*

Well, sorry not sorry, I’m quite busy this weekend, so here I am, just throwing off all 3 chapters ahead. Ahahahhaha

vsukio: There’ll be no new updates until the 31st. Till then, happy early Halloween!

Her small bed was integrated with the school's tacky blue and white striped bed sheets. Not only did she dislikes the school quilts, it also made her feel uncomfortable. Eventually, she went to a nearby supermarket and bought a much softer quilt with a huge brilliant red peony flower on it. It was quite conspicuous.

Yet at this moment, to see Si Yehan lying on top of her little bed with the peony covered quilt over it, it seemed discordant with him.

Ye Wan Wan inexplicably felt that the gaudy peony flower suddenly seemed more elegant.

"Well, are you going to sleep here?"

"Come over."

"Oh." Ye Wan Wan obediently walked over.

As soon as she did, he immediately pulled her into his arms, and they lied down together.

Ye Wan Wan: "……"

If he wants to sleep, why must he trouble her by making her sleep with him!

As people were coming and pa.s.sing by the door, the voices of girls laughing and talking could be heard. Feeling her heart rising up to her throat, Ye Wan Wan hastily tried to advise, "You know, my bed is very hard, sleeping on it is very uncomfortable! If you're sleepy, how about you go back home and rest?"

The man held her in his arms as if she was a pillow, "Soft and comfortable."

Ye Wan Wan's complexion darkens, is he talking about the bed or her?

"Ninth Master, are you sure you don't want to go back home to sleep? Listening to me talk must be very distracting, the bed is small, your legs doesn't fit, and not only that, Doctor Mo said you can't even sleep well, and…"

As Ye Wan Wan tried to persuade the man, it turns out that a certain person didn't have the slightest intention of leaving.

Finally, Ye Wan Wan helplessly shuts her mouth.

Although she stopped talking, a certain person opened his eyes again, with a low and husky voice, he demanded: "Speak."

However, Ye Wan Wan didn't quickly respond: "Ah?"

Si Yehan: "Keep talking."

Ye Wan Wan: "……"

Can you not be so hard to please, he even needed her to murmur in his sleep?

Ye Wan Wan simply wanted to kick the quilt onto the ground, but of course, she didn't have the guts to do so. All she could do was grumble and nod, "Oh…"

But to keep talking, what should she talk about?

"Well, I'll recite pi for you, is that okay??" Ye Wan Wan tried asking.

"En." A certain person nodded while expressing no disapproval.

Thus, Ye Wan Wan started reciting, "3.1415926535897…"

Pi is an infinite decimal, it is said that if someone continuously recites it for more than 10 consecutive hours, they would recite about 100,000 digits.

Ye Wan Wan didn't take note of how much she recited, but since Si Yehan never told her to stop, she didn't dare to stop, she just kept on reciting.

The man lying beside her was so handsome that he could brighten the whole Qing He till the top of the skies, his black hair was like the dim light of night, his chiseled facial features, his perfect flawless skin, though his thin lips seemed a bit fickle but they looked extremely attractive, even a single strand of his hair completely displayed G.o.d's partiality, particularly at this very moment, when he loosened his necktie, it revealed a section of his faintly discernible collarbone…

When she wasn't too afraid of him, Ye Wan Wan realized that, when lying beside someone with such qualities, it was truly difficult to endure these things.

Not knowing how long she had been reciting, in the end, she got tired and could no longer endure her sleepiness. While in a daze, she eventually fell asleep.

But after a while, she was suddenly awakened by a knock on the door.

"Dong Dong Dong—"

The "thump" that sounded was very abrupt in the quiet room.

f.u.c.k! What was feared had finally come true!

Ye Wan Wan who was like a bird startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bow, immediately got up.
(T/N: A bird startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bow = Somebody who frightens easily, due to past experiences)

The man beside her seemed to be deeply asleep, but after being disturbed by the knock on the door, his attractive looking eyebrows suddenly knitted and suffused a thread of dark cloud.

Ye Wan Wan was a little surprised, unexpectedly, Si Yehan fell asleep again?

Didn't he had an unusual difficulty to sleep, which is why he often needed Doctor Mo's hypnotism?

However, now wasn't the time to contemplate on those matters, she hastily and gently pushed the person beside her, "Si Yehan! Wake up! Wake up!"

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