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Song Zi Hang glanced at Shen Meng Qi, obviously very happy with her.

Only this kind of generous and sensible woman is suitable to be with me in the future but the jealous type like Jiang Yan Ran can look quite cute at times...

Song Zi Hang also realised that he was too harsh towards her before so he walked to Jiang Yan Ran voluntarily, looking friendlier but he still spoke with an air of superiority, "Yan Ran, I know how you feel towards me but we can't force love. The way you hara.s.sed me in the past made me very uncomfortable but we've known each other for such a long time, so as long as you don't do such drastic things next time and stop hurting Meng Qi, we can still be friends..."

Jiang Yan Ran stood expressionless in front of Shen Meng Qi and Song Zi Hang, and she spoke in an annoyed tone, "A good dog doesn't block the way, could you please make way?"

Both Shen Meng Qi and Song Zi Hang froze.

Jiang Yan Ran didn't care about either of them and simply turned away. She continued walking forward with the bottle of water in her hand.

Seeing this, the people around them were stunned and they looked at one another, speechless.

"Eh? Where's Jiang Yan Ran heading to?"

"Maybe she wasn't looking for Song Zi Hang?"

"Who else could she be looking for other than Song Zi Hang? Eh? Isn't she headed towards Jin Xiu's basketball team?"

Under the gaze of countless curious people, Jiang Yan Ran walked towards Jin Xiu's basketball team.

Not only the people from Qing He but all the dejected basketball players from Jin Xiu were dumbfounded, seeing a pretty girl walking in their direction.

"Wah! A pretty girl! Whose girl is this?"

"I'm not sure!"

"She looks like a girl from Qing He!"

One of the guys with blond hair pushed through the crowd and walked up to Jiang Yan Ran gallantly, "Who're you looking for, beauty?"

"Isn't that Jiang Yan Ran? What's she doing here?" The basketball captain who was still counselling Chu Feng mumbled suspiciously.

The moment things quieted down, everyone could hear Jiang Yan Ran's response, "I'm looking for Chu Feng."

"Chu Feng..."

Who!? Chu Feng?

The captain turned to Chu Feng in shock and Chu Feng's expression was totally blank. His ears turned red and his breath was racing like he had just run three kilometres.

The boy with blond hair was instantly disappointed when he heard her reply, "Huh, no way! She's actually looking for Chu Feng, the cancer in our team! Ouch—— Who kicked me?!"

He was kicked by Chu Feng behind him immediately after he finished speaking.

Chu Feng was so nervous that he nearly moved forward with the same arm and leg and even pretended to be calm and strong as he walked towards Jiang Yan Ran, "Yan Ran... You... Are you looking for me..." 

Jiang Yan Ran nodded.

"What's the matter?" Chu Feng thought he was finished. It must be due to his bad performance just now that he has to die now before gaining victory! 

After some time, just as Chu Feng had filled up his brain with the word "dead" a hundred times, Jiang Yan Ran pa.s.sed the bottle of water to him, "For you."

"..." Chu Feng was speechless; it was as if he'd been transported from the dead of winter to spring when the flowers were blooming.

The boy took the bottle of water like he was accepting the imperial seal of China. He was overwhelmed with emotions, "Thank... Thank you..."

After Jiang Yan Ran gave him the water, she glanced at the spectator stand subconsciously and saw that Ye Wanwan was mouthing exaggeratedly to remind her to move on to the next step.

Jiang Yan Ran didn't have a choice; she thought about how she was partly responsible for him playing so badly today so she followed whatever Ye Wanwan told her to do.

Jiang Yan Ran lifted the white towel in her hands and gently wiped the sweat on the boy's forehead and then said, "Do your best."

Chu Feng: "..."

Who am I, where is this place, why are there so many little flowers in front of me...?

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